Bitter Royal Icing?????

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EvMarie Posted 29 May 2009 , 12:05pm
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Hi There...

I'm a new poster here on CC and I've only been doing sugar cookies for a short while now. I have been getting used to how RI works. Although, I'm not have a huge amount of success - but I think it's just because of the heightened stress level in my life. I just need to "escape" to it and not "fit it in" my day. Patience and calm seem to be necessary to let the creativity flow!!

Okay - soo probably too much information! My main issue - I bought a 25lb bag of domino p. sugar. It is only 6x's but I thought I'd be better off to buy the name brand. Seems like CC'ers think it makes a difference? The didn't have any problems with the first bag I bought. This second bag sort of tastes like cornstarch? I made my two batches of RI and they both have this bitter aftertaste. I sifted the entire bag with my tiny sifter & it's better. But, I've tasted it too many times to remember what it SHOULD taste like. I did buy a new container of meringue powder too.

Anybody know what the culprit is? I figured the more experienced may have run into this...Sorry for not being super jolly. Just having one of those days or "couple" of days!

Thanks in advance!!

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Honeydukes Posted 29 May 2009 , 8:26pm
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Do you flavor your royal icing? It tastes really icky if you don't. I add flavors or extracts towards the end of the beating time.

We all have those days!!! icon_sad.gificon_smile.gif I cherish my cookie time. I think a lot of us here do, too.

Try to bake extra cookies when you can and keep them in the freezer (Separated by wax paper in an airtight container -- thaw with the lid ON.) When you need a little distraction, pull out a few cookies and make some icing. Decorate that stress away -- you'll be feeling better in no time! Chin up!


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EvMarie Posted 30 May 2009 , 3:33am
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Thanks for the "cheer up" sentiments. I guess I'm just a perfectionist and I am new at all this. I guess I expect professional results the first time I try something.

Wellllll, guess what? Practice for sure makes perfect! I'll keep trying....

But - I wondered about flavoring. I made RI a couple times and was like....ICK!!! But, when I added my water, I just substituted some of the warm water for flavor. I tried clear vanilla once, almond once, and then mixed the two once. I went back to just plain vanilla. I've noticed that people flavor at the end of mixing. I tried just a teaspoon, then in another batch I tried a tablespoon. I feel like I'm aiming in the dark.

I guess I need to read up a bit more on RI. If I understood the proper way to do these kinds of cookies, I might come up with my own science. Like I said earlier, I just need to slow down I think. I've been doing other cookies since I was very little and am confident in that area. I guess I just thought, a cookie is a cookie. Well!!! My mistake!

I love the cookie favor idea and the monogrammed shortbread type cookies so I will keep working at it. I thought maybe I got a hold of some old p.sugar. Either way, the place said they'd replace the bag I bought. So - I'll try a new bag. I've also seen a few RI recipes that might be worth trying. Maybe the Wilton recipe is not my thing.

Thanks for the advice. I do have a stash of experimental sugar cookies. I tried icing a few different ways when I first started. I kept them as a way to try out my new airbrush! I'm just diving into everything!

Thanks again!

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Honeydukes Posted 30 May 2009 , 3:24pm
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The reason I add my flavor at the end is because some brands/ types contain glycerin or other additives that might break down the RI. I don't want to risk it so I wait till it's come together.

A very popular RI is Antonia74. You'll need to add flavoring to her recipe, because the brand of meringue powder she uses already has vanilla in it.

(Sorry I should've added this FACQ before.)

Here are the links for popular recipes and information:


MMF (Marshmallow fondant)
Rolled Buttercream

How To bake & decorate Cookies

How To Make Your Own Cookie Cutters:

"Where to Get Food-safe Metal to Make Cutters"

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cylstrial Posted 30 May 2009 , 3:54pm
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I don't really like RI on it's own. But when it's paired with the cookie, I think it's delicious! Do you make the NFSC?

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EvMarie Posted 31 May 2009 , 1:17am
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Honeydukes - thanks so much for all the links. I have read about Antonia74's RI and printed out the recipe to try. I also printed out the glace. I have tried the rolled buttercream for a cake. Not to cover but to cut out polka dots for decoration. I've wanted to try it on a cookie actually. While I was making the "dots" for the cake, just for fun, I tried out one of the little mats I got with a cookie cutter. It looked really cool. I have some free time this week, I should just make a couple icings and a couple of cookie dough recipes and have a taste test!

I got a little pick me up today actually - I went to deliver my "beginner" sugar cookies and while I was in the little indie store, a lady I worked with on a Christmas event last year asks me to bring over a box of cookies to her shop. She puts baskets together for local companies. She takes care of a variety of event services. Very cool. So, I felt better about things...

Cylstrial - It seems everyone on CC uses the NFSC. I haven't tried it yet. I have a family recipe that everyone seems to love. But I did try a cream cheese based, cut out cookie. It's a wilton recipe that is included in one of the cookie cutter sets I bought. I added fresh lemon rind and some juice to the recipe and it was great. FILLING, but great. I think I'm really interested in that butter cookie recipe listed in Honeydukes post. I will try the NFSC and that butter cookie recipe this week. My family recipe does lose shape, so the end result is not as "precise" as I'd like, but I'd like to have a couple options for people to pick from. I'm trying to perfect the "cookie favor" as nobody in this area does this sort of thing. Since I cannot find work in my OLD profession, I decided I'm making cookies my NEW profession!

Thanks so much for the posts! Who knows what happened to the RI...maybe it was that I needed to sift my entire bag of p.sugar. Now, it tastes like p.sugar & not constarch!I think maybe I'll get my p.sugar from somewhere else. icon_smile.gif

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