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Sylkladie Posted 17 Nov 2009 , 11:06pm
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can someone help, my stepson came down for a visit and is taking a flight back on Sunday, he wants to take a cake on the plane, how can I make sure the cake travels well and dosen't fall apart during traveling. the cake will be chocolate with bc, I will also be doing a rkt ferrari car as this is for an 8 yr old. your help ASAP is needed

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AmandaGudi Posted 18 Nov 2009 , 1:20pm
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I'm not sure you'll even be able to take a cake onto the plane? With all the crazy limitations and limits on liquids and things you can bring on the plane I don't think you'll even be able to get it through security!

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KHalstead Posted 18 Nov 2009 , 1:45pm
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the only successes I've heard of cakes on planes were when the person carried the cake as their "carry on" You're only allowed ONE carry on in most airports now.........and they put it in a cake carrier (the tupperware ones you can get at wal-mart for $5.00) and it went through the x ray machine and they were asked to open it up as well. I would think it wouldn't be a problem that way, but you never know. Always best to call the airport and speak with someone on the actual airline he'll be travelling.

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AmandaGudi Posted 18 Nov 2009 , 5:19pm
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So I was curious now of what the rules were so I looked it up:

I think KHalstead was right and the only way you would be able to get it on a plane is to bring it as your carry on and make sure it is in a box or tupperwear. It has to go through the X-Ray machine too. HTH

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Sylkladie Posted 18 Nov 2009 , 7:29pm
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Thanks guys I appreciate the info. Has anyone or does anyone know how to airmail a cake. I saw a show in Ace of Cakes where they sent a cake (it was a wedding cake, huge) via airmail. Has anyone done this or know exactly what kind of packaging, cost and such to airmail a cake. Thanks

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mvucic Posted 18 Nov 2009 , 7:49pm
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I just flew up to Seattle with my Twilight "New Moon" book cake. I had it boxed up and was never asked to open it. Of course, that may be the fault of the TSA employee.

I did have my cabin-friendly suitcase AND my duffel bag with me, in which the cake travelled. You are allowed ONE carry-on AND ONE personal item (laptop, purse, etc.)

I had it packed into a box that was ever slightly larger, to prevent too much shifting. It was wrapped lightly with saran wrap before I place it in the box. I had tape on the bottom as well. Then I wedged the cake board in there nice and tight with extra cardboard pieces. Since I had space above the cake, I used two of those packing "air cushions" to prevent it from bouncing up too much.

Two years ago, I travelled into Canada on a plane with a 5 tier cake dummy. I had prepped it with fondant prior. It was unassembled in flight. Then went to the Container Store to buy some packing supplies to protect it during flight. Most carriers have separate cargo compartments, separating luggage from other carryons. For instance, one year my entire dance group travelled to Europe, our instruments were in a separate cargo compartment from the suitcases to prevent damage. My cake had fragile stickers all over it including "Keep Upright" stickers. I'm not sure how a real cake would travel, but I'm sure if you called an airline prior, they could give you more information.

Sorry for the long post... Hope this helps icon_smile.gif

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tigersluv Posted 18 Nov 2009 , 8:08pm
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I am traveling via air in December and wanted to take a tiered cake on the plane. I called Frontier and she told me that because the BC could liquify I couldn't take it on the plane. I could carry the cakes uniced and unfilled. Then I called back about carrying on my sugar roses and they said that wouldn't be a problem even if there were wires or toothpicks in them. My cakes must fit under the seat for takeoff and landing as well.

I think I will try and ship my cakes and then just prepare once I get there. I thought about covering in fondant and stacking and placing in a box marked fragile. I am only there 2 days and the party is the second day but I want to visit with family instead of decorating all day.

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jlynnn_amdg Posted 19 Nov 2009 , 5:49pm
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While I have never travelled with actual cake, I have flown with royal icing flowers and gum paste. I pack them in a plastic shoebox with bubble wrap above and below in the middle of my checked luggage. I didn't have any breakage.

I do it this way because the cake making part is pretty easy, it's the flowers that take the most time, so I do them ahead.

To ship a tiered cake I would think impossible, but a single layer shouldn't have a problem loosely wrapped with plasic wrap and surrounded by bubble wrap then air cushion bags. Just be sure to let the icing set up before you wrap it.

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