Losing My Marbles (Long)

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sweetbn Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 3:50am
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I am making my first wedding cake. I wrote out a schedule and I'm sticking to it. I was up at 6am this morning baked most of the cakes, went to work (I'm an RN in an adult ER), hurried home and started baking the remainder of the cakes. I was feeling so good and proud of myself.

Well then my boyfriends friend stops by because she needs her stitches removed, sure not a problem two second job right? Well not tonight! Ok made it past that, now the roommate decides he wants to make a pizza... HELLO! Obviously he can't see that the whirlwind disaster of a kitchen means get lost I'm clearly making the all important cakes right now. But being the bigger person decide to let him make dinner for himself lol

Now of course the phone starts ringing off the hook, the dog is looking at me like he is some dejected poor soul who never gets any attention. Lets not forget in the midst of my chaos the boyfriend comes in and thinks I should just whip up some cupcakes for the neighbor helping him make a flower bed (because those only take 10 minutes right?) and it needs to be right now! And tomorrow I have to run the dog to the vet in the AM and I have a meeting in the afternoon.

Sheesh! How do you all do this all the time?????? lol

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catlharper Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 4:03am
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I rarely bake out of my home anymore. For weeks like this one where I'm baking a wedding cake for a friend and am baking at home my life is insane. At the rental kitchen it's nice and quiet and I have no one but myself to annoy and noone but myself to annoy me. BUT that comes at a real price...seriously...money. When making a gift cake for a friend I can bake at home for free..and since I'm not getting any money for it I can do this BUT it also comes at the price of a dirty kitchen, my family around me all the time, and pure chaos. SIGH. Someday I'll have a storefront where it doesn't matter how long I stay at the kitchen or if I need to bake at 1am to finish a project...till then I bake at home for free when the cake is a gift and deal with life's pressures and bake at the kitchen for a fee when I'm getting paid a fee to bake<G>


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sweetbn Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 4:55am
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A rental space would be sweet icon_smile.gif So would a second kitchen aid. I would be a caking machine if I had a second kitchen aid. I can't wait to see my bed tonight

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tinygoose Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 5:12am
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Originally Posted by sweetbn

A rental space would be sweet icon_smile.gif So would a second kitchen aid. I would be a caking machine if I had a second kitchen aid. I can't wait to see my bed tonight

Ever thought of just buying an extra KA bowl or two? The mixing part doesn't really take that much time, it the fact that you either have stuff still in the bowl or the bowl is in the sink. THey are about $50 bucks as I recall.

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cheatize Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 2:51pm
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Honestly, I get through all this by telling myself, "STOP being such a girl!" As a female, to me it's like second nature to accomodate other people. I tell myself things like, "Man up! A dude would just say, 'no,' and move on. No guilt, no discussion, no wondering if I should have been nicer."

Yo', just say no. No, you can't use the oven right now. No, remove your own stitches. No, I cannot make cupcakes right now. No, no, no! Try it. It's freeing. LOL

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sweetbn Posted 21 Jul 2010 , 3:28pm
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I didn't even realize it was even an option to buy an extra mixing bowl! I wish I knew that sooner, it's a great idea icon_smile.gif
I do need to put on my big girl panties in the kitchen, I wear them at work so I shouldn't feel any different about something so important to me elsewhere.

Hope everyone has a great day!

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cheatize Posted 22 Jul 2010 , 12:30am
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Oh, yeah! Hubby got me an extra bowl and an extra blade. Well worth the moolah, especially when I making something that needs egg whites or heavy cream whipped after the other ingredients are mixed.

Do it, do it, dooo iiiit! LOL

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indydebi Posted 22 Jul 2010 , 1:38am
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Learn to say "no". Especially to inconsiderate people, like a roommate who knows you need the kitchen for a couple or three days, and a boyfriend who just assumes you can "whip up" some cakes that he volunteered you for. (Show him how to turn the oven on and tell him the oven in his apartment works the very same way! icon_twisted.gif )

You teach people how to treat you and right now I see the word "Doormat" printed on your forehead.

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sweetbn Posted 26 Jul 2010 , 4:12am
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Lol couple or three days, exactly! too funny icon_smile.gif I did manage to get the cake done and everyone thought it looked fabulous. However, some of the guests were complaining the cake tasted too sweet. um. Maybe you don't like cake...too sweet kma. lol Then another complained because "That better not be lemon cake, I hate lemon, don't even set that in front of me if thats what it is"

What I reminded myself of is that if 97 people thought the cake tasted super then the other three must have been invited by accident because they don't know what they are talking about.

Thanks for reading and offering advice!! Much appreciated.

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Amaranthine Posted 26 Jul 2010 , 6:15am
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Oh lord. If I was swamped and my husband tried to pressure me to make some cupcakes in a jiffy because "they don't take that much time/effort," he'd get the evil eye. I'd let him know that no, it does NOT take ten minutes, and NO, I'm too busy with other things at the moment.

Fortunately for both of us, he wouldn't do that.

The roommate thing could be problematic. I'd hate it if I wanted to eat, but couldn't make anything for myself because someone else commandeered the kitchen for the day--IF I wasn't warned ahead of time, at least. Giving your roommate a heads-up and coming to some kind of agreement would help. And if you already did that, you're well within your rights to kick him out of the kitchen. icon_lol.gif

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pixiefuncakes Posted 26 Jul 2010 , 6:33am
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I like your comments about the guests - have people never heard what Thumpers mum said 'if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all'. Imagine complaining about cake! Your right, they were defenitely there by accident (maybe their alien craft landed on the the wrong planet)

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