Touchy Subject Of Cake Add Ons After Pick Up

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chefjess819 Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 1:23am
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i'm set for a consult with a cake decorator on saturday to order my wedding cake. i just want a simple cake so i can keep cost down since we will be paying for everything ourselves. now...i have found a website that offers premade gumpaste sprays. very low price for them. would it be rude for me to purchase the flowers online and put them on the cake? i have no idea about how much experience she has, shes a new business in town and havent seen any of her work. i dont know if she is capable of doing them herself, or what she would charge for them if she can. my question is, would you be offended if someone added gumpaste flowers to a wedding cake that you made? i would be using them as a topper for the cake. any advice would be great. TIA!

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lawebb21 Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 1:29am
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I have never made a wedding cake, nor would I attempt one, however, I believe that the people that do make them think of them as their art and probably would be offended. I would suggest talking to them in advance and let them know what you had in mind. I purchased my own cake topper and that was used and she had no problems, but if you go and just add stuff after she is done I would think they would be upset but it is your cake to do with what you want.

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leah_s Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 1:30am
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I'd want to know about it. Who knows, I might be able to buy them cheaper.

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cdavis Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 1:30am
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I would not be offended. I bake what the bride wants. I would provide them to the baker before she designs/bakes so that she knows what will be added to the cake and can proportion the cake accordingly.

Having said that, I wouldn't dare order something as important as a wedding cake without knowing what the baker is capable of.

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terrylee Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 1:37am
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That is a touchy question... I don't know........that cake is my creation, my name is on it......I don't even want the florist to add flowers......that is my job. Would you be just adding them to the top or all over the cake.......possible just on top (would be like a cake topper, I guess).....but I would talk to the decorator, look at her pictures.. she might be very talented in gumpaste flowers......

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onceuponacake Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 1:43am
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i would tell her and ask her if you could give them to her to place on the cake..of course ask her if there is a hcarge for her putting them on. but ive had customer bring in certain items they want and i arrange them on the cake

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ayerim979 Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 1:53am
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I dont see why it would be a problem if you tell her her from the begining. Just explain to her that you saw some nice gumpaste flowers that you want to add to the cake. Show her a picture.

Im not a proffesional or anything but I dont think its that of a touchy subject. You are paying for your cake therefor maybe you ladies can come up with a compromise. JMO

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PennieK Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 3:33am
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Whatever you do, do NOT use the word simple. An unadorned cake is NOT simple to make. Simple also does not equal less exspensive. My best advice would be to be up front about your budget so your decorator can tell you what she can do to meet your budget. I would charge the same amount for an unadorned cake and one with scroll work, basketweave, dots,etc. I would also tell her about the flowers you found and share the website with her. Like someone mentioned she might know where to get them for a better price and/or a higher quality.

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Kitagrl Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 3:41am
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I tell my brides that I order gumpaste sprays/flowers to save them money...I could either, you know, buy a couple boxes at discount sugar flowers for like $30...or I could charge per hour to make them at $25/hour. They usually don't care if I make them or not and are happy to save money by me buying them. (I still sometimes have to dust them with color when I get them.)

Anyway why don't you just take the photo of the sprays you want and ask her if she can order those kind, or if she would like you to get them and leave them on the table for her to add?

It would be the same as the florist leaving flowers on the table I'd think....

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jenmat Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 3:48am
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Just be upfront. The only thing that would offend me would be if you didn't trust me enough as a decorator to be straight with me. If I delivered the cake, and then saw a pic of it later with a bunch of things on it that I didn't help with, I would be a little miffed.
I would never be offended though if my bride wanted to pick out her topper or flowers. Again, your decorator may be able to help you in ways you never thought of.
And plain is not always simple, I concur.

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indydebi Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 4:05am
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Can't see why it would be touchy or why someone would be offended? icon_confused.gif

I see it as no different than the bride providing the real or silk florals (which I required) for me to place on the cake.

I did not charge to add flowers to a cake. Takes less than 5 minutes. No biggie.

The cherry blossom cake I made, the MOB bought the gumpaste blossoms and brought them to me to place on the cake. (even putting this many on the cake, took less than 5 minutes.) Again, no different than if she bought real flowers and gave them to me to put on the cake.

Definitely let the decorator know your plans. As mentioned, she might be able to get them cheaper for you, but at the very least you need to let her know the whole picture.

And yeah ... do NOT use the word "Simple" when talking wedding cake. To me, a "simple" cake is 4 tiers COVERED in BC roses! icon_wink.gif

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chefjess819 Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 5:07am
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clarification: i will only be putting the flowers on top as a cake topper, no where else on the cake.
my version of "simple": my design i have in mind is van bc, sparse choc scrolling, and a teal silk ribbon (which i will provide). 2 tier cake either 6 and 8 round or 8 and 10 round. by simple i mean no fondant, intricate scroll work, RI, flowers everywhere, none of that. so sry if i stepped on toes with the simple thing, just couldn't figure out a different word to use.

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indydebi Posted 10 Feb 2010 , 12:05pm
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chefjess, no harm no foul! thumbs_up.gif I would always tell my brides they aren't allowed to use the word "simple". If they described simple to me I'd say, "Oh so you want me to work HARDER on this cake for you, then!" icon_biggrin.gif

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chefjess819 Posted 24 Feb 2010 , 10:50pm
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so. after 2 wks of trying to get this set up with a local woman to make this wedding cake for me, and I have resolved (settled on) getting a *gulp* Wal Mart cake. it was the only other option since i never heard back from the woman after she told me she was going to get a place set up for that Friday, this would have been Feb 12, and I never heard from her again. Kinda glad that I hadn't already set a cake up with her, since apparently she is definately unreliable. i would hate for my wedding date to roll around and no cake show up for it. Tried another woman and she said she would "try" to squeeze my cake in for that day. along with making cakes she also runs a catering business, works at a pharmacy, and drives a school bus. again, i would hate to not have a cake show up. i ended up getting desperate and went with wal mart. if i wasn't going out of town for the actual wedding, i would bake it my self. at least my topper will be awesome. the gumpaste flowers i ordered are absolutely beautiful! i can recommend the gumpaste flower store to anyone!!! their website is the name w/o spaces.

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