Miss Manner's Advice On Cake Etiquette

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JanH Posted 1 Jun 2010 , 10:46pm
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Talk about a one trick pony. icon_eek.gif

That's very rude. thumbsdown.gif

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indydebi Posted 1 Jun 2010 , 11:07pm
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Another example of how Manners and Consideration is considered a one-way street.

It seems to be perfectly ok for others to plan a cake that is NOT wanted by the recipient; that WILL embarrass and humiliate the recipient; that is consider VERY inappropriate. That's ok.

But heaven help us if the recipient would DARE say something that will embarrass and humiliate the persons who planned such an inappropriate "gift".

OVer 15 years ago, I worked in an office and it became a local fad to hire a male dancer to come in for the birthday of co-workers. I made it VERY clear to all of my friends that if someone DARED to pull that one me, I would get up and walk out. They could think it rude all they want, but I considered it very rude to bring such an activity into an office workplace, ESPECIALLY for someone who thinks it's highly inappropriate.

It's what I call squirt-gun humor...... the only person having fun is the one pulling the trigger.

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rosiecast Posted 2 Jun 2010 , 1:07am
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This reminded me of my bachelorette part. I begged my friends and family not to have a stripper for me. They did and I went and hid in a closet until he left. LOL

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7yyrt Posted 2 Jun 2010 , 1:16am
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I think she should bring a sword to the party, and if there is a giant penis cake she should use it to cleave it from stem to stern.

And proclaim loudly that hubby will sleep not on the couch, but out in the back yard where a disgusting hound dog belongs.

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WendyB Posted 2 Jun 2010 , 4:09pm
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Who is worse -- the husband who might do something so embarrassing, knowing his wife's feelings, or Miss Manners for condoning it?

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7yyrt Posted 2 Jun 2010 , 4:21pm
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The husband.

He knows her personally, 'Miss Manners' is just some strange woman.
Edited to add: I have read some of Miss Manners' crap. She seems to be all about not making a scene. That is typical of many woman from her era.

There are times making a scene is appropriate.
People treat you the way you let them; let them disrespect you, and they will push and push and push.

Look at Cinderella -
She was always pleasant, thinking the evil stepmother and stepsisters would be nicer to her, and all it did was let them know they could use her in any [email protected] way they pleased.

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emrldsky Posted 2 Jun 2010 , 6:59pm
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Originally Posted by 7yyrt

There are times making a scene is appropriate.

I agree!! I'm going to share a story (I love telling stories!).

I come from a very vocal and aggressive family. I've always been taught to respect my elders, though. So when my boss hired a new woman who was old enough to be my mother, I did as I was taught. She would often roll her eyes if I said something she thought was "silly" in a meeting, or she would scowl if she didn't agree with me. Things that were immature for her age. But I kept my mouth shut.

A few months ago, my work group was at a conference in a big city, and me, my boss, this coworker, and another decided to check out some of the local attractions, and it was suggested we get ONE regular-car cab. Now, anyone who knows me well enough knows that I have a bit of claustrophobia, so I say, "Will that be enough room?" My boss merely shrugs, and says we'll give it a try.

The next cab that pulls up is a mini cooper. *facepalm* So I said, "Ok, really, will that be enough room?" and my coworker snaps at me and says, "Why do you keep asking that? Is it because the rest of us are such fat *bleeps* and you're the thinnest one?"

Yeah, I didn't keep my mouth shut this time. I said something to the effect of, "Don't put *bleepin* words in my mouth, and you can get off your high horse!!!"


We've been much better around each other since then. I think I earned some respect for that one.

Oh, and my mom was actually proud of me, elder or not. icon_wink.gif

And to the OP:
The fact that anyone thinks it's OK to make such a cake for anyone that would be embarrassed by it, needs their head checked. You just want to tell them to act their age, not their shoe size. :/ Miss Manners is out-dated. I'd rather read Prudence or Etiquette Hell.

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