Price Per Serving In The Flyer???

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IsaSW Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 7:54pm
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I need to order more brochures, I do not want to spend too much money on them(Like I did the first time), so I decided on a 8/12 x 11 flyer, with lots of pictures in it.
Besides all the information I already had in the brochure, should I include the starting price per serving?
Everybody that comes to the booth, is the first thing they ask, what is your pricing? It feels like I answer that question million times. Is this good? because I get to talk to the bride?, or should I include the price in the right hand corner in big numbers?, so they remember and can easily have that info at their hand when they sort through all the paper they get at the bridal show.
I have seen in the past, they handwrite my price on my brochure, do you think they will remember more if it is in their handwriting? or should I make things easier for them if I make a splash with the numbers, like the groceries store sales. Is this too tacky?
Any ideas would be welcome.

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adamsmom Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 8:12pm
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Personally thinking in a customer's frame of mind, I like to see what the starting price of something is. That lets me know if I can even afford that item to begin with. If not, then I'm not wasting my time and yours. I would just have the starting price in bold at the top where they can easily see it. Hope this helps and let us know what you decide!

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sari66 Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 8:35pm
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Agree with adamsmom you should have the starting price somewhere in bold/large print. I like to know if I'm shopping with someone I can afford, if the price isn't there then I may move on just because it's not.

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myslady Posted 12 Jul 2010 , 8:50pm
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I think of brochures and flyers differently. In my mind brochures are something you hand out (a small information packet) and flyers are something you hang up (e.g Lost Dog signs, garage sales, etc).

If you are printing brochures, you should include the pricing. Think of it as going to a restaurant and looking at the menu and there are no prices there.

If you a printing a flyer, you could use base pricing with an example of what they can get for that price or just something to showcase your work.

Depending on how you are advertising, you may not need both.

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leily Posted 13 Jul 2010 , 1:26am
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I agree with at least putting your starting price on the flyer/brochure. But also make sure that you have a statement on there that says "pricing subject to change at anytime, please contact us for current pricing"
Then somewhere on there also put the month/year that they were printed. (i have mine in really small print in the lower left hand corner)

These two things help cover you if a bride or other potential customer picks one up and calls 6-12 months down the road after you have had a price increase. At least they have a starting point, but you won't be "held" to the pricing just becuase it's printed in something they've had for awhile.

Yes it is common sense to most of us that there woudl be a price increase, but many people would insist that they get the price that you advertised... no matter how old the print is (and without the date printed on it, how would you or the customer know that?)

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catlharper Posted 13 Jul 2010 , 6:19am
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My flyers have two photos, one of a wedding cake, one of a 3D cake, flanking my logo. Below that is a choice of flavors/fillings and below that is starting pricing and terms. People have remarked several times how much they liked the fact that they could figure out how much the cake would cost with those figures so I've kept them on.


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IsaSW Posted 13 Jul 2010 , 3:23pm
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Thank you so much!
I knew I was coming to the right place for advice:

3 Things I get now that are really important:

what the starting price of something is. I will include in bold.
Using base pricing with an example of what they can get for that price.
"pricing subject to change at anytime, please contact us for current pricing"
Then somewhere on there also put the month/year that they were printed.

All this is pointing to the right direction, I am going to start design it right now.

Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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Ruth0209 Posted 16 Jul 2010 , 6:52pm
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You should definitely include pricing. As a customer, if I can't even find that much in a brochure or on the web site, I do not contact them.

Be sure to list it as, "Prices starting at..." so they know that's the base. Also, be sure to include "Prices subject to change" so if they keep the brochure for two years they don't expect that price to be honored if you've raised it in the meantime.

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CoutureCake Posted 17 Jul 2010 , 2:16am
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I'm going to go against the grain here and say DO NOT put the pricing in there because... in 3 years when your base price is jacked up, you're inevitably going to get someone coming in expecting that is still your starting price. You don't want to be painting yourself into a corner and NO ONE wants to read "Prices subject to change without notice" in a brochure..

The other reason to NOT include the pricing is because... You actually want to WEED OUT the "price shoppers" without having to do that work yourself. Seriously you will get more contacts of people expecting Martha or Kerry designs for your base starting price listed in the brochure and get PO'd that you can't do their designer cake for your base price. It's one thing to include an order minimum it's another thing to set pricing now and for years to come. If you want to include some mention of it on your website for "Starting prices between $6-25/pp depending on complexity of design involved".. As a cake friend here says "If the first question out of their mouth is "How much is.." her answer doubles compared to if someone calls up to set up a consult. She's plenty busy AND she saves herself a BOATLOAD of time without having to deal with people that are goin to attempt to nickel and dime her from the start.

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