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three_sets_of_twins Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 11:27am
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Hello CC
For those of you who dont know, I'm an american (TX) living in the middle east running a home based baking business.
Now needless to say, most my customers, like 95% of them are muslims.
Well...Ramadan is coming up, which is kinda similar to the idea of lent. But the muslims fast from sun up to sun down.
Even though they do party hearty at night, I'm kinda worried it might affect business. Things can go TOTALLy one way or the other for me.
1- i dont sell a thing lol
2- I get completely overbooked for cake ball platters.
If # 1 happens, does anyone have any ideas how I could boost sales? do any of you have any special promotions when things go slow? like buy one get a coupon for another one or buy this and get that free? I'm just worried cos I cant afford to go a month without orders!
I'm already starting to introduce some "ramadan holiday" themed good so god I hope ppl call!

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PinkZiab Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 1:20pm
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I don't know that I really have any help for you. I do have quite a few Muslim friends, but they don't really do a whole lot of whooping it up on a nightly basis during Ramadan... just eat a normal, albeit large meal after sundown. They save the real big partying for Eid. Although maybe you could promote a "sundown special" of some type... a cake ball or other treat incorporating some traditional middle eastern flavors especially for the season (perhaps flavors inspired by qatayef, ma'amoul, or sfouf, but different--something they can't get from someone else but still with familiar, traditional tastes--anything with pistachio, dates, other nuts, sesame, spices like mahaleb or cardamom. Of course whatever is popular there will depend on where in the Middle East you are... most of my friends are from Egypt and Israel.

And, while Ramadan is underway promote Eid celebration cakes/treats big time! Come up with some special designs for the occasion and maybe even a special bar cookie or treat that you've created JUST for Eid... this way, even is Ramadan is lean you might be able to make up for with a huge number of Eid orders.

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sambugjoebear Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 1:20pm
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I don't really know what kind of things you offer, but what if you had a deal going for "buy a 6-8" cake (dessert style if you wish) and receive 1 dozen cake balls free" and "buy a 10" cake and receive 2 dozen cake balls free".

From your post I'm assuming that you do good sales with cake balls, so if you would offer some free, that might get them to purchasetry some of your other items. Just a suggestion icon_smile.gif

Hope you figure something out that works for you. I'm not sure how Ramadan works, so I don't really know how to help.

Good luck! icon_smile.gif

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three_sets_of_twins Posted 31 Jul 2009 , 1:43pm
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LOVE LOVE LOVE the ideas! thank you so much
IN LOVE with the sundown special!! im gonna put that on the website tonight!!
Thank you both so much! and pink LOL dang girl I'm impressed!

I ordered some edible gold/silver glitter and some moon/stars edible decorations. I made the cake balls and put them into gold/silver cuppies and then top with all three toppings. did the same for pops, but packeged them and tied gold/blue ribbons around each one with a 'ramadan kareem' label on it.
My special ramadan/eid flavors are pistachio cake balls in white chocolate tinted lime green, rosewater cheesecake balls in dark chocolate, cardamom cake balls, and date cake balls.
I think what I'll do is provide a decorated tray ( I decorate them) witht he ramadan color themes, and put say 20 of each flavor for example. I'll also line the tray with some matching fabrics and tool and call that the sundown special platter.
Im impressed how much ya know! actually over here there are a lot of get togethers in the evening time that dont even start till 9- 10 pm!. but yes the majority is done n eid.

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chryscrazy Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 3:06am
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My Jordanian boyfriend seems to think you will get double the business. Good luck.

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zubia Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 3:42am
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From an American muslim point of view ,I am sure you'll get twice the normal orders. Here in kansas we have dinner parties (ifftar parties ) every evening or so during the month of Ramadan .And people tend to go all out for these dinners. Its kind of a dual thing high tea and dinner combined. So cakes will fly off your shelf. Good luck.

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three_sets_of_twins Posted 1 Aug 2009 , 7:26am
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Wow, thank you so much everyone! Confidence is back now lol.
Well come Ramadan I'll post an update!
Thank you again!

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