I'm So Bummed :(

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homeslice Posted 17 Jul 2010 , 12:58am
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First, I wanted to make myself a birthday cake a few weeks ago. I had a taste for lemon cake, but didn't have a recipe, so I found one on here. It was terrible! It tasted awful, and took forever to bake. I ended up throwing it out.

My son's birthday is coming up, and our family is having a party for him this weekend, so I thought I'd make his cake. I did a Thomas FBCT that looks really cute (as long as it doesn't fall apart when I take it out). I wanted to do a chocolate cake with oreo filling. I tried the chocolate WASC, and it completely flopped. It was done, but the top and bottom were so gummy I couldn't frost it. Plus, I was really disappointed in the taste. It just tasted like cake mix to me. So, I tried the Hershey's recipe everyone has raved about. It just came out and smells ok, but it rose very little, and is completely wonky. I will definitely have to level it.

Next, I tried the oreo filling I found on here, and I hate it! It is very greasy, and just tastes like shortening. Which really stinks, because I recently had a similar cake/filling combo from a bakery that was awesome, and I had the delusion that I could make it, too. icon_cry.gif

Finally, I've been searching for something better than the Wilton BC, and tried one of the popular ones on here - same thing! Too greasy, and really didn't seem any better to me than the Wilton.

I'm just so disappointed. icon_sad.gif I wanted my little guy's cake to be fabulous. I'm no novice baker, but I am really feeling like a failure over all this. I keep thinking I should be able to produce something that at least tastes wonderful, even if it doesn't look professional. *sigh* I just needed to vent - sorry for the outburst. icon_redface.gif

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KayMc Posted 17 Jul 2010 , 1:11am
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You said the frosting tasted greasy. Are you using Crisco? I think frosting made w/ Crisco does taste greasy, so maybe that is it. You can either try the hi ratio shortening (never tastes greasy), or do what Mamawrobin says: beat JUST the Crisco for 15 minutes till it's like sour cream, and then add the other ingredients. That seems to prevent the greasy taste. If the Hershey cake turned out well for you, then just level it. Easy enough to do. You could also try the peanut butter frosting in the recipe section here. It's to die for. I'll look up the exact name and get back to you. Goes GREAT with the chocolate cake, and you could chop up Reese's peanut butter cups for on top of the cake, or add it to the PB frosting to be used as filling between the layers. You can do this!

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iamcakin Posted 17 Jul 2010 , 1:12am
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Don't give up. I'm not a fan of the WASC recipes, either (we're in the minority, I know icon_surprised.gif ), and it took me about two years to find and perfect a BC recipe/technique. Hang in there!

I really don't have anything more to say except welcome to CC, and SO sorry you've had such a disappointing last few weeks! icon_sad.gif

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KayMc Posted 17 Jul 2010 , 1:13am
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OK - it's called Peanut Butter Dream frosting, and it is 100% to die for!!!!

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homeslice Posted 17 Jul 2010 , 1:49am
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KayMc - I did beat the Crisco in my buttercream just like other posters have recommended. Maybe I just want a shortening based BC to taste like an all butter BC, and of course, it won't.

My DH and I worked and worked on the oreo filling, and after a little tweaking (and a TON more oreos), it is acceptable. Not WOW, like the one I had from the bakery, but it'll do. Hopefully, the rest of the cake will turn out ok.

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Chasey Posted 17 Jul 2010 , 2:08am
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Wow, you are a trooper for trying to perservere in the kitchen!! By chance, are you at a higher altitude than those recipes were intended? Just curious if that was a contributing factor.

And I agree with you that icing with just shortening is not my favorite. Can you do an all butter one? If you are going to be in warm temps, maybe a 1/2 butter and 1/2 shortening recipe.

Good luck!

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UpAt2am Posted 17 Jul 2010 , 2:09am
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homeslice...i swear by my oreo filling and it's sooooo (did i say so) simple!

beat heavy whipping cream, clear vanilla, and powdered sugar to stiff peaks. chop up oreos (i use one of those pampered chef things) and fold into the whipped cream. it's light and fluffy...not a bit of grease...allergy free (great for kids)...the list goes on and on icon_smile.gif

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LNW Posted 17 Jul 2010 , 2:13am
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I use the same recipe as UpAt2AM for Oreo filling. I've never seen one with shortening before. I'm sorry your having so much trouble with your cake ::big hug::

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JaeRodriguez Posted 17 Jul 2010 , 2:24am
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homeslice, Maybe you shoud try an all butter recipe, the one luvbuttercream has posted in the recipe section called french vanilla bc is AMAZING! :]

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bmoser24 Posted 17 Jul 2010 , 2:27am
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I have tried a few mentioned, including the oreo filling w crisco, and it was a hit! To each his own I guess. In fact, most of the recipes I have tried here are great, I feel blessed. Of course, I adjust to my taste..but only after I have followed the recipe first. I always use what i'm comfortable with, and try new things here and there, not when it counts.
Go with what you know then, if its not broke don't fix it.

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