Need To Learn About Gumpaste/ Possible Tiara

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chellescountrycakes Posted 6 Jun 2009 , 5:34am
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So far I have made a coke bottle cake, an old milwalkees best beer can , 2 baseball fields, a baseball glove with a ball in it and a my little pony.

I am getting better. BUT, its time for my daughters 5th birthday and I have to come up with something.

I am really not confident enough for a teired cake. and dont want to do a castle.

I also do want to do a barbie in a dress.

I like to do shape or 2D cakes. I cut and shape what I want and decorate. So, I thought I would tackle a pillow with a tiara.

My daughter isnt into much. She loves the pricess' and barbie. But she is also a tomboy. Today she was climbing trees in full camo with a tiara and fancy boots. LOL

For her birthday she is getting a 3D archery target and a pink BB gun. Yet her room is Hot pink and shrek green. I wawnted to do something girly, since she is getting hunting stuff (what she asked for).

I wanted to try a gum paste tiara on a pillow. I will have to do it in buttercream as I dont really like fondant. All I have is a walmart, and dont have anything exept a hand mixer. Can I make gumpaste with a handm ixer? is that the best thing to make a tiara out of? I want the typical pillow that the tiara sits on top of.

Is that how you do it? out of gumpaste? or should I start trying to learn to do something else? I have about 2 weeks to practice. Also, does walmart sell glucose? and if so, where would it be?

I do the 3 sticks of butter and 1 cup crisco, 2 lbs sugar buttercream. should I do something differnt?

AND, another question while you are being so helpful. Sometimes this is a pretty thick icing, what do I use to make it thiner?

and what do I use to color the gumpaste if I do/can use it? I use wilton cake colors to tint my BC.

my other option is a purse, laying down of course (because I am not confident on stacking cakes. I have been trying to find an FAQ on it, but havent so far.) I thought about it laying down and stuff 'spilling' out. but would like to make some of it edible.

Thanks so much! sorry for rambiling!

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bashini Posted 6 Jun 2009 , 10:09am
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Hi there, I would use 50/50 mix of store bought gumpaste and fondant or cmc/tylose/gumtrex added to fondant. Here is a great step-by-step from sugarshack on making a tiara,

As per the buttercream question, to make it a bit thin, add some milk or water.

And to colour the gumpaste, I use paste colours.

Not sure about the purse cake, as I have seen loads of standup purses. If you want try it, let me know as I have some tutorials on that.

HTH. icon_smile.gif

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chellescountrycakes Posted 6 Jun 2009 , 3:07pm
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bashini, Thank you! icon_smile.gif

sorry, I got carried away looking at the blog icon_smile.gif thats a wonderful blog. makes me feel VERY incompetant.(sp).. LOL

If there are step by step then yes, I wouldnt mind looking at the purse cakes. I do cheat and use cake mix, and my family is VERY picky, and they all expect the super moist cake. I think that might be part of why I havent tried it yet. Scared the moistness will be a hinderence in stacking...

I tried my walmart, they dont have gumpaste mix. I will see if I can find it elsewhere. so I just mix up the gumpaste like the directions say, then put half gumpaste and half fondant? the nasty wilton stuff at walmart will work?

Thanks again.

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bashini Posted 6 Jun 2009 , 5:43pm
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That's ok! icon_smile.gif ANd here is the link,

THere is anotherone on the Article section. Have a look at that as well.

Don't be afraid to do stack cakes. By stacking the cakes, you are not going to loose the moistness.

You need to make the gumpaste and then mix it with fondant. I think the wilton one is ok since no one is going to eat it. icon_smile.gif

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FlourPots Posted 6 Jun 2009 , 7:53pm
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Check out maggiev777's post on this thread:

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chellescountrycakes Posted 6 Jun 2009 , 8:59pm
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Thanks bashini! icon_smile.gif I am checking it out now icon_smile.gif

Flourpots, thats a great post, I read through it and I think I am confident enough to try icon_smile.gif

If I cn JUST find gumpaste mix. LOL

I would make my own, but sure know I couldnt find glucose at walmart. LOL

Now, one more question. If I color the gumpaste pink and or purple, do I still have to paint it?

I know I couldnt buy food paints here in my podunk town. all I have is walmart and a grocery store. I use wilton pastes. those I can find. LOL

what else could I do? anything else that could be used to paint it?

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erin_e Posted 6 Jun 2009 , 9:10pm
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My walmart sells gumpaste pre-made. I now a lot of ppl make their own but I personally am not that brave so you may wanna check it out in the wilton section of the craft aisles in walmart. My store was just redone and a bag of gumpaste was 8.50. You can definitely color gumpaste with wilton food colors. My other suggestion would be to browse around online. I haven't had the opportunity to find a favorite online store but I know joann's does online cake stuff, amazon, all kinds of places! Also Joann's has free shipping coupons almost all the time!

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chellescountrycakes Posted 6 Jun 2009 , 9:27pm
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yep, I called walmart this morning, I KNEW I hadnt seen the gumpaste, but they said they didnt have it.

Mine just did an unstock... they sold ALL the tips on clearence (right after I accidently threw away my smallest line tip and another tip....) and they cut the section WAY down..

I did get 3 piping gels on clearence. I dont know what to do with them or how to use them, but I now have them. LOL

and they went up 3 cents on the wilton pastes. icon_sad.gif

maybe mine will get them in. I know they used to have the wilton fondant. they had merange powder and something else.. candy or something, and it seems like they DID have the gumpaste. I just didnt get any.

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