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JaeRodriguez Posted 2 Mar 2010 , 6:57pm
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It says to use coconut or PS in between layers to help the icing not to stick to the cake board, do you do this?

It also says to put a dowel through the center of the whole cake, is this necessary for a stacked cake with only two layers?

I bought the plastic dowel rods for my cake, they are a lot bigger then the wooden dowel rods, my cake will be an 8" and the top is a 6" it's my first stacked cake attempt so I'm not sure if the dowels are too big for what I need?

Thanks in advance!

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esq1031 Posted 2 Mar 2010 , 7:07pm
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I never used ps in between my layers. I always cover my cake boards with that fanci foil and never had a problem with the cakes sticking to the boards. As for stacking, when making the stacked cakes, it is suggested that you use dowels to prevent the bottom layers from sinking in. With that being said, for my daughters birthday party in January i did a two-tiered cake with a 6" and 8" rounds. I didn't use dowels and the cake was fine. You have to consider how much weight the bottom layers are going to be bearing. There wasn't much on my cakes, so it wasn't a problem. However, if I was doing the cake for someone else, I would use dowels to be on the safe side. The more layers, the bigger the cakes and the more top heavy your cake, you would definitely want the support.


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JaeRodriguez Posted 2 Mar 2010 , 7:42pm
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Thank you! I might just go invest in some fanci foil today! :]

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catlharper Posted 2 Mar 2010 , 9:21pm
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Center posts really are not necessary unless you will be traveling with the cake after it's been stacked, which I do not recommend. Most wedding cakes have the first two tiers stacked and the other tiers travel to the venue in their own boxes and are stacked at the venue and finishing touches added there. For such a small cake as the one you describe I would still use dowels in the bottom tier to hold up the cake board/cake of the top tier. Makes me feel a lot more secure. With larger or higher cakes it's really necessary to dowel the supporting tiers. I'm doing my first 4 tiered wedding cake this summer and will be using the SPS system that is so highly recommended. So far a small 3 tier is all I have done (10/8/6) but this one adds a 12 to that configuration and makes me more nervous than necessary. In this case I have to drive over 3 hours to the venue so ALL tiers will be in seperate boxes and will be assembled at the venue...not going to take ANY chances! LOL! HTH

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JaeRodriguez Posted 2 Mar 2010 , 10:05pm
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Wow that 3 hour drive would make me crazy! I'd be so nervous!

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catlharper Posted 2 Mar 2010 , 10:26pm
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I have made that drive many times with a two tier cake but never one so large so, yes, I'm nervous. But, according to many I trust here on CC, the SPS system is supposed to be very very sturdy and reliable so I'm hopeful! The good news is that I can get into the venue to set up several hours ahead of time so I will be able to take my time, put on the finishing touches without being rushed and correct any problems (oh Lord, let there NOT be any problems! LOL!)

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cakesbybeccam Posted 2 Mar 2010 , 10:49pm
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What is the SPS system?? Thanks icon_smile.gif

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indydebi Posted 2 Mar 2010 , 11:21pm
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I never put anything between my tiers and my icing never sticks. With a good crusting BC, you don't need anything between the tiers.

See my How to Cut a Wedding Cake photos and notice how you can see the indentation of the cake plates (back when I used those) which tells you the upper tier was actually pressing into the bottom tier ... but the bottom tier(s) icing remained in place. http://www.cateritsimple.com/id10.html

I always caution folks on using coconut between tiers. I am one who DETESTS coconut, and if you delivered my 3 tier cake with ONE SPECK of coconut on it, I'd demand a full refund because I'd deem the cake totally inedible. I didnt' order coconut, I'm not expecting coconut, I dont' WANT coconut on my cake. And yes, I would not only LET you take the cake back, I'd demand that YOU be the one to get that cake out of my house.

In case you can't tell ..... I REALLY don't like coconut. icon_rolleyes.gif

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catlharper Posted 3 Mar 2010 , 12:27am
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I agree with you..about the covering the plates and about the coconut! LOL! That would be a deal breaker for me too! LOL!

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BlakesCakes Posted 3 Mar 2010 , 4:03am
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Wilton gold and silver Fanci-Foils are food safe, but other decorative foils--those embossed with patterns--are not food safe.
There is lead used in them because they are made primarily as a decorative covering for plant pots. Foods, particularly greasy/oily and/or acidic, will leach out the lead and absorb it. There should be a protective barrier between it and the cake/icing.

For the most part, if you don't use a crusting buttercream, no matter what you do, the icing on the top of the bottom tier will stick to the board under the top tier.

The rule of thumb is to use dowels when you stack tiers. With a 6" atop an 8", you can use 3 of the Wilton plastic dowels to support the 6". You can sprinkle PS on top of the 8" and it should help with the sticking issue. As for a center dowel, you can sharpen a wooden dowel and put that down the center, if it makes you more comfortable. I do it when I have to travel over rough roads.


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JaeRodriguez Posted 3 Mar 2010 , 1:55pm
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Thank you Indydebi, I was thinking the same thing, "why on earth would you use coconut, a lot of people hate coconut!" I love coconut but I think if I ordered a cake and it came with random coconut on it I'd be wondering "what the heck cake lady!" icon_razz.gif hehe And since I'm using your buttercream I'm gonna assume it will work like your picture on your cutting guide :]! BlakesCakes, thank you for the information! I wasn't sure how many dowels to use so that clears up a lot for me! Thanks everyone!

Cakesbybeccam- google SPS support system and you'll find it, a lot of people on CC swear by it! I would use it if I had a bigger stacked cake!

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