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Kaiah723 Posted 24 Jun 2009 , 1:03am
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I will be needing fondant for a cake I will be doing in a couple weeks and do not really want to get wilton. I have never used any other fondant than wilton to cover a cake and was wondering what everyone thinks about satin ice? How does it compare to wilton as far as how it rolls out and the smoothness and taste? Im trying to get something that tastes better than wilton, yet is easy to use like wilton. I would love to order fondarific but just do not have the money. icon_sad.gif I know wilton is easy to color and I love working with it but hate the taste as most people do. The cake will be a topsy turvy 3 tier cake 10-10-8 8-8-6 and the top tier will be molded and carved RKT. Will a 5lb container be enough? TIA for any help!!!

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lamariposa Posted 24 Jun 2009 , 1:08am
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I really like Satin Ice. It rolls out pretty easily and it doesn't taste so bad (well, I don't like the black). I know there has been recent posts about different brands of fondant. You may want to search the boards.

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mleej38 Posted 24 Jun 2009 , 1:10am
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I was so frustrated with Wilton fondant that I swore to never use fondant again....ever! Then I found Satin Ice. It is easy to roll and cover cakes with and it definitely tastes better than Wilton.

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Uniqueask Posted 24 Jun 2009 , 1:14am
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I have used satin ice, it definitely tastes way way better than Wilton, and it smells great too, i used it on a small cake and it worked fine, but I did my school's graduation cake, and it was very cracky, like elephant skin, so I don't know hhat to tell you but LEAHS use it in her bakery, you might want to pm her. lots of people have different ideas about satin ice HTH

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Kaiah723 Posted 24 Jun 2009 , 1:39am
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Thanks everyone! Im not sure if I want to use the stain ice or the fondarific. I ordered the sample kit of the fondarific and love the taste of the buttercream flavor, I just dont love the price. icon_sad.gif

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Pebbles1727 Posted 24 Jun 2009 , 2:21am
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I know that a lot of people rave about Satin Ice, but I was not that impressed. The taste is pretty good, but the smell to me is unpleasant-it smells like royal icing (meringue powder I guess). I don't cover cakes in fondant yet, just do accents with it, and found it not very easy to work with. It seemed that it will go "elephant skin" on me and at the same time was really soft, so shapes will stretch when picked up. I'm a newbie, so I probably handled it incorrectly, I'll definitely keep working with what I have left to see if I can figure it out, it just was not foolproof to me.

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Kaiah723 Posted 24 Jun 2009 , 1:36pm
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Anyone else have any tips or advice about satin ice?? I need all I can get, negative or positive! Thanks!!!

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creations Posted 24 Jun 2009 , 5:50pm
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I have used wilton fondant and was not pleased and neither was my customers I have bought satin ice from and bought a small bucket to try ( theres a coupon i think u type cakecentral for discount) anyways I was using it for my cake for a baby shower, i LOVE IT the smell is all vanillay and its like a marshmellow texture it rolleds out very nicely no straining i havent used wilton fondant in a while , also this is the only site i came across that the price is good . good luck ,

it covers the cakes flawlessly SMOOOTTTTHHHHHH lol

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cylstrial Posted 24 Jun 2009 , 6:20pm
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I too love Satin Ice. You really have to massage it and work with it for a while (to make sure that all of the cracks and stuff get worked out). But you can't do it for too long or you get the elephant skin. I think it tastes so much better. It's so much more affordable.

But 5 lbs will not be enough for all the cake you are wanting to cover. I'm not sure that even 10 lbs would be enough....but it would definitely be closer.

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madras650 Posted 25 Jun 2009 , 2:26am
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You may want to try to make your own MMF. I like the way it tastes and is very easy to make. You will save a lot of Money as well. I have had very good luck with MMF.

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jmr531 Posted 25 Jun 2009 , 2:34am
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I personally don't like Satin Ice. I find it hard to roll out and I can never get it perfectly smooth. I always see tiny cracks on it when I cover a cake with it.

I've started to use fondant from Albert Uster Imports and I absolutely love it. It tastes great and it is so easy to work with right out of the bucket.

I also want to try MMF eventually because many cc'ers have raved about it.

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Laurascakefactory Posted 25 Jun 2009 , 2:36am
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I have used wilton, satin ice, and fondx. I prefer the taste of the fondx best. To me it tastes like marshmellows. The satin ice was okay. I found that the kids I made the cake for with the satin ice did not like the taste though.. but they are kids so go figure icon_rolleyes.gif

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CookieD-oh Posted 25 Jun 2009 , 2:39am
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I really like Satin Ice. I thought it was easy to work with and it tasted pretty good.

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Rylan Posted 25 Jun 2009 , 6:00am
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I use Satin Ice. It's okay to work with but hated the taste. Try out Jennifer Dontz's semi homemade recipe. It's in her dvd.

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mommabuda Posted 25 Jun 2009 , 1:47pm
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I've used Wilton's, Satin Ice & MMF and I prefer Satin Ice. MMF is just too much of a pain to make and sometimes it turns out, sometimes it doesn't. Satin Ice has worked great for me in the past (just got through my first 20 lb. bucket and ordered another). I don't like the texture of fondant so taste to me is kinda pointless since I'll end up peeling it off before I eat it on a cake but everyone seems to think Satin Ice is better tasting than Wilton (personally I think poop would taste better than Wilton's... lol)

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quietude Posted 25 Jun 2009 , 2:06pm
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I have used Wilton, Choco-pan, and Satin Ice. Of the three, I prefer Satin Ice. Wilton tastes awful and Choco-pan responds horribly to being refrigerated. Although you can sometimes get elephant skin with Satin Ice, it handles well and tastes much better than Wilton. I've found that using a little shortening helps with the elephant skin issue. For your three tier cake, you definitely need more than 5lbs.

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Kimmers971 Posted 25 Jun 2009 , 2:52pm
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I LOVE Satin Ice. The flavor is very good and it's easy to work with. GSA has great prices on it too.

Fondarific is good but too pricy for me.

Chocopan is very good but a bit difficult to work with - I find it tears very easy. I just did a 10" cake covered in the dark chocolate and it took forever to roll out and actually get it on the cake. BUT it does taste great!

Good Luck!

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Uniqueask Posted 25 Jun 2009 , 3:17pm
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cakes 4 u dot com have better prices on fonderific, than the fonderific site. type in without the spaces

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Kaiah723 Posted 25 Jun 2009 , 3:45pm
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Wow thanks everyone for all the advice! I have made my own MMF before and yes the taste is better than wilton but I prefer the wilton type for rolling out and covering the cake. I agree with mommabuda about the MMF, sometimes it comes out great and other times it doesnt and I really dont want that kind of aggravation. I will be working all week so I have to do what I can on wednesday-my only day off before the party on sunday! I think I am going to go with the FondX 10lb from fondant source dot com and buy some wilton from wal mart. The cake supplies 4 u website does have better prices on the fondarific but still too much for me to spend when most likely everyone will peel the fondant off anyway. icon_cool.gif Thanks again everyone, I knew I could count on you guys for help!

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curiegas Posted 26 Jun 2009 , 12:40am
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Remember to type in cake central in the couppon code at the fondant source dot com website for a 10% discount.


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