Do You Think This Is Weird?

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dreamcakesmom Posted 31 Aug 2010 , 5:33pm
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So I do cakes part time and most of my orders come online, occasionally I get a phone order. I get home today from running errands I see I have a message. it says; "No thanks, since you aren't even considerate enough to have your street address on your website I was calling to order a wedding cake but you aren't even there to answer your phone. I'm very sorry." In the most irritated voice ever.

Does anyone else think it's weird that this person wouldn't just leave a message saying, hey I'm interested in ordering a cake call me back?

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DefyGravity Posted 31 Aug 2010 , 5:38pm
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Sounds like you dodged a bullet in having to work with somebody like that.

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TexasSugar Posted 31 Aug 2010 , 5:39pm
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Maybe they think you are a store front and couldn't figure out why no one would answer in the middle of the day? And maybe she wanted the street address to come by and discuss it?

If you work out of your home, I totally don't blame you for not having your street address up.

If you have caller id you could always try calling back, but I'd probably just let it go myself. People are weird!

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malene541 Posted 31 Aug 2010 , 5:48pm
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YES, some people can be really weird!! I had a girl call 6 days (yes 6 days!) before her wedding asking if I could/would do her cake. I told her I all ready had a cake for that day and a full time job so I couldn't. She said "WELL, then EXACTLY what am I supposed to do??!!!" really snotty! I said "WELL, I guess YOU should give Walmart a call!" She hung up on me. Those are the exact people that I don't want anything to do with!!

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Sparklekat6 Posted 31 Aug 2010 , 5:51pm
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Yeah that's what I was going to say, thank god you WEREN'T home to answer the phone!

She must be from my Generation. I just read this in an article about us:

"Dr. Elmore says that, either way, they end up with very poor relationship skills and low emotional intelligence. They are short on patience, listening skills, and conflict resolution; all essential if one is to progress toward being an adult."

Beware, we are out there... icon_evil.gif

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Bluehue Posted 31 Aug 2010 , 5:53pm
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Have to agree - good thing you weren't there to answer your phone - sounds like they were in a hurry for their Wedding Cake -

i'd say at a rough guess .................... 4pm this Friday. icon_wink.gificon_rolleyes.gif


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sari66 Posted 31 Aug 2010 , 6:04pm
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I'd say be glad that you weren't home for that! Geez she had built in attitude icon_sad.gif

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LoveMeSomeCake615 Posted 31 Aug 2010 , 6:20pm
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That is bizarre! I agree, sounds like a brat that you wouldn't want to have to deal with anyway!

dreamcakesmom Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
dreamcakesmom Posted 31 Aug 2010 , 6:59pm
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Thanks all. I thought maybe I was losing my mind. Now that you mention it, does make sense if it is a last minute order that she is frantic and p'o'd that I am not there.

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7yyrt Posted 31 Aug 2010 , 7:50pm
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Nah - She probably didn't want a cake anyway.

That's the sort of thing a certain 'type' of person would say/do to chastise you for not having your address out on the internet.
They're called trolls. They get some sort of charge out of behavior like that.

1234me Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
1234me Posted 1 Sep 2010 , 1:34pm
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you didn't want her business anyway icon_smile.gif

mombabytiger Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
mombabytiger Posted 2 Sep 2010 , 9:49am
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No. I don't think it's weird. I think it's rude.

Echooo3 Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
Echooo3 Posted 2 Sep 2010 , 10:26am
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No, not weird. You're lucky!!

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noahsmummy Posted 2 Sep 2010 , 11:09am
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haha how random! agree with general consensus. be grateful you werent home for this one....

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CookieMeister Posted 2 Sep 2010 , 3:13pm
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I have to agree it's a good thing you weren't home to deal with her!

What a maroon.

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hsmomma Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
hsmomma Posted 8 Sep 2010 , 12:38am
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Definitely dodged a bullet. She would have been impossible to please without doubt.
Good call on not listing your address anywhere...that crazy would have been at your front door. Much easier to deal with via message than in person!

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howsweet Posted 21 Sep 2010 , 1:03am
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Once your number goes up on the internet, you'll get calls from every type of person. Some of them completely barking mad. And some that want to abuse you. Just ignore them and go on. This person likely would have been horrible to deal with.

costumeczar Cake Central Cake Decorator Profile
costumeczar Posted 21 Sep 2010 , 1:15pm
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She's weird. I work out of my home, but I do appointments at an office space. I've had people totally ignore the detailed directions I send them, then show up at my house after doing a reverse phone-number lookup, see that I'm not there, then email or call me later because they're offended that I wasn't home. I once had a girl sit outside in her car and not come in, then email a super-nasty note that I should have come out to the car to get her. I'm sorry I didn't have my red carpet to roll out for her highness that day...Some people just think that you're there to be their servant.

The person who called you probably had multiple uses of the word "Princess"or "Diva" in her email address, too. I always try to avoid those clients, it's just a sign.

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