2 Questions About Flavoring Cakes

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JustGettinStarted Posted 24 Aug 2010 , 12:17am
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1. If I'm using alcoholic products in a cake, does all of the alcohol evaporate out? I want to try lots of flavors but I'm breastfeeding and don't want to run the risk. I assume it does, but want to double check.

2. I've seen a lot of people on here say they use different coffee flavorings and I'm wondering, where do you get them and what kind? I don't drink coffee, so I have no idea, but I went to the grocery store today and found "coffee flavor," dry creamer, and creamer in the diary section. None of them were very exotic (just vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut). What do people mean when they use these in cakes? Do I buy the dry creamer, the wet ones, or the coffee "flavoring"? Thanks!

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sari66 Posted 24 Aug 2010 , 12:45am
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First off welcome! In answer to your first question no, not all the alcohol will burn off it depends on the amount used in the recipe and the alcohol content.
Secondly most ppl i know use the dairy creamers that you saw in the grocery store, you use it in place of the water in the cake. You can also use soda, juices, beer, champange, powder creamers just add water to make the amount you need.
There is a thread on here titled gourmet flavors check that out it's got tons of cake /filling mixes in there.

happy caking!

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sillywabbitz Posted 24 Aug 2010 , 2:48pm
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I prefer working with the dry creamers because they keep longer for me and I don't ever have enough space in my fridge. There are tons of dry creamer flavors at different grocery stores. Walmart and Kroger have good selections. My two favorites are Italian Sweet Cream and Amarreto because I do a lot of WASC (white almond sour cream cake).

I use them mainly as the liquid in my frosting.

As for breast feeding. There are test strips you can use to test your breast milk to see what the alcohol content is. If a cake calls for 1/2 cup of alcohol and a cake mix makes 12 servings, then you are consuming 1/24 the cups of alcohol and that is not even considering that some of it does cook off. If you are really concerned Lorann's Oils makes most of the alcohol flavors but are non-alcoholic...she has a champagne flavor, a rum flavor and several others. Hobby Lobby carries a few of her oils but I find most of them at the cake shop.

Good luck and congrats on your new little one.

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leah_s Posted 24 Aug 2010 , 2:57pm
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Good advice above. No the alcohol does not cook out, especially at baking temps. Frankly, the alcohol doesn't burn off even in a saucepan and not totally even if the product is flambed.

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KristyDi Posted 24 Aug 2010 , 4:45pm
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You already gotten the info on whether the alcohol cooks out (some does, but never all)

I haven't played with the coffee flavors yet (I'm a cake newbie) but I'm looking forward to it in the future.

On breastfeeding, it's a very prevalent myth that nursing mom's can't drink any alcohol. Only about 2% of the alcohol you ingest makes it into your milk (the same amount as in your bloodstream) and leaves your milk at the same rate as it leaves your blood (so no need to pump and dump) The general rule is if you're sober enough to drive safely, then you can also nurse your baby safely, and if you're not sober enough to drive, then IMO you really shouldn't be responsible for a baby's care.

Here's more info on the breastfeeding and alcohol from Kellymom (research based breastfeeding site)

Basically, it'd be pretty much impossible for a mom to ingest enough alcohol from cake to affect a nursing baby.

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DeeDelightful Posted 24 Aug 2010 , 5:07pm
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I think some of the coffee flavorings people are referring to are those Torani syrups or DaVinci flavored syrups that go into coffee. I'm just not sure what proportion of syrup you use to replace the liquid in your cake. You might find that information on this website.

I mix 1 cup powdered coffee creamer to 1 cup hot water for the liquid in my frosting (a tablespoon at a time, of course).

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All4Show Posted 24 Aug 2010 , 5:31pm
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I have replaced the water in some of my recipes with 1/2 club soda and 1/2 the appropriate Torani or Monin syrup. If you are using the WASC recipe you might want to reduce the sugar to keep it from sinking. I've had good luck using their SF syrups. Made a chcolate cake the other day and subbbed Torani brown sugar-cinnamon and club soda for the water. I also used SF choclate instant pudding to reduce the amount of sugar. Made some lemon cupcakes subbing Tornai lemon syrup and club soda for the water. Just play with it. I use my husband's collegues at work and they know to give me honest feedback and that I'm not thin-skinned. So far so good. The possibilities are endless. I use them in my whipped cream and in Bettercream.

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All4Show Posted 24 Aug 2010 , 5:33pm
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Sorry, I order mine at Smoothiemeover.com. If you have a Cost Plus World Market they also have a few more flavors than just the supermarket does.

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JustGettinStarted Posted 27 Aug 2010 , 1:02am
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Thank you all so much! This is so helpful...I didn't even know what Toroni was haha!

Oh, so would you give a child a cake with liquor in it? Just wondering how safe it is or if it is only an adult cake. Thanks again!

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