Had A Couple Surprises Today.. One Bad One Good..

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GenGen Posted 3 Jul 2009 , 9:49pm
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if i shop for cake decorating supplies i have to drive an hour away to a town called Lewiston (idaho), for folks around where i live, thats normal. even places like Walmart and Home depot, petco etc are all in this town an hours drive away i go to which is on the ID/WA border and then for other shops one must cross the river which is the border- to another town (Clarkston)for other stuff etc (rambling)

anywho. i went Lewiston to get Some cake supplies and to my surprise, walmart was kinda closing out their supplies with tag indigcating they werent going to the the new super Walmart in Clarkston... so, since i had to get some specialty tips i went down town to another shop that sold cake supplies only to find ----it was no longer there! no address for it in the phone book, and the # was disconnected! OYE!

SOOOOooo we drove over to Clarkston to Joannes and found a wonderful supply of cake stuff i needed and i was amazed at their fondant tools supply!

I teach a 4H cake decorating class which Is a wilton course (yah i was surprised too lol wasn't prepared to teach a wilton course lol oh well)

i was delighted to find that they had a kit for course 1 already in a box for a nice price of $24.99.. it may be high compared to some places but i was pleased just to find it this way my kids don't have to shop around for those things.

I forgot to mention it was nearing 90 when we were shopping around waiting for my son's truck's new windshield too... by the time we got home my light weigh clothing was soaked lol

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jlynnw Posted 3 Jul 2009 , 10:00pm
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I am so sorry about the shops closing! icon_sad.gif It is getting harder and harder to find cake stuff and more and more people want it. Good business sense, right icon_confused.gif i will trade your 90 for my 102 however icon_rolleyes.gif The difference in 12 degrees would make may day!

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PinkLisa Posted 3 Jul 2009 , 10:06pm
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It's interesting hearing about other parts of the country or world. Here in northern NJ any possible store you could dream of (I MEAN ANY!!!) is within 10 miles -- haha. But where you live must be a beautiful country setting unlike the congestion hereicon_smile.gif

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kakeladi Posted 4 Jul 2009 , 12:50am
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Oh hon, I know what you must go though. For 2 yrs I lived in an extremely remote mtn area........*NOTHING* and I do mean nothing including homes, people, shops closer than a 2 hr drive down the mountain.
Nice to hear things are looking up for you in getting supplies icon_smile.gif

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playingwithsugar Posted 4 Jul 2009 , 1:00am
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The statement about Joann's doesn't surprise me.

The Joann Fabrics near me has a larger selection of cake decorating supplies than the two craft stores has. And they don't even offer classes at this Joann's. Go figure.

Theresa icon_smile.gif

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pattycakesnj Posted 4 Jul 2009 , 1:00am
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hey pink lisa, I am in bergen County, NJ and other than Michaels or AC Moore, I have to travel to somerset for cake supplies. Where do you go?

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PinkLisa Posted 4 Jul 2009 , 3:06am
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Hi pattycakesnj -- I also live in Bergen County. I was just speaking in generalities about shopping (not just cake stuff) since she said she had to travel far to get to most stores (she mentioned Walmart and Home Depot). I like to shop online for my cake stuff anyways. Much more variety and better quality. I also go to Michaels and AC Moore for cake things but they don't have much there I'm interested in buying. I get my foamcore at Pearl Arts and Crafts on Route 17.

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GenGen Posted 4 Jul 2009 , 6:23am
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I grew up in montana.. i don't mind rural areas. after living ten years in Spokane, although a rather small city compared to what most are used to spokane was big enough with all the amenities and such that goes with any city, drugs crime etc, all too close for comfort where we lived.. and with both hubby and i coming from small town life- coming back to his home town in idaho was a blessing for us and our kids. here you can let your kid have tons more freedom and know that others are watching out for them- and that you'll hear about it if they screw up lol..

sometimes the hour drive is a curse- but i look at it this way.. just to get across town in Spokane our former residence- took half to almost that long with all the lights and traffic. no thanks. at least the hour long drive means that That part of civilization is That much farther away from us..

there's little fear of any chain stores coming in and taking over- its a Very old fashioned town- i live on a river bend that Lewis and Clark camped on twice! lol anywho, the locals here prefer to shop local and have for eons kept out chain stores and big businesses. we Do have a Best western but thats pretty much it for any chain type business. the Subway we have is technically outside the main part of the town and the locals don't consider that part - part of the "official town" although it still is in "city limits" (hope that makes sense.)

I don't mind the cake stores closing although when it comes to cake products i prefer to shop in person.. i don't mind shopping online- hell i don't mind shipping if its reasonable. i just hate the wait.

i'm used to when i do a cake, if problems arise- and i need a replacement, run out of this that etc- its not too unreasonable to get more- and chances are some one we know is making a trip to Lewiston anyways and can pick it up for us. a good poriton of the locals drive to lewiston for work every day lol. so daily trips for many are not unheard of.. (rambling yet? hehe)

oh yah, it did get up to just over 100 today lol.. and its not uncommon for triple digit temps here either. dont' let "Northern idaho" term fool ya.. it gets Very hot here in the summer... some might remember me telling a tale of a 3 tier graduation cake with a/c going swamp cooler going, fans going.. and the temp inside was STill 95, frosting melting ON the cake- this was just after crisco etc switched to 0 trans fat (yah you remember those days lol)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaany who. i'll stop rambling..

Film at 11 (hehe) thanks for playing!

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