Thinking About Quitting Teaching @ Michaels

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loriana Posted 15 Jul 2009 , 4:14pm
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Hi folks, this is half vent, half advice needed....

I teach just one night a week at my local Michaels and love it. I love teaching, love the students, love the Michaels managers and front-store staff, but I am really struggling with my Wilton supervisor and the paperwork and other rules. Mostly with the supervisor.... icon_mad.gif

I don't want to mention her name since she might be on here occasionally. She is a very nice person but can come across very difficult to work with. I can never seem to turn in the right paperwork and every month, it seems I get a 'nastygram' telling me in capital letters, what I did wrong, what she needs and how to do it the next month. Then I stress out again. The next month goes by, I didn't mark 50% off, instead of 1/2 off, (wrong bubble). Or I didn't notate correctly why no class was held. Or I didn't turn in the right form since they only change forms every other day over there it seems like!

There is this big disconnect between the supervisors and the teachers, it seems like. How can I get over this paperwork/regulation/chore issue and just.... either simplify it and teach? I really just want to give up teaching!


I feel like I don't need this extra aggravation: I work full-time, have a 2 year old, hobbies of my own, cakes to make and better things to do than worry about my monthly paperwork. Am I being petty? Any advice? (especially those who go through this and teach?)


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LaBellaFlor Posted 15 Jul 2009 , 4:49pm
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With all that on your plate, I would quit. These are trying times right now and I just can't see subjecting myself to any additional undue stress. And no, your far from being petty...but the Wilton sounds like they may be. Good luck with your decision.

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Mensch Posted 15 Jul 2009 , 4:57pm
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It sounds like it might be time to open a dialogue with your supervisor and let her know how you feel about the situation.

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Kitagrl Posted 15 Jul 2009 , 5:00pm
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I actually had to stop teaching...I tried two months but it really ended up being alot more than I bargained for and alot more planning and paperwork and etc than I had time for, with four boys and my own cake business. Plus, I was so ingrained in "my own ways" that I found it difficult to relearn all the Wilton stuff.

Sometimes you just have to look at your schedule and decide what the priorities are and what you can fit in and what you have to eliminate.

If this is causing stress for you like that, I would definitely step back and evaluate if its worth it.

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sweetcakes Posted 15 Jul 2009 , 5:02pm
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sounds like its time to take a break. You can take a year or two off and then reapply to be wmi. right now it sounds like you are over stretched and the classes have just become an aggrevation. Spend your evenings with your little one, they grow up too fast. And perhaps when you come back Michaels will have the class issues worked out.

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icer101 Posted 15 Jul 2009 , 5:15pm
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i truly think you need to take a break.. i teach wilton for going on 4 years. don.t have any little ones..i would figure that was hard .. to have a full time job. little one at home.etc. i wouldn,t be able to handle that either. i have no problems with my supervisor. i know way outside of wilton also. been decorating for 13 years. had a wonderful wilton teacher.. she taught the wilton way.. but always threw in new advice, etc.. i do the same. i love it and love to show them all different ways . as long as it does not go against me teaching i tell everyone.. how many ways can you make a shell border .or star.. or write. anything in the lessons. wilton started this years and years ago. where would we all be with out their knowledge.. even the most famous teachers .. uses these methods. so, i sure would not be where i am today. if i had not taken the wilton courses and had a great .. knowledgeable teacher.. when i get to feeling like you do.. i will take a break also. i never hear from my supervisor.. unless. i e-mail her with a question.. i do like that. mine is really nice... hth

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drummer27 Posted 15 Jul 2009 , 5:37pm
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I agree. It may be time for a break. I taught at Michael's for only 6 months before I called it quits. I loved teaching and loved talking cake with the students but I had the opposite problem that you have. My Wilton lady was amazing but the E.C. at my store was a major thorn in my rear. She was call me at home to complain to me that she found a bag tip on the floor in the corner and had to pick it up. Or that there was a grease mark on the brown paper covering the tables that was the size of a dime. (Even though her painting class always had paint everywhere but that's another story) I got to the point that I turned off my answering machine and the ringer on my phone so I didn't have to hear her nagging about whatever she could come up with at the time. She would call a couple of times a week. She would also come into the classroom and rummage around in the cabinets during class and once she told one of my students she wasn't allowed to use the sink. I was always being asked when she left the room what her deal was. I even had to teach class in the break room one time because she rescheduled one of her classes in my time slot. The store manager and asst. manager were just as bad so I decided it wasn't worth my nerves to put up with that kind of treatment. When I turned in my notice she called me and tried to convince me that I owed her for all of the training that they put into me and etc. Thankfully we were moving at the time and our phone was turned off the next day. I left her a note saying I was thankful for the job opportunity but with another job and a toddler I had too much on my plate and that due to moving she would not be able to reach me. I wish I could have seen her face when she read that. Sorry for hijacking with my rant!

Enjoy your little one...they are only young once! You can always do projects with girl scout troops and I have heard that 4-H has cake decorating now so maybe you can be a mentor for that. Good luck!

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