Help!! How To Get A Picture On A Cake

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sari66 Posted 6 May 2009 , 4:55pm
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Hi all, I need help getting this picture that I drew on to a cake.
I tried doing a run sugar plaque and it came out ok but I'm not set on it; I tried tracing it in piping gel and it didn't come out well at all; lastly I had an edible image done yesterday and they couldn't get it to the size I need for a 9x13" cake. It cut off the end of the car.
I need to get this done by tomorrow night so if someone can help I would be in your favor for a very long time icon_biggrin.gif
I'm going to attach the pic here I hope


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j-pal Posted 6 May 2009 , 5:07pm
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Here's what I do usually. I put the picture on a styro disc and then using a hat pin or a toothpick, I poke holes in the picture over all the major outlines. The holes are pretty close together. Once I've iced my cake with a crusting buttercream, I place the picture on the cake so that the picture is facing up and the little "chads" are down. Gently press the outlines down and when you lift the picture up, you will see a pattern on your icing. Then outline and fill in. I am not a fan of star fill-in, so usually I use tips #4 - #8 depending on the area to be filled in, pipe the icing into the areas in a tight zigzag motion and then smooth with a viva paper towel.

Another way would be to use a frozen buttercream transfer. I believe there are instructions in the tutorial section on this site.

Another way is the way a friend of mine, Kathy Finholt, does. Do the pattern the same way I suggested up top, but use a thinned down icing method to fill it in. The icing is more of a glaze of sugar, milk and flavoring. It's thin like colorflow, but can be done directly on the cake. Here are her instructions:

Instructions for pictures on cakes using my glaze method - Kathyf
Frost your cake and smooth with wax paper as soon as the icing has crusted slightly. You can transfer a design/picture to
the cake using a projector, airbrush or by using a pattern made by poking holes in paper placed over styrofoam with a
corsage pin. Use a tip 1, 2, 3 or 4 to outline the design on the cake. The larger tips are easier to draw with, but with the
smaller ones you can make a more detailed design. As soon as the outline is dry enough so you can touch it without it
sticking, lightly flatten it with your finger. This prevents the glaze or gel from leaking under the outline when you fill it
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You can fill it in right away but it is easier to work with if you wait 2 hours or longer. It will also prevent colors from bleeding
together if the outline is dry before filling it in.

I use a glaze made from 2 lbs. powdered sugar, 1 T clear vanilla, 1/2 t. almond flavoring, 1/4 t salt and 3/4 c water. The
amount of water can vary. Mix it to a consistency that works best for you. A good guideline is when a small amount of the
glaze is dropped back into the bowl, it takes 3-6 seconds for it to disappear. The thinner glaze is easier to pipe into the
design, but a thicker glaze is needed if you are using it on a cupcake with a surface that's not level. If your glaze is thin you
need to be careful filling in the design or it will overflow the outlines. It crusts quickly, so complete one area at a time,
working from the outside to the center of each section.

The glaze can be put in a disposable decorating bag with a small hole cut in the end or piped from a parchment cone. I use
disposable bags with a hole the size of a # 1 tip. Close the top of the bag tightly with a rubber band. The glaze can be kept
refrigerated for several weeks or frozen for several months. Parchment is more economical if you only use this method
occasionally. If the glaze is saved it will separate in the bags. Pinch the open end of the bag and knead the bag to re mix it. A
small piece of tape can be placed over the end when storing the bags to prevent the glaze from leaking.

Petal or luster dusts can be mixed with lemon extract and painted onto the glazed areas after they are dry. It takes 2-8 hours
for it to dry enough to be painted on. Smaller areas dry quickly. Larger areas take longer. If you attempt to paint on them
before they are dry the glaze will dent.

Make sure you use good support under your cake when using the glaze. If the cake board bends the glaze surface will

Hope something works for you!

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sari66 Posted 6 May 2009 , 5:17pm
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Bless you j-pal for your awesome reply!! I will give this a try.

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goldenegg Posted 6 May 2009 , 5:25pm
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they also make legal size icing sheets for 1/2 sheet size cakes. icon_biggrin.gif

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sari66 Posted 6 May 2009 , 5:31pm
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goldenegg, I didn't kow that. If I go that route again I'll get larger paper.

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