Please Help Me Figure This Out? (Please)???

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kellertur Posted 30 Apr 2009 , 1:51pm
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I just got an order that is rather complicated... she wants a quote first.
I do have a base price, so I am all set on that part.
** How much beyond your base price would you charge for this **

BUT~ as for "the extras" I would really appreciate your help.

(I really hope she's not expecting Buddy V.'s b-day cake for my price)
to make: tackle box, worms, fishing poles, pond, fish, boats, etc. It's supposed to be for small kids, look fun, etc. She mentioned items "popping out" icon_confused.gif Also three cupcakes so they can blow out candles. I have 3 days to make this.

I am really confused. Can you please help? She wants the quote this afternoon... How much "extra" beyond base price?

Thank you.

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brincess_b Posted 30 Apr 2009 , 2:58pm
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the work its self, i think needs a high price. the fact she expects it to appear within 3 days deserves a stonking huge great rush charge.
im not sure exactly what the cake is like, if it is bc with fondant accents, people often add on about 50 cents to a $1 per serving on top of the bc per serving (could be more or less, depends on your maths area etc etc).
if you are going to be modelling these things rather than like cut outs for the side of the cake, then thats a much bigger charge, i have read numbers before but i forget what they are! if you can figure out what time it will take you, and add a bit on for the fondant/ gumpaste, id say go with that.
good luck, i hope someone who actually has an example of their numbers gets back to you.

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kellertur Posted 30 Apr 2009 , 3:30pm
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Thanks ~ I should have included that: yes, I will be modeling the fondant accents (they will not be cutouts). I pretty sure it's going to be BC with fondant accents. She hasn't specified, I'll find out this afternoon.

I'm really stumped. I don't want to cheat myself again, just to get the order. I haven't been real good about charging accurate labor.
I'll take any info anyone's willing to pass on.

Thank you so much~ icon_smile.gif

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cakesbycathy Posted 30 Apr 2009 , 5:40pm
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I would add in the cost of the fondant plus a per hour charge. About how long is it going to take you to make the figures? Plus a definite rush fee.

Can't wait to see a pic!

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LaBellaFlor Posted 30 Apr 2009 , 7:13pm
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Okay that cake she wants sounds crazy complicated. I woud give it to her for no less then $6.50 a serving, plus a $50 late rush order fee. And yes, there should be a rush order fee. If you don't have an order by date, like at least 2 weeks notice, you are setting bad habits for your customers, and YOU will be the one getting frustrated. Anytime you order something last minute anywhere there is always an extra charge for it.

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Deb_ Posted 30 Apr 2009 , 8:38pm
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Hi Kristi,

I may be too late to help, I just noticed the time of your original post.

I usually charge 3 to 10 dollars for each modeled fondant/gumpaste piece depending on the size and complexity of the design.

I'm not sure how big the actual cake will be that you're making, but if it's like an 8" or 10" then the modeled pieces most likely won't be that large.

So I'd charge $x.xx X #of servings + $x.xx (for each # of modeled figures) + $x.xx for any additional labor incurred = total price.

I agree with LaBellaFlor about the last minute order thing. I probably wouldn't accept the cake order you described with just a 3 day notice. Some of those figures probably won't even be dry in that amount of time.

I'd probably try to talk her into a simpler design, maybe with just *cutouts* instead of 3d figures, just to save my sanity. icon_razz.gif

Good luck, let us know how it turns out!
Deb icon_smile.gif

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kellertur Posted 1 May 2009 , 1:26am
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Well, as soon as I finished designing the cake, she told me that a relative talked her out of buying a cake.. and into making it herself.
I'm a bit disappointed I spent so many hours on this, and days of playing phone tag... but life happens I guess.

My price was too high and she didn't think there would be enough for everyone. icon_confused.gif It was actually just above serving base price and cost. I can't blame people for a budget, right? icon_redface.gif
This was pretty discouraging... oh well.

Thanks for the help. I'll remember for next time. icon_smile.gif

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LaBellaFlor Posted 1 May 2009 , 1:33am
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LMAOROTF!!!! I have to laugh. I would LOVE to see that cake. There was a REASON she was paying someone else to make this complicated cake.

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kellertur Posted 1 May 2009 , 2:42am
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Deb, this one's for you icon_wink.gif

Anyone watch Seinfeld? I'm a vegan baker, so I changed it...This has nothing to do with this order... just wanted to laugh.

Jackie Childs: "You don't use eggs & dairy? Why don't you use eggs & dairy? Who told you not to use eggs & dairy? I didn't tell you not to use eggs & dairy... It's preposterous, and totally inapropriate! ...It's lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous! What's next? Flourless cakes?" icon_eek.gif

I had just read my last post, and I didn't mean to sound rude or sore about it. (I was typing fast so we could watch my DVR.)

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Deb_ Posted 1 May 2009 , 2:50am
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brincess_b Posted 1 May 2009 , 6:14am
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i like that she didnt think there would be enough... that would be her fault for not ordering enough! you are better off without her i think icon_smile.gif

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