Angel Food Cake... Help!

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justjoey Posted 27 Apr 2010 , 6:37am
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First off I would like to say hello to everyone, I am new. It has taken me forever to find this forum and I'm hoping that I can arrive at an answer!

SO, recently I found a few recipes on Betty Crocker's website that I just HAD to try. Cookies N' Cream Angel Cake

So I followed everything instruction wise and I tried this twice. Each time my cake has come out wrong. Instead of rising and being fluffy and nice, it shrinks and becomes the opposite. Granted, it's still edible, its just not good like an Angel Food Cake should be. I don't understand why. I use the electric mixer for the amount of time given... The folding is a technique i'm not quite familiar with, so i youtubed it and did what i saw.

I just don't get why it's doing this. The first time I ran my rubber spatula through the pan, and the second time i used a metal spatula from the center to the outer edges. (break large air bubbles? or something)

One thing I noticed on both of the cakes is that the bottom of the cake (the top once you flip it over and pop it out) isnt fluffed out, its close to together and very tight/spongey? IF that makes sense lol.

I just don't know what else to do and some insight would be great. I have 1 more box and at $2 a box, I'd like to try to get this right ASAP. Thanks.

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TexasSugar Posted 27 Apr 2010 , 7:06pm
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Are you baking it in a tube pan? Or a regular cake pan?

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justjoey Posted 27 Apr 2010 , 7:27pm
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An angel food cake tube pan, much like this one: Image.

Although the top rim of mine has 3 pieces coming off of it. I'm guessing that's for laying it upside down so it can cool properly? I've not greased the pan either, per the instructions.

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leily Posted 27 Apr 2010 , 7:46pm
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you said you're using an electric mixer. What attachment are you using to mix? The paddle or the whisk? Also, is it a stand mixer or handheld?

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justjoey Posted 27 Apr 2010 , 8:52pm
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handheld electric : whisk attachment, if that indeed is this one:


The first time i did it, I held the bowl at an angle and didn't move the mixer too much. The second time I kept the bowl flat and moved it around more.

Another thing that may be of use, after watching a few videos of how to make angel food cake.. I noticed when they are making it from scratch that their batter seems much thicker, mine has a thickness but its "wetter" for lack of a better word. Is this a problem? I'm using the Just Add Water mix, so I don't know. =/

Maybe I should also add that after pouring the batter into the pan, it's very bubbly at the top...

Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thanks for the help.

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justjoey Posted 28 Apr 2010 , 4:06am
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I'm guessing that Angel Food Cake isn't a popular topic, or well known. Who knows. I've been in and out all day, still with no answers so EXTENSIVE googling has led me to a possibility.


Perhaps my technique is incorrect. I've read that doing incorrectly can deflate the egg whites, causing the cake to flatten. I'm tempted to give it another go tomorrow morning before work.

The technique is mind boggling...have to be gentle but firm, and quick but easy lol. Confusing for someone who has no professional training. I just want a cake hah.

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justjoey Posted 28 Apr 2010 , 6:35pm
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So I took it upon myself this morning to go for it again and I had about 95% success. It could be a little better, but I'm sure i'll get there if i keep making it.

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justjoey Posted 29 Apr 2010 , 1:52am
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Wow, still nothing all day long. This place lacks a since of community and welcoming.... and help, BIG TIME. Can't see how this place attracts people.

You can remove this post or just leave it and let it drift away in the sea of threads. I won't be back...

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leily Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 6:49pm
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well i am sorry to see that you couldn't be patient enough for someone to come back and respond. I don't get a chance to log on every day (and the last two days have been without a computer due to a virus issue) So I am just now getting a chance to go back to previous post that I made a comment to.

Anyways... in one of your post you said you're using a mix, but the way you talked about other items is that you are doing this from scratch.

So just curious which one it is, as this could make a difference.

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2SchnauzerLady Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 7:24pm
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I have never used a mix for angel food cake, so I can't advise you on that. The attachment you you show is not a whisk. Those are standard beaters. A whisk attachment has several wires. You can use the regular attachments, it just takes longer. Hopefully someone will come along and attach a picture. I'm not very computer savvy when it comes to that. The trick with angel food cake (from scratch) is beating your egg whites with the cream of tarter and a pinch of salt to the right consistency - to where peaks form and hold their shape when you take the beater out. Then you sprinkle the sugar over the top (don't dump it in) while beating it and then beat until it has a glossy appearance and the peaks hold their shape. Then you fold in your cake flour. Do not use all purpose flour. It looks like you are on the right track from your picture. Did you do that with a mix or from scratch. The other thing I do is sift my sugar (I use superfine sugar - I put sugar in the food processer and process until fine, but not powdery.) I sift it before measuring to get the big pieces out. I sift my cake flour 4 times, then when the egg whites are ready, I sift the cake flour again over the whites - I do this by sifting 1/4 of the flour over the whites, fold, and repeat until the flour is all incorporated. Do not grease your pan. Pour the batter in, smooth the top, bake as your recipe directs, and DO NOT open the oven until the time is up. Opening the oven will cause it to fall. HTH. If you have any questions, PM me, but it may be tomorrow before I can answer as I will not be home tonight.

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7yyrt Posted 30 Apr 2010 , 7:46pm
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This particular forum (Recipe Tips & Ideas) isn't well visited. Try posting in a different one, and you should get a larger response.
I was going to welcome you to the site, but it looks like you don't want to be here; oh well...
I hope you found a site that consists of full-time paid responders so you can get a faster answer.
Perhaps that is too snippy, but still.

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