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karateka Posted 21 Dec 2009 , 1:12pm
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Yep. Logging on just to rant, because I need to get it off my chest or I'm going to quit.

Yesterday I had a 3D bowling pin and ball to do and I wanted to do them in modeling chocolate so I could smooth out the seams.

I made 2 batches of modeling chocolate according to directions. Let it rest then tried to knead it. It took me an HOUR to get this stuff pliable. Then I added color. There were still TONS of tiny bits of hard modeling chocolate in there, so they stayed white and the rest was blue. I tried mild heating and lots of kneading, but to no avail. Eventually the stuff started oozing fat, lost it's elasticity and crumbled to a big unusable mess. I had to try fondant, which I guess turned out ok, but the whole mess of modeling chocolate was thrown out.

Now I don't understand what happened at all. Do I need to buy the stuff instead of making it?

I am so tired of this....every time I start a project you can bank on the fact that something major will go wrong and my expenses will triple, leaving me doing all this work for no profit. I actually factor in extra time for these screwups now, knowing something major will go wrong and I'll need the time to fix it. Last project the top tier crumbled into a mass of useless crumbs/icing and had to be scrapped. One of the fondant elements broke. All that $$ thrown out, all that time wasted.

I want to quit this stupid hobby/job. My DH already got vacation around OSSAS next year, and I just bought a massive crapload of dummies and a sugarveil system, so if I quit now he'll probably kill me, but I'm ticked off and discouraged and tired and really REALLY disgusted.

Thank you for listening.

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kaat Posted 21 Dec 2009 , 1:15pm
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"Fall down 7 times....get up 8"


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karateka Posted 21 Dec 2009 , 1:20pm
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Yeah....I'm well past #8.....and getting tired of this crapola.

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Deb_ Posted 21 Dec 2009 , 1:43pm
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It happens to all of us eventually. The best advice I can give is to maybe take a month off (if possible). Don't turn your mixer baking at all.

I know I've had to do that more then once in the almost 30 yrs I've been baking. I've just looked ahead on my calender and drawn a huge X through an entire month. I'm always refreshed when I begin again.

Oh and about the modeling chocolate, if it makes you feel better....I HATE the stuff with a passion. I can never get it to work for me (except chocolate) and I think it's the coloring that throws mine off.

Just know that you're not alone and try to keep your chin up!

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luvmysmoother Posted 21 Dec 2009 , 4:00pm
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I just had the worst cookie baking night ever. I'm totally into cakes and now my cookies are suffering - so lame looking and my gingerbread crumbled into an unusable mess towards the end - never happened to me beforeicon_sad.gif I think it might be Christmas burnout - this too will passicon_smile.gif

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summernoelle Posted 21 Dec 2009 , 4:11pm
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I am super burned out on cakes, too. Every time I made one I would step back, hate it and think I had lost my touch.
If you can afford it, take some time off until the obsession comes back. It's helped me in the past.

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tracycakes Posted 21 Dec 2009 , 8:55pm
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Stacy, I understand. You do such awesome work too! It is sooo frustrating when there are problems after problems. I did a 4 tier wedding cake for Dec. 12. I spent 7 hours baking on Thursdays night only to have to rebake 4 layers of cake on Friday. I baked that stupid carrot cake 3 TIMES!!! I just kept going but it's so frustrating and yeah, I look at the time I'm wasting and the extra money that's being spent. It would be so nice to break even just 1 month.

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mkolmar Posted 21 Dec 2009 , 10:33pm
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I've been burned out so many times I can hardly count it now. We all feel like this at some point. Just take a deep breath and then go kick someone in you martial arts class to make you feel better. Then kick them again just in case. Have them pin a picture of your cake on their chest and just go to town. icon_lol.gif

You do great work and with every cake is a learning curve. Even the pro's have mental breakdown on national TV when things don't work right. Just take a step back and breath. You'll be fine in a few days hopefully.

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karateka Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 12:46am
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I just did the math on the bowling cake and I lost money. The hell of it is, I undercharged her to begin with (repeat customer, not sure how much cake I'd actually need, being a dipsh*t.... the list goes on).

Tracy, if I'd had to bake that daggone cake 3 times I'd have shot myself. I'm sure you'll break even here planning season coming up! are too funny! And you are correct....I've actually seen a few pros "break"....thinking about that makes me feel better. Somewhat, anyway.

Thank you to all of you for your encouragement. I only have one cake due between now and the end of the year, and I think I'll try to take January off. I should do dummies or work on my Queen City Cake show entry, but maybe a few weeks off would be more beneficial.

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costumeczar Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 1:02am
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Sorry this happened to you...About the modelling chocolate, was it candy melts? That says that it's "made for melting" but if you get it too hot it will separate and you'll get those weird lumps when it cools off. Then if it gets overworked it separates into a greasy, grainy mess. That sounds like what happened to you...

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karateka Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 2:55am
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yep. That was it. I guess I need to use real chocolate for covering cakes, then. Hmmm.... icon_cry.gificon_cry.gif I guess I really should try to find the money and time for pastry school. Maybe I could save myself some grief if I know what the blue he!! I'm doing?

Wanna hear something funny?

That lady picked up this cake, that was in a very large box (that she had been forewarned about) in a very small car. We had to jump through hoops to get it in there, and I have serious doubts about whether it will survive either the ride or the process of getting it back out again. Wouldn't that just be the kicker???

I'm going to pour myself a huge honkin' eggnog with a whopper shot of brandy and fresh nutmeg.....then hit the rack.

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costumeczar Posted 22 Dec 2009 , 3:30am
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Well, I hate to say it, but real chocolate is more difficult than the fake stuff...The candy clay works pretty well, usually, but you can't overheat it when it's melting. If you do it will just act wonky. If you do it for 30 seconds at a time in the microwave and stirring, then every 15 seconds once it starts to melt then stir, it should work fine. End up by just stirring it until the last bits melt. Don't heat it to the point where it's all melted without being stirred or it will misbehave on you!

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