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Saffire Posted 25 May 2011 , 2:53pm
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Okay, so we have, what we hope is a great idea for a shower. Edible gum paste teacups with cake/filling inside. I'm planning on making the tea cups first, letting them dry, attaching handles/painting/etc and then using cake pan molds to mirror the cup shape, baking mini cakes (tea cup cakes lol), cooling them, filling and then placing the cakes into the cups, so each guest can have fun biting into their very own tea cup, at the shower.

Will this work? Will the cake (durable style recipe) and/or filling (chocolate strawberry ganache) weaken the dried gum paste? I've tried looking this up and while it appears that plenty of folks have made gum paste teacups, no one's tried putting cake in them, that I've found. Decorations of gum paste placed ON a cake don't seem to be bothered whether they sit on buttercream or fondant so I'm hoping this will work.

Does anyone have any experience with gum paste weakening due to direct contact with cake/filling? Should I line the inside of the cups with fondant, just in case? Help, please?

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DeniseNH Posted 25 May 2011 , 3:04pm
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I actually LOVE the idea, BUT.............gumpaste isn't a mouth friendly food prioduct. Its purpose is to dry so hard that it resembles porcelain. One of the guests teeth could be chipped (seriously). Gumpaste has no taste either so if you did put some in your mouth it wouldn't be pleasant. What about placing a cupcake wrapper around the cutout portion of cake - you may need to cut the wrapper down a tad so it wont' show above the lip of the cup but if you choose the lined cupcake baking cups, you can put whatever you want in the cup without making it soggy. And yes, gumpaste does eventually absorb mosture from its surroundings. Another thing that comes to mind is - what about baking the cupcake in an edible flat bottomed ice-cream cone. Trimmed down of course so as not to show. Sorry, but gumpaste is not to be eaten - or is nasty to eat.

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Saffire Posted 25 May 2011 , 3:09pm
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Ooh, thank you Denise, I hadn't thought of the cupcake liner idea (duh on me, obvious now that you mentioned it though lol) and will give folks the option of taking the cups home as keepsakes, if they'd rather not eat them or attempt to eat them.

I know some folks don't like gum paste, my kids actually fight over it (but they're odd like that). I don't care for it, at all, but they'll arm wrestle over the stuff. lol They also will race one another for royal icing that's been dried solid, if I do some practice on parchment. lol...

I'll give a warning though, definitely. Thanks again!

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Jennzoe333 Posted 25 May 2011 , 3:10pm
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I agree about the gumpaste not being so yummy. However, why not use fondant with just a tad bit of tylose and wrap the little cakes with the fondant after they are filled and frosted? Then you refrigerate and let them dry and then paint, decorate, etc?

If you are going to tell the guests to only eat the inside, then the gumpaste would work fine, but I'd be concerned about them cracking/breaking during the handling when trying to put the cake inside.

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cakeninja82 Posted 25 May 2011 , 3:12pm
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I wouldn't suggest gumpaste, like Denise said it's purpose is to dry rock hard, and it doesn't really have a flavor, hard and flavorless are not things you want to be eating.
It's a cute idea and can still be done just skip the gumpaste and make each teacup it's own individual cake.
It will be lot's of work but cute.

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carmijok Posted 25 May 2011 , 3:39pm
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I'm not a big fan of the taste of gum paste, but I made a cake a few months ago with a LOT of gum paste flowers and one of the guests was chowing on them! He said they tasted like Necco wafers! To each his own!

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Saffire Posted 25 May 2011 , 4:26pm
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Thanks everyone! We want it to be sturdy and now that the weather has gotten warmer, that also means high humidity in these parts and there's few things more stressful than traveling with fondanted cake on a hot day, in an un-air conditioned vehicle . Fondant likes to melt, big time and my thought was it'd be a lot harder to get it smooth and perfectly looking like tea cups with fondant. It's a definite challenge. I'll keep the fondant idea in mind though, if the gum paste cups end up being too fragile. As it is now, even though I use MMF, many folks find it too sweet and peel it off anyway. Thankfully, I have time to see how it'll work out, was just curious to see if anyone has tried it before or not.

Yeah, I've been told it tastes a lot like Necco wafers too (some folks like eating odd things - I remember eating silver dragees as a child... they mark those not to eat though now, last I heard...). We tried mixing fondant and gum paste once and it got REALLY crumbly and hard to work with... still not sure what happened there but the figures we were working on had to be scrapped. We like to stretch the idea of what cake can look like for our friends and family... icon_smile.gif

Thanks for the tips everyone! I think I'm less nervous about this endeavor now and even have a back up plan. icon_smile.gif

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