What Do You Do With Leftover Batter?

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Tink1016 Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 12:19am
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Can it be refrigerated or frozen?

I am going to have quite a bit of leftover batter this weekend and don't know what to do with it. Should I just bake more cakes and freeze them? Any other good ideas for me?

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cattycornercakes Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 12:26am
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Yes...I freeze batter and use it later with no problems.

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mmdiez10 Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 12:40am
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I just use all the batter and make the cakes and freeze the ones I don't need right away.

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bobwonderbuns Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 12:47am
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Back in the old days, leftover batter was put into tiny tins and when they turned the ovens off, they used the residual heat from the ovens to bake these tiny cakes, then thinned out the leftover frosting and poured that over the cakes and voila -- petit fours were born!! icon_biggrin.gif

cakesbycathy Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
cakesbycathy Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 12:48am
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It can be frozen.

If I only have a little bit left I usually just make some cupcakes for my kids to eat.

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Occther Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 12:49am
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I back 6" inch layers with leftover batter and freeze them after they are baked. Very handy to make samples for brides to taste.

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elliespartycake Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 1:12am
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I never freeze uncooked batter, but I do bake any extra bater into small 6" cakes and/or cupcakes. It's handy to have a couple of cakes or a batch of cupcakes for last minute requests or tastings. I also take them to the farmer's market I sell at.

AnotherCreation Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
AnotherCreation Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 1:27am
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I also freeze my left over batter. I used to just make extra 6 inches or whatever size the batter would make. I find it a lot easier on storage and on time if I'm running behind to freeze it. It works perfect for me. I just put it in a freezer bag. When it thaws out I just cut the corner and squeeze it into the pan. hth

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icer101 Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 1:35am
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I have read before on this site that you can freeze leftover batter. Never done it. Now i will after reading this thread. thanks everyone

awatterson Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
awatterson Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 1:48am
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I freeze mine too. I use the WASC recipe. From other threads that I have read if they are homemade then it doesn't freeze well.

Tink1016 Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Tink1016 Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 2:05am
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Thanks everyone!

For some reason, I am super nervous about freezing an already baked cake. I am worried about how it will taste once thawed. Any tips on how to freeze it to make sure it will still taste good thawed?

denetteb Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
denetteb Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 2:19am
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Just wrap in plastic wrap, aluminum foil or a ziplock and freeze.

jenscreativity Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
jenscreativity Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 2:32am
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I bake with it into cupcakes or small cakes to practice with or freeze for future needs

momtofourmonkeys Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
momtofourmonkeys Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 2:56am
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I make small 4" or 6" cakes to freeze for tastings. Makes last minute tastings much easier.

Over the past few weeks I took the left overs from a vanilla cake, chocolate cake, and strawberry cake and made 8" flower rounds to freeze for my daughter's birthday cake. Then last weekend I took those extras and did a layer of chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, strawberry cake, strawberry filling, and then vanilla cake to make a neapolitan cake.

Normita Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Normita Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 3:35am
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I too have began to freeze my batter. It works great. I am doing a tasting this weekend and have a lot of batter left over....so I placed them in freezer storage bags and then placed that bag into another plain plastic grocery bag and pop in the freezer!! Works great and comes in very handy!!!

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leah_s Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 3:57am
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You can hold batter in the fridge for several days. I do it ALL the time.

ramacake Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
ramacake Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 4:00am
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A frozen cake will taste great after it is thawed. I think even better than ones that are not frozen. Just wrap it well in plastic wrap and let it thaw completely before you ice it. If you are putting two layers together with icing in between layers, you can do that while they are still frozen, then wrap again in plastic and let come to room temp before icing.

MollyGirl_17 Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
MollyGirl_17 Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 6:54am
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Well let me be the first one to throw this out there...EAT IT. In my house, there is no such thing as "left over batter". icon_lol.gif

Ok, ok, so I guess if you have a TON then yeah freeze or bake for tasting/emergency cakes... but I'm just sayin'...eating is our first choice. thumbs_up.gif

doramoreno62 Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
doramoreno62 Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 7:36am
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I'll bake it, then break it apart, freeze it in a ziplock for making cake balls. Or if I have time, I'll mix the cake ball ingredients into it, then freeze it. When I need cake balls, just thaw, roll and dip. Easy peasy!

heroes Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
heroes Posted 4 Nov 2010 , 10:25am
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I make cakepops with my leftovers, or I freeze them.

Karen x

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