First Time Setting Up A Cake On Site

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aundrea Posted 6 Dec 2009 , 6:44am
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i have decided that i am going to set up the 3-tier castle cake ive been working on all weekend UGH- at the place where the party is.
its a bit of a distance and im too worried that the cake will not make it - in one piece.
ive never set up on site before and would love some tips on what i need to be aware of.
its raining/snowing here and my fondant and gumpaste is not drying fast enough for me. my BC is softening-so i figure this is the best way to get to cake there safely. i have been working on this cake pretty much non-stop since friday night, execpt for 5 hours sleep this morning. so im handling it ever so gently.

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sister340 Posted 6 Dec 2009 , 6:59am
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I always deliver mine and set them up. I guess I just don't trust anyone else to do it after all that work! It is quite nerve racking to have an audience. So often there is a lull in the action (between marriage and reception) when I arrive, and I find myself the main attraction! Great, just what we want at such a tedious time. But I've learned to be nice, but basically ignore any onlookers. I take a "repair" kit with little containers of buttercream or whatever I was using as "glue". A spreader to even up any dings that may occur. I usually put the long, sharpened dowel through all the layers when I'm almost finished. If there is no cake topper, I put the dowel through all but the top layer. I take a wet wash cloth too, because usually there is no handy place to wash off your fingers. And I like to wear gloves while doing this too, seems more sanitary. Don't forget your camera! You'll want to snap a picture of how great it looks. For transporting layers I read a hint about using the plastic, non-stick shelving. I lay down my rear seat cause it is flat. Place the shelving (rubbery stuff) down and set each layer individually in a separate place.
Good luck!

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aundrea Posted 6 Dec 2009 , 7:17am
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thank you for the tips. i have the non-slid shelving. im just soooo tired from working on this cake that i dont have the energy to start assembling now.
the audience thing is making me anxious because i dont have much time before the party to complete this cake. my friend cannot get into the club house/hall until 1 hour before the party.
even if i wasnt so tired i still would want to assemble it there. if i could just find my fondant smoother! i have 4 and cant find one!

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sister340 Posted 6 Dec 2009 , 7:23am
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I hear you about the exhaustion. I've been there. I hope the cake is wonderful and you get some rest before it's time to assemble it. You'll be fine. I remember the first time I set one up and was so surprised to find people watching me. I just kept thinking, "fake it til you make it". I pretended this was old stuff to me, and I had done it a million times. All went well and no one knew how nervous I was. Its getting better now.
Good luck!

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aundrea Posted 6 Dec 2009 , 10:32am
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i think im past exhaustion now. it was a hetic week so i didnt get to do any prep for the cake.
it seems like im not making any progress. and not having/finding my fondant smoother is really pissing me off! my frosting which i never have a problem with, looks like crap! im gonna be so embarrsed tomorrow-i mean today.
of course ill find it when im cleaning up.
i have to make one more batch of RI to take with me and box up the cakes pack a kit and finish the smash cake. which i forgot all about! and alittle bit of fondant work to be done.

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khoudek Posted 7 Dec 2009 , 12:32am
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I'm sure you'll do fine. Your cakes are lovely...just take a breather and you'd be amazed at how it helps. Good luck with the set up.

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aundrea Posted 7 Dec 2009 , 6:21pm
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the cake was a success. meaning-they loved it. but i will probably (hopefully) never set up again on site. what a hassel. i dont know how people do it. from loading up my car with all the supplies. to working with an audience. ugh! learned alot-like when people ask to help me in with my stuff- DONT let anyone carry my cakes! they were all in separate boxes and the botom tier was on the stand. they were carrying them and tossing them like it was empty boxes. even though i said i would carry in the cakes just bring in the supplies. i had finger prints all over my fondant covered cake board. then im working with gloves on and people were touching the cake with their bare hands. "whats this- and whats that for"?? then someone not sure who- wanted to see how i put the towers on and blew out the back bottom tier with the tower. thankfully it was the back of the cake.
so when i was all done setting up the cake i wanted to take a picture-i go to get my camera (i usually take a picture of the cake at my house prior to the party)-i come back and the cake is gone?!?!? huh?? someone had moved the cake to where the presents were. i never knew how protective i was of my cakes until i did a set up on site. i know people at the party were tinking....chill out its cake. but its also alot of work. and i enjoy what i do. so anyways-thanks for the support and advice. the cake iis in my photos -princess castle cake.

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Texas_Rose Posted 7 Dec 2009 , 6:39pm
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You must be a lot sweeter than me icon_biggrin.gif No one has ever touched a cake that I was setting up.

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sister340 Posted 7 Dec 2009 , 7:06pm
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Oh my gosh, just reading your post made me hyperventilate!!!! icon_eek.gif I can't believe what you went through!!!

Glad its done, glad they liked it. I'll go check it out in the gallery. Good job, jeeze................................

I looked at it!!! It is absolutely adorable!!!! I just love it. So if you didn't set it up on site, what would your other choice have been? Transported it? That would have been scary too!

Very nice.


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aundrea Posted 7 Dec 2009 , 11:18pm
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thank your for the compliment. the other option was to deliver assembled and i was too worried about the towers coming down or loosing the butterflies. this seemed safer. - but ALOT more stressful!
glad thats over for now- next weekend i have to make an elmo cake. same birthday girl (shes having 3 parties) but this one i can deliver finished. plus im not going to that party.

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