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MissCakeCrazy Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 1:31pm
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I have seen pictures of cakes with a fondant movie reel and I was wondering how you achive the effect as some are one long white strip with a ladder shaped black fondant on top with holes on the side. Is there an easy way to do this?

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Kiddiekakes Posted 4 Mar 2010 , 2:11pm
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I'd like to know too!

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MissCakeCrazy Posted 5 Mar 2010 , 9:33am
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icingimages Posted 5 Mar 2010 , 1:25pm
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Hi Everyone:
I think your are discribing my film strip cake that was featured on MBN and at many cake shows. You start with the film strip real that I made out of frames that I had in Paint Shop Pro. I will be glad to email anyone a blank strip if you email my office at [email protected]
1. Using any graphic software you like, open up the filmstrip template. Resize your photos to fit in the blank spaces. you will need to measure your cake to decide how many filmstrips you need. I always repeat 2 sets of four several times as sometimes the way it is positioned, it makes it hard to see all the pictures. This way every picture can be seen.
2. The Icing Images Brand Premium Icing Sheets work the best as they give you the longest ability for manipulating without cracking. Print out your images and for every film strip you print, you will need to print the same filmstrip in the reverse direction. This way the pictures match up front and back. Since filmstrips are transparent you want to create that same effect.
3. On my cakes I usually put a round on top of a rectangle, but this is where you can vary with your own creations. I wrap the round with the images at one point I will allow the film strip to ravel off the "reel" This is where I use for the support of the film if you are making it stand up, the Sugarveil, but you can use gumpaste, 50/50, fondant or SugarVeil. I place the image on to the support. Use Crisco as this will allow you more time for movement before it adheres to your support it also allows you to properly line up your filmstrips. When putting the images on, leave a bit of extra image without backing to adhere it to the connecting filmstrip. On the piece of film strip you are connecting to you want to leave a little image off so that you can adhere the next image to it after you punch out your strip in the next step.
4. At this point you can cut out the wholes using a stamp if you want to. Or you can use the film strip with the printed holes. Be sure to ask for the the strip taht has the preprinted wholes if that is what you would like. If you are puncing your strip then ask for the one without the printed "holes"
5. Attach each strip together with a little crisco. Be sure not to get crisco on the top of the filmstrip otherwise you will make it a bit shiny.
6. Position the film strip on the cake as your creativity allows.

I will be making another one for the upcoming ABE show so I will be glad to write a better tutorial with pictures.
Feel free to ask any questions, sorry if it is loosely written, its based on my memory!!! Thats a scary place!

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MissCakeCrazy Posted 5 Mar 2010 , 5:35pm
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Thanks for your post. I have seen cakes with movie images as you describe which look fantastic. The reel that I am after is just a basic film reel which is coiled and can be either cascaded down a cake or used as a border around a cake. It is just black and white. I am quessing that it is one long black strip of fondant and white black squares placed on it. Is that correct? Also, with cakes which include a clipboard, how do I make the clipboard and do I cover wuth fondant?

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icingimages Posted 5 Mar 2010 , 6:33pm
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Here is one of my first attempts at the film strip cake. This was featured in MBN. I will be doing another one next week. My technique has gotten much better. But this will give you an idea. I have not done the clap board personnally

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emiyeric Posted 5 Mar 2010 , 6:47pm
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I recently made a movie reel (take a look in my pics, I think it's even the last or next-to-last of my cakes I posted). Nothing as sophisticated as icingimages, just black and white/gray cutouts, but I made a small clapboard and popcorn and other pieces of that sort. The clapboard was easy - gumpaste, just made several days in advance and cut out into a rectangle, with strips of white fondant and white piped RI for detail. If I'd made it any bigger, I could have given it a bit more detail, but basically you can just print off an image from Google. Very easy ... just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to dry before you try to prop it up. HTH!

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conwayinkzn Posted 23 Nov 2010 , 5:19am
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@icing images, hi there. Was just wondering if you had made that tutuorial of the film reel yet. Your instructions are fairly clear but it would be great to have the images to go with it icon_smile.gif

Thanks for sharing it really does make things so much easier.


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Lelka Posted 23 Nov 2010 , 5:49am
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Here is one I made last weekend, literally in 8 hours from start to finish.

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indydebi Posted 23 Nov 2010 , 8:05pm
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Is this what you mean?

I wrapped a strip of black fondant around the cake. Then placed white squares on it for the film squares. then just put dots of BC on the edge.

It took me longer to cover the cardboards with fondant than it did to do the whole dang cake! icon_lol.gif

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loriemoms Posted 23 Nov 2010 , 8:41pm
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I just made one today! I made the reel ends out of gum paste a couple of days ago, air brushed them silver, used black fondant to cover the sides of teh cakes, cut out white strips to0 and made dots out of buttercream, stacked as normal stacking...whole thing took me maybe 2 hours?
Very easy cake to do.

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icingimages Posted 23 Nov 2010 , 10:08pm
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I currently do not have a more detailed tutorial. Next time I make one, i will try to remember to take pictures. If you have any questions, I will be glad to help you in anyway I can.
Happy Thanksgiving

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