Dentists And Crowns

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ccordes Posted 5 May 2011 , 2:11pm
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Let me start out by saying I feel like the biggest idiot out there right now.

So, this morning, I'm eating breakfast and one of my crowns comes off. I immediately call the dentist and while I'm on the phone with them, it hits me, I never got the permanent crown put on. The temporary crown that I had put on is what came off. I then realize, it has been almost 3yrs since I was supposed to go get the permanent crown put on. I had the appointment scheduled, but then had to reschedule twice because of my husband's work schedule and not being able to find a babysitter. The third time I tried to reschedule, my dentist was going out of town for a month and then switching offices, so I was told to call back in a couple of week to make a new appointment. Well....I forgot. I haven't been back to the dentist since (completely embarrassed by that, btw) just because of other things going on in our lives.

Anyway, I call the dentist and tell them what has happened. They tell me that there is no way that they would still have the crown and that a new one would have to be ordered and paid for completely out of pocket by me. The original crown that they no longer have had already been paid for by me and my insurance company. I really feel that I should not have to pay for another crown. They got rid of it and never contacted me at all beforehand to let me know that if I didn't come in soon, they would throw it away/send it back. At least give me the courtesy of letting me know what is going on when you have already been paid $800-1000. Idk...what do you all think??

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Herekittykitty Posted 5 May 2011 , 6:37pm
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WAIT!! You paid for a crown before getting the work done? icon_confused.gif Interesting.

I think considering they were on haiatus with the dentist being gone and then moving offices they should have contacted anyone who had pending work to schedule appts. There is no reason they coudn't have scheduled it before the move. My dentist schedules 4-6 mos in advance.

That said, it was your responsability to make the appt and they can't reasonably be expected to keep your crown indefinately. (One would think they would contact the receipient before tossing such an item - crowns are important and a big expense.)

So, while I think both you and the dentist share responsability for the situation, you made a reasonable effort to complete the work and paid for goods not recieved... I'd fight it. Contact you insurance company if necessary and explain it to them. They don't like paying for services not rendered.

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ccordes Posted 5 May 2011 , 9:46pm
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Yeah, this current place does not do any major work until it is paid for, so everything is paid upfront. This isn't the first time I've had issues with them, though. Thankfully, my husband just got a new job with new insurance, so we'll be switching dentists next month.

I definitely believe we are both at fault. Me for not actually making sure I got in there to get the work done and them for not making any effort to contact before doing whatever they did with the crown. I mean, I know most people on here would be calling a customer about an order that wasn't picked up before just throwing it out, so why couldn't they. I did call finally get a hold of someone who seemed to know more about how things worked and she said I would not have to pay for a new crown. This was after I had called my insurance and explain to them what was going on and they said that if they did not offer a new crown, then they would be calling demanding a refund.

Standing up for myself is definitely not my strong suit. I generally let people walk all over me and end up getting taken advantage of a lot. So, I was just trying to see what others thought about the whole situation to kind of help me decide what to do. icon_smile.gif

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Herekittykitty Posted 6 May 2011 , 3:27pm
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That is a suspicious way of doing business for a dental office, good thing you are now in a position to switch. Usually they require payment before work is done on the day of the appt.

Good for you! I'm glad it has worked out and that you finally were able to talk to someone who knew what was going on. With places like dentist offices, threatening (and then actually doing) to sic the insurance companies on them usuall makes miracles happen. No one want's to go up against the insurance companies! icon_wink.gif

Good luck with your new crown.

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warchild Posted 6 May 2011 , 11:42pm
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I agree with herekittykitty

If a dentist told me I'd have to pay for the work before the work was done, I'd be out the door looking for a different dentist lickity split. It almost sounds like your dentist is using a contract system. You pay ahead of time, I'll do the work. You don't pay ahead of time. I won't.
And, to turn around and tell you you're out of luck for the final crown after they've been paid in full, is bull crap. It doesn't matter how long it was between visits, the bill was paid, so the work should have been done without any complaints.

I'm glad you got it straightened around, but at the same time, I'm still very surprised your insurance plan agreed to pay your bill, when the work was not completed?

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