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ma_baker_30 Posted 24 Aug 2011 , 5:33pm
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Hi everyone
I use this recipe for all my vanilla flavored cakes and I use Betty Crockers Yellow cake mix and its been quite reliable

However it appears the mixes have gotten smaller 15 oz vs 18.25 oz previously. I'm not sure if this will affect the WASC cake outcome.

Does anyone know if this recipe should be adjusted? And if so, how?

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Rose_N_Crantz Posted 24 Aug 2011 , 5:45pm
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I wonder how long ago the size changed? I just made a pink lemonade cake a little while ago using an altered WASC recipe. I always have used Betty Crocker. That cake came out fine.

If anything, WASC is relatively cheap to make, why not just give it a try without changing any other ingredients and see what happens?

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VentureSister Posted 24 Aug 2011 , 5:57pm
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The change has been in the past few months. My understanding is the mix has been downsized by 15% so adjusting the recipe by 15% should work.

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shaekae81 Posted 24 Aug 2011 , 6:40pm
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I've read about this.....Our mixes here (American community in Germany) have not changed. I wonder if we're just getting old mixes...lol I'm sure eventually we'll get the 15 oz boxes too.

I did get a complaint that the chocolate WASC was "too dense" from a customer, so I was thinking maybe I had used one of the smaller boxes without realizing it...but nope, all of my boxes are still 18.5 (or .4) as they've always been. That customer was just a huge pain in my backside from start to finish. I hope she never orders from me again! LOL (sorry.....wrong soap box....lol)

I'm wondering if simply adding 2 oz of sugar and 2 oz of flour would work to round out the recipe? Maybe some baking powder too?

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MacsMom Posted 24 Aug 2011 , 6:57pm
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I usually use a bit less flour and sugar in my WASC recipes, anyway. That recipe is so tough to ruin, I wouldn't think you'd have any trouble.

For chocolate, I add 2 tbls of cocoa powder, increase water to a scant 2 cups, use 1/3 c oil instead of 1/4 cup, and I reduce the flour and sugar by 2 tbls each, too. This solves the "dense" problem.


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kakeladi Posted 24 Aug 2011 , 6:58pm
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I seldom bake anymore so have not had occasion to make any from the new sized mixesicon_sad.gif
Shaekae81 is probably right - if we increase the sugar and flour by 2 oz each I bet it will be just perfect.

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ma_baker_30 Posted 25 Aug 2011 , 12:34am
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I will give it a shot as is, and the next time, add a few oz of flour, sugar and a shake of baking powder and compare. Thankfully the next cake request I have is for chocolate and I use the Hershey's recipe.
Thank you all for your replies! (And wow, THE kakeladi replied to my question...love cc)

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Narie Posted 25 Aug 2011 , 1:07am
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I accidentally purchased the BC 15 oz. package last week. 3 oz. will make a mqjor difference in doctored recipes. I was so angry about it I took the package back to the grocery store and returned it. That was yesterday. This morning I called the 800 number on the BC package and voiced my complaint. If they wanted to raise the price, I might have groused about the price but a price increase will not wreck your recipes- 3 oz. less mix will. Since I had only used the BC mixes for two doctored recipes, I will not purchase any more of their mixes. Easy enough now to change brands, but if thr other companies follow BC lead.... well, there goes two recipes.

If you are as upset by this as I am, please call the number on the side of the package. I was careful to explain the weight change made it impossible to use my recipes.

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Jdail Posted 25 Aug 2011 , 5:24pm
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I also called BC this morning to complain about the size change. The customer service rep said they "discovered" a new ingredient that allows this size to give the same amount of cake as the larger size box. I tried it and it seemed to work, but I'm not happy about using more oil, and feel I need to adjust my oven temperature so it doesn't bake too quickly. And I don't like the fact they're giving less for the same price. Guess it's a sign of the times.

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ReneeFLL Posted 27 Aug 2011 , 2:01pm
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I have not used Betty Crocker before, but they were on sale the other day so I bought some. They are the smaller boxes. I am going to use the wasc recipe with them. I will see how it goes. I am also thinking of taking several ounces out of another box to add.

Jdial you said they increased the oil. Do you remember what the amount was before?

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Jdail Posted 27 Aug 2011 , 2:13pm
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I use the french vanilla mix, and it used to be 1/3 cup oil and 1 1/4 cup water. Glad I noticed on the box it has changed to 1/2 c oil and 1 c water.

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ReneeFLL Posted 28 Aug 2011 , 11:36pm
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Originally Posted by Jdail

I use the french vanilla mix, and it used to be 1/3 cup oil and 1 1/4 cup water. Glad I noticed on the box it has changed to 1/2 c oil and 1 c water.

Thanks for the info. I was a store today and they had some of the old ones. I bought 30 something boxes of it.

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simplysouthern Posted 29 Aug 2011 , 12:19am
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I unknowingly did a chocolate today using the dang 15.25 oz box! Now I didn't even know until I read this that there was a change and my customers loooove the cake as much as usual. I notices it being quite a heavy cake and Blakes quicker but other than that it seemed fine.

I'll still be calling BC to complain because its crap they would change without even noting it as new or anything!! Plus same money less cake.....um nice, thanks!!

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ma_baker_30 Posted 29 Aug 2011 , 12:22am
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Thanks for your feedback Simplysouthern!
I'm still looking for the older boxes if available. I guess I am simply postponing the inevitable..icon_smile.gif

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paula0712 Posted 29 Aug 2011 , 12:39am
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I've decided to switch to Duncan Hines mixes. I sure hope they don't decide to make their mixes smaller.... Although the Great Value ones at Walmart are still 510g. I made 2 of BC's new cakes last night and YES there was a change in the amount of cake. After settling and cooling my cake that was baked in a 3" deep pan was only 2.5". Usually I only need to cut the crown off and I lose nothing more. I made a character cake as well and it was shorter than the sides of the pan and that almost NEVER happens! Usually it's spilling over the edge into my oven.

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valcomer Posted 14 Oct 2011 , 8:44am
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i just tried the new betty crocker...it went from 18.25 to 15.25....didnt change the wasc cake recipe?>>>>>yea right....X!X!X! my cake friggin sank so bad..it was like a trampoline in the center...the outer edges looked fine but my husband said the center was missing...yea...so was my money that they robbed me from this new crap! used the choc. fudge betty crocker and it was a mess....now what? any suggestions...didnt even work with bake strips or a center core.. the missing 3 ounces took away the center of the whole cake!

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ReneeFLL Posted 14 Oct 2011 , 4:40pm
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I prefer Duncan Hines and have written them telling them if they change the mix like BC then I won't buy them anymore. Others might want to do the same.

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