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SecretAgentCakeBaker Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 2:59am
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Oh my gosh! I am finally calming down after shaking for a while, heart racing, and not being able to control it. A little while ago someone came right up to our front, family room window and was shining a flashlight inside. My husband and I were sitting on the sofa watching TV. Then they went over to the front door, then came back to the window and shinned it in again. I could see the silhouette of the person. I freaked out! I cannot tell you how scared I was. Usually I am pretty calm in emergencies.

I called 911. The police came and checked the neighborhood. They were very smart. They came into the neighborhood and didn't flash the police lights, parked at the bottom of the road and walked the neighborhood. It turns out the neighbor kids were playing hide & seek (yes, at 9:45 at night!) the officers told them to stay in their own yard. Theese officers were very nice and I apologized for bothering them, but they said no problem and to call again  if the kids come back. I felt so silly at that point for calling.

I just got my daughter to sleep. Until the police arrived, she was convinced that someone was trying to set our house on fire. Great! We'll be at the therapist again soon, I'm sure.

I bet our house will be toilet papered in a few days.

No sleeping for me tonight! Every car that drives by scares me right now. So silly, I know.

Thanks for listening!

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dldbrou Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:17am
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They were playing hide and seek and needed to look inside your house to find their friends? How absurd. Sounds like they were checking to see if anyone was home to do some vandalizing.

Why would you apologized for having them patrol your house, that is what they do as part of their job. They need to see if there is a pattern with these kids and now the kids know they are being observed.

Get an alarm system if you can afford it or a great big dog or a dog with a great big bark. That is what I have and it works.

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Elcee Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 3:42am
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I think that sounds really scary! I would have called, too! And I agree witht the PP...I think the hide and seek was a hasty excuse. They didn't need to be looking in your windows or going to your front door.

FYI...our county has a curfew but I guess it wouldn't have made a difference in your case since it's 9:00 pm Sunday - Thursday and 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

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SecretAgentCakeBaker Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 4:58am
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Their family was having a big party. The kids are probably from 9-14. I don't think they were casing the house. They're jsut really annoying. They always play in our yard during the day. My husband will be mowing the lawn, he'll turn the corner and see one hiding in a bush, they put their finger to their lips to let him know not to tell where they are. It's so dangerous for them to be hiding when the lawn is being mowed. I really cannot stand them playing in our yard and I cannot wait to move.

We live on a private road, we're on the corner and have a large yard. They think our yard is their playground. They ride their bikes all over the yard, run through it, build leaf piles, etc. If I say something the parents tell me "oh, they're just playing. They're not hurting anyone." my husband told one of the parents that we don't want them playing in our yard, they do dangerous things and we don't want the responsibility. The parents argue with us and the kids always give us nasty looks. My poor daughter has no friends in our neighborhood and it is tough for her to see them playing in her yard.

I cannot wait to move from here. I'm trying to get the house straightened up and fix some things before we can put it on the market, but I haven't been well, I homeschool my daughter, and take care of sick parents, and my husband has to work a lot of hours, so it has been very, very slow going. Last summer my brother and his wife came over to help us out, hack down some tall weeds and the neighbors made nasty comments about how they wondered when we were ever going to get around to getting rid of the weeds. My sister-in-law said something about me being too sick to do it and the neighbor just made some kind of sound, stuck her nose in the air and walked away.

Sorry to whine! Thanks though!

dldbrou, I love your Yorkies! The silver one reminds me of my little Mugsy. He was such a cutie!

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dldbrou Posted 18 Jun 2011 , 1:26pm
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Thank you SecretAgentCakeBaker, actually only one in the picture is still alive. I have two of the grandchildren of the middle one. The middle is the mother of both in the picture. We lost the female when we had her neutered, the one on the left had a rare disease and passed and the one on the right (male) had babies (two) that I inherited. So, I have three yorkies, still, but none are in the picture. I keep the picture to be able to look at them often.

I would post no trespassing signs around the border and put them on notice that if something happens to the kids, that you are not responsible for their injuries. Or, you could go get a large scary dog and put in an underground fence to keep it in. That should keep the little buggers out. LOL

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