Please Help Me.....fondant Hates Me (Long Sry)

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AmandaKate Posted 5 Oct 2009 , 2:25am
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after my first experience with fondant, i had some issues with it sticking to the table and ended up having to cut it away from the table where it stuck....

I posted questions about it on this forum a few weeks ago and got some good feedback......

I was told to use corn starch or crisco to handle the fondant instead of powdered sugar which is what i was using.......I also only left it in the fridge for about 4 hours and was told that I need to let it sit overnight in the fridge and then let it get to room temp before working with it....

........I tried working with fondant for the second time making sure to follow all of the advice from you lovely cake geniuses.......and the fondant still was difficult to work with....

.....It is very wet and sticky......when I took it out of the fridge and let it sit on the counter to come to room temp it just sweat all over the place and was a wet sticky mess........i ended up rolling it out on wax paper instead of the table and this seemed to work....but the wax paper isn't quite wide enough so it's not ideal......

I like watching all the cake shows on the food network like the cake challenges and ace of cakes........and their fondant always looks nice and powdery and smooth.........mine is wet, glossy and sticky......

The fondant sticks to itself instantly like cling wrap AND after i finally got it on the cake i couldn't even use my fondant smoother because it instanly stuck and started pulling the fondant

why is this happening to me?????? Is it my recipe???? I'm using Rhonda's Ultimate MMF recipe from this site and it was rated very well.....

please help me....... icon_cry.gif

sorry this is so long.......i like to rant icon_rolleyes.gif

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Texas_Rose Posted 5 Oct 2009 , 2:37am
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Fondant is usually sticky, but you just dust it with cornstarch to get it to quit sticking.

I don't put my mmf in the fridge...just wrap well, put in ziplock bag, and put on the counter overnight. If you think about it, marshmallows, powdered sugar, water...none of those needs refrigeration. It sounds like your recipe might be a little wet though. Do you live somewhere really humid, or was it raining when you were working with it? Both of those can make it hard to work with MMF.

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AmandaKate Posted 5 Oct 2009 , 2:44am
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i live in upstate usually pretty cold and not very humid icon_razz.gif it also definitely wasn't raining icon_rolleyes.gif

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step0nmi Posted 5 Oct 2009 , 2:46am
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when I had sticky MMF I needed to add more powdered sugar to the mix

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Texas_Rose Posted 5 Oct 2009 , 2:47am
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Okay, then adjust the recipe icon_biggrin.gif I use the simple MMF recipe...2lbs ps, 1 lb mm, 4 tbsp water and then crisco to grease hands and surfaces...but in the original recipe it calls for 2-5 tbsp water and I had to play with it a bit to find the perfect amount of water to add.

Something else you might try is to roll your fondant out on crisco instead of cornstarch. It won't look as pretty but it's a great way to practice. I used crisco until I started using a vinyl mat, and then I tried cornstarch and it worked for me with none of the problems it used to give me when I was using the Wilton mat.

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Brandy982006 Posted 5 Oct 2009 , 2:48am
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As far as the fondant being sticky...I dust the table and fondant with powdered sugar or corn starch, makes it easier to work with. Also, to keep it from sticking to my hands I rub a little crisco on my hands (like a lotion)...seems to work for me. I have tried putting my fondant in the fridge like it says in one of the directions I got from here but it gets hard and almost impossible to work with. Like TexasRose said, she keeps it wrapped really good so the air doesn't get to it and again, like she said, there isn't anything in the ingredients that need to be refrigerated. You can stick the MMF in the mircrowave for about 10 seconds or so to help it soften up, makes it a bit easier to work with.

HTH and good luck for next time thumbs_up.gif

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iwanabethequeen Posted 5 Oct 2009 , 3:12am
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I agree with the comments here. Fondant is a trial and error kind of learning. Sounds like you need to add more powdered sugar. I never put mine in the fridge! During the kneading process you can determine if you need to add to it. I roll mine out on crisco and it still looks great. I hardly ever let mine sit out overnight either. I make it then after kneading, I let it continue to cool off for several minutes before I use it. There have been plenty of times that I take it to put on the cake and have to re-roll it. After you work with it for a while, you get the hang of it and it gets much easier! icon_smile.gif

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madgeowens Posted 5 Oct 2009 , 3:39am
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I can't understand who would tell you to refrigerate mmf. I would never refrigerate that stuff. I make it cover it with crisco wrap it in plastic food wrap twice and then into a ziplock bag....then it sits on the counter and waits my pleasure....may be days and days....if its hard to knead, I zap it 20 seconds or less in microwave so I can work with it (arthritis) makes that necessary. If it is gooey, then you need to knead more confectioner sugar into much as it will take until it stops being sticky. I use 2 TBS water and that is more than enough. Maybe you need a new recipe. HTH icon_smile.gif

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AmandaKate Posted 6 Oct 2009 , 2:20pm
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thank you for all of your great advice!!!

for those of you who recommended more ps.......the first time i worked with this fondant i used almost an entire 32oz bag of extra ps through dusting my work surface over and over and kneeding more ps into it.......all of the extra ps did not work against the stickyness....

for those of you who say do not refrigerate.......THANK YOU.....i was wondering myself what the point of refrigeration is if your just gonna bring it back to room temp to work with and then leave it at room temp once on the cake......

now that i know i'm not doing something majorly wrong I will start to explore some different recipes......

Texas Rose - I will definitely try your recipe, thanks so much for sharing!!! You always respond to my posts!!!! You are so wonderful!!!! Thank you very much......I really appreciate it!!! thumbs_up.gif

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mgwebb68 Posted 6 Oct 2009 , 4:02pm
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I use basically the same recipe as Texas Rose, I just replace 2 of the tablespoons of water with flavoring.

The first time I made it I just took it out of the bowl, put it in plastic wrap coated with a small amount of crisco, the into a ziploc back and into the pantry and walked away. The next day I freaked, it was hard, I couldn't work it, nothing helped. Then I thought hmmmm, what if... and I stuck it in the microwave for about 15 seconds. That did it.

I roll it out on a sheet of vinyl that I got from Joanns (walmart sells it too). I use cornstarch, not ps on my vinyl. And I spray my hands with canola oil spray, I don't use any crisco once it's made. And the only crisco I use to make it are to lightly coat the bowl I'm melting the marshmallows in and the bowl of my KA, I don't even use it on the plastic wrap anymore. I use spray canola oil (got that tip from someone here, thank you).

It doesn't hate you, it's just a tricky little bugger and you have to figure out the steps that work for you. What works for one doesn't work for everyone. I thought I would never get it. There is a "How to" on here about fondant, you might want to check that out.

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AmandaKate Posted 7 Oct 2009 , 9:31pm
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wow some great advice.....thanks everyone....

I now have another question that came to mind while reading people reply's.......does the surface you use to roll out the fondant make a difference????? Such as stainless steal, regular counter tops, wooden table, faux wooden table.....etc.....any thoughts??

sry, i'm a very curious person and this just popped into my mind icon_razz.gif

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mgwebb68 Posted 8 Oct 2009 , 1:48am
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hope the info helps. I've learned so much here in a short time.

I roll my fondant on a sheet of vinyl, the stuff that they use for table cloths. I got it at JoAnns for about $5 for a yard. Which gave me two pieces the exact size of the counter I work on most often. I wipe my counter with a wet sponge and lay down the vinyl. The moisture keeps it stuck to the counter. I use spray canola oil (learned that from another CCer) on the mat, you can control the quantity a lot better than crisco IMHO. From there I roll, knead, whatever and the fondant doesn't stick. If you do it on a counter or table, you are likely going to have problems with it sticking to the surface.

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