Pipe In The Wall Broke And No One Came To Fix It! (Long Rant

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sadsmile Posted 19 Oct 2009 , 2:36pm
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I am beyond livid at this point. I want to eat the teck on call over the weekend for breakfast! LSS(get that one CC if you can LOL) OK LSS we rent a house. Landlord has a service contract with Service America wich includes emergency plumbing calls. Sunday around 3PM we hear a gushing burst of water and it doesn't stop. We locate the sound orriginating from the wall inbetween the laundry room and the dining room. We pull out the wash and dryer and turn off the shut off to the machines. Water still roaring inside the wall and filling the floor, just pouring out from under the base boards in the dining room, hall, laundry room and closet. I'm talking gallons a minute!

My hubby works in construction and runs outside and shuts off the water supply to the whole house to stop the water. Wet towels every where not helping. Add four kids to this. I get on the phone to call in the emergency to the service company so they can get a plumber out here to fix it. Hubby gets the shop vac and gets started on the water to try and contain the water damage. Being responcible tenants we couldn't let the water continue to gush and ruin the house. We did the right thing.

Here is the kicker. The lazy arse tech calls me to access the situation and determined it was no longer an emergency because we have it controlled and it is no longer leaking.

WTH! I argued with him that we have four kids the youngest being 2 and NO WATER. No toilets, no washing hands, no cooking dinner, no water to drink, no cleaning dishes, no bathing-NO TOILETS!!! He actually gave me an attitude and said he would try to have someone come out that evening but it could be as late as Monday morning before someone could get out to fix it.

I call the service company back which on the weekends is basically and answering service that just fields the calls and relays the messages. They took the info again and left a message for the tech to call me back again. He doesnt call. I call a third time. They tell me he is the only teck on call. He refuses to come out leaving my family with NO WATER! The emergency criteria states an uncontrollable leak or no toilets. We then we still have an emergency as we have no toilets.
My landlord is on a cruise bless her heart I hope she continues to enjoy it. She is a great landlord. This service contract is to take care of any thing that breaks in the house and any emergencies. I tried calling the service teck (caller ID) and he wouldnt answer. My landlords daughter called the service teck and he was outright rude to her. She offered to put us up in a hotel for the night. So nice! But honestly with four kids and one still in a crib at bedtime the last thing you want to do is pack everyone up and leave.

Thank God I have nice neighbors. My kids were able to go take a shower. We had to fill buckets of water from their hose to flush our toilets and buy water at the store to drink and brush our teeth and wash our faces in the morning. What an ordeal.

All because the teck wouldnt come cut a hole in a wall and fix a PVC pipe. It really isnt that hard. In this economy he should value his job and the on-call pay enough to take the call and do the job. I hope he gets fired. I am so mad I actually do-thats terrible.

I called the companys corporate office this morning at 8AM and they were horrified that the teck didnt do his job. They put in an emergency call but no one has come yet and its after 10:30 already. Still no water. GRRRRrrrrr.

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Kimmers971 Posted 19 Oct 2009 , 2:57pm
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I hope your landlord rips into them for a service she is paying for and they are not providing.

I wish you lots of luck - I hope it gets resolved soon for you guys icon_smile.gif

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mommicakes Posted 19 Oct 2009 , 3:46pm
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I would be totally ticked off too!!! The nerve of that arse!! tapedshut.gif

I have 4 kids too, and being without water is one of the worst things.

I would let the landlord know as soon as she returns home. I'm glad that you at least had contact with her daughter, that way she truly knows the timeline, and they (service company) can't say "they never called"

Good luck, hope all goes better!!!

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sadsmile Posted 19 Oct 2009 , 3:52pm
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Not being able to wash the nasty dishes in the sink or really wash our hands is really bothering me. I am a bit obsessive compulsive about clean hands and cleaning. Becasue I hate bugs and bug spray. GemX only works so well and does nothing to get the sticky off little hands. Almost 12 and still nothing. icon_sad.gif

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mommicakes Posted 19 Oct 2009 , 4:36pm
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tapedshut.gif I'd call them again and again every 1/2 hour until you get someone there to do their job!!

I'm thinking of you!!!

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sadsmile Posted 19 Oct 2009 , 4:50pm
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I called at 10:30 and they said it was listed as an emergency and someone will be here soon as they can.

Called again at 12:30 was placed on hold while they checked with the tech assigned this call. The order did not have an emergency detailed in it, but now that he knows he will make me his next stop.


I must be dealing with a case of mass-ignorance in this company's service department.

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sadsmile Posted 19 Oct 2009 , 6:08pm
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Not good news.
The tech came and patched the leak.
The type of plumbing that this house has is not covered by their service plan.
You have to see this monstrosity of pipework. The tech says he had had some houses in here flood 4-5 times already and to get the pipes replaced ASAP.
I am sure our Landlord is going to love this. Apparently the plumbing company who did this development went bankrupt from law suits. the piping we have in here is illegal to use and could blow out again or some where else in the walls at any time.

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Sunflower08 Posted 19 Oct 2009 , 7:04pm
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I have to agree with what the plumber told you. I myself work for a plumber and we wouldn't have even touched that with out having authority to replace it all and fix it. You are lucky you were home when the pipe burst to have found it in time to shut the main off.

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