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noahsmummy Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 1:19am
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i just got a phone call from my real estate agent, they are bringing my a lawn mower because i dont have one and usually have to get someone else to do them, also for a reward for being a "model tenant".

So anyway, the real estate man calls me tells me its going to have to wait till friday but can i please get them done in the meantime because the actual landlords keep ringing him and saying i need to get the "lawn" done! This may be a good time to mention athat my "lawn" has never been a "lawn" its freaking weed city! when i moved in it was just patches with diort! ive put grass seed down and sprayed with weeed stuff and everything! it looks much better than it did now but is just long! grrrrrrrrrr.
I look after everything else in my house, i hav put in garden beds and such, they are growing beautifully, my house is clean as the real estate say im a "model tennant' have nerver EVER been late not even ONCE with my rent and they arer whinging about this! Im a single mum, so i struggle with money, it costs me $40 to get the lawn mowed so i dont get it done often, i dont really see the need to be honest! its not overly long at the moment anyway! '

The thing is my landlords actaully live next door. They are always nice to me and such and obviously im nice back. i do not have parties, i dont even have people over late at night. i dont play loud music or anything and i help whenevr they ask! i even frecking changed the ladies grotty skin cancer dressing on her back for her! ewww! i got her chirstmas tree down for her because she couldnt reach it, i bring my son over for her mother to play with because she loves babies, i let her grandchildren come over to play with my son, i bring her cakes!

AND SHES WHINGING ABOUT MY LAWN! far out im going to write a list of repairs that need to be done! for a start, my front door is rotting away, there is a huge crack in my sons window, my back door doesnt lock, the taps all leak, hot water hardly works, there s holes in my floor that i cover with rugs because you can see the dirt below, the lements on my stove are extremely temperamental, the air con doesnt even WORK he gutters are falling off the roof! far out and thats just a start!

GET OVER YOURSELF! YOU CAN BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR THAT I WILL BE OUT OF HERE AS SOON AS THIS LEASE FINSHES! tell your sister to change her address too, its been a year and i still get mail for her everyday!!!!!

sorry for how long this. i am just incredibly angry. icon_evil.gif

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Mrs-A Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 1:35am
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im sorry youre getting grief over this

hubby and i own a number of rental properties and generally i find that its the real estate agents that are pushy/annoying. often our real estate agents contact us to raise the rents just because we can (and they make more of a % profit from increased rents) , where we prefer having good long term tennants that pay on time and take care of the place.

if the owners are older that might play a part as well because ive found oldies (ie my inlaws and mothers generation) have a bit too much time on their hands and use it to complain - my mother is a queen at this

oh, and i also think you have blurred the lines of tennant/neighbour a bit much so yeah, no more cake for them and start telling your rental agent that they place needs repairs - i hope it was all noted down when you first moved in because otherwise they can take it out of your bond - i hope not though!

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noahsmummy Posted 9 Mar 2010 , 1:47am
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yes they are an older couple. i thought they had been really lovely. i had originally been the tenant but then she started bringing me over things and i felt id better return the favour (dont want to upset the landlord.. you know?) then she started asking me to do things, and especially because i live next door to them i cant really ignore it! but the real estate agent had siad that she was calling them about the lawns.. that they need to get done. ahh im so angry.

but yes, i went through the house with a fine tooth comb when i first moved in, marking everything down! lol. and know im going to go back through, and hand in a list to be repaired. the thing is, alot of it doesnt bother me, im not a picky person, but if she wants to start winging well then ill do the same! im not going to be walked all over.. sorry, i know im going to get a good referral when i do move out, the real estate have already said im a model tenant, and handing in repairs isnt going to change that. (i hope...)

all i can say is.. game on landlords. and also, i dont like to loose. =)

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