My Long And Crazy Oven Saga... Need A Little Vent

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JenWhitlock Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 1:16pm
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ok so I'm going to start by saying I'm not really bagging on Sears or KitchenAid, but it seems that what they say about cars: 'never buy a brand new model in the first year' is apparently true for ovens.

A big thank you to CA for allowing us to buy an awesome brand new custom home in IN (and get out of that beautiful but crazy state icon_rolleyes.gif )
I spent hours designing my kitchen and picking out appliances....
I started out really wanting the Wolf double oven, but it's just so expensive! as it got closer to us needing to purchase our appliances, KitchenAid came out with a dual-fan, double convention, double oven (and it's even the neat blue like Wolf). it's the top of the line and most expensive KA model, but still close to half the Wolf price.

it was installed about a week before closing on the new home, and the day it was installed we stopped over and saw that one of the LCD's had a bad line in it. 'ok' I think, 'no biggie, just order a new LCD' the oven works great!
I'm so loving my oven and my kitchen!
it took forever to get the part, and when the guy came out to replace it he said that the motor's were off balance and one even had a loose screw in it. 'oh it's not suppose to sound like a semi-truck running?' what did I know, I've never had a convection oven. the service guy then ordered me 4 new motors. but I could still use the oven.
the motors took almost a month to arrive, but oh well, the oven worked great.
another guy comes out to replace the motors. this is a big and long job, ugh, whole day wasted. I also told the guy that I saw a condensation bubble inside the glass of the control panel. he checked it out and said everthing looked good.
everything was going ok, the service guys were great and now I had a neat new oven that was quiet icon_biggrin.gif

now it gets ugly.
I come down a couple mornings later to see the control panel for the upper oven flashing a 'keypad disconnected' error. I can't use it at all.
oh well, the lower oven is working.
call Sears again, and get the same (very funny, and awesome) repair guy. he checks it out, but of course the error went off - it was working intermittenly. he checks to see that all the connections are good - they are and goes off on his merry way.
that night I was cooking and the whole thing went haywire. I had had the timer on so not only was it randomly flashing lights and flashing the 'keypad disconnected error' but the timer kept going off at random times and we couldn't turn it off. we finally turned it off at the fusebox.
called Sears again, talked to the same repair guy on the phone, he asked it if was the same problem. Then he told me that he ordered a part and put it on a 'rush' or 'emergency' call, and that I should tell Sears that to get the scheduling sped up.
at this point I have no oven.
it does randomly come off and on.
I was able to use it a couple times during the THREE WEEKS that it took to get the new part. (including long enough to bake my mom's birthday cake)
so it is 3 weeks with out an oven and we are wondering were the part is?
DH calls Sears, and talks to someone that must have been having a bad day. she veryly politely and sweetly told DH to basically 'go to H$((' DH was so irrate, he asked her if she would be upset to not have an oven for 3 weeks - well actually a month at this point - and she said no, just use your cooktop to cook food. icon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_mad.gif

ok we finally get the part. and the same (did I mention he was great?) service guy comes out. he was shocked - you mean no one has been here since I talked to you almost a month ago? nope.
he replaced the part - didn't fix it - it's now worse.
he starts calling the tech guys on the phone and trying to diagnose the problem. they settle on a new part to order, oh, but that part is backordered for two more weeks!!!!!!!!!
when the guy heard this he took pity on me, said that I've 'suffered enough' so he wrote up the oven as being 'unrepairable' enabling us to get a new oven - YEAH! party.gif

only problem, it's going to take another week to get the new oven. which was yesterday. I'm thinking ok. I'll get it on wed, it will be installed on thur, so I can bake thur night for my daughter's birthday friday (tomorrow) and for Easter.
the oven arrives yesterday (with another great team - so nice!) they start unpacking the oven, and dum. dum. duummmm.....
the whole top of the oven is crushed.
more calls to Sears, and we are now scheduled to get our new oven NEXT wed (another week).
so I still have no oven, and I can't make my daughter anything for her birthday.
I told her that we'd go to the local bakery and she could pick something out. sigh.
ARGH! I've been doing my best to be patient with this whole thing, but I'm still sad that I can't do anything for DD or Easter. icon_cry.gif

to make matters worse - I had two cake orders during this time!!!!
my awesome neighbor let me use her oven (people in IN rock!).
the last one was quite the comic routine. it was a three-tier (6/8/10) cake that I baked during a thunderstorm - I had to carry the cakes across the ally with one hand on the umbrella as I watched lightening all around! (ok, keep in mind that I've spent the last 12 years in CA where they don't have thunderstorms icon_rolleyes.gif )

------- OK, HOLY [email protected]
as I'm typing this, Sears just called, apparently the new, new oven was also damaged and now I'm not scheduled to get it until the 22nd!!!! (another week after that) icon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gif

I have another charity cake order for the 17th. looks like another trip to the nieghbors.... icon_confused.gif

apart from denighing a baker of an oven - I can't even make a frozen pizza or cassarole!!!! icon_mad.gificon_cry.gif

and the little lesson from this - never buy a complex appliance in it's first year!!!!!!! what was I thinking? (btw, I have siblings with earlier KA models and no problems)

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mclaren Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 2:31pm
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i'm really sorry this happened to you.

and double sorry that i chuckled while reading your post as IMHO, it has a touch of humor, here & there... pls forgive me!

i hope the next one arrives in your kitchen, is THE one, the one with zero problems in the future and will churn out great cakes out of it!


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christeena Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 2:58pm
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I would seriously tell Sears that you will never buy another appliance from them! Good grief - they should have given you a new oven the very first headache you had over this!!! Are you getting the same model again or something different? I know when we got our Maytag fonrt loading washer right after they came out we had issues and the service guy put in a whole new control panel 'cause it was as if the original was possessed or something!! Hope you're up and baking soon!

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JenWhitlock Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 3:05pm
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mclearn, thanks, there was a touch of humor! how could there not be? icon_lol.gif it's ridiculous!
christeena, DH has been on them - we bought a whole suit of kitchen and laundry appliances (top of the line no less, again, thank you CA!)

Sears finally said that they might offer compensation, or we could get a whole different oven.
I'm considering the JennAir.

any one have any advise between the KA and the JennAir?


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SUELA Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 3:05pm
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I chuckled too, but I can feel your pain. Cook on the stove top! Gee whiz! What is the point of getting a full stove if all you need is the stove top.

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ElectricCook Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 3:14pm
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I would look on the website and find the district manager and start calling and emailing this info to him. I would also state that you want to be compensated in some manner for you inconvience. I would also look up the information for the manufacturer of your stove and let them know the issues you are having.

This may not get you anywhere, but it might help. I would also let them know that you considered getting a Wolf but got this model instead. Just don't tell them you got it because it was cheaper, glam up the reason that you got it.

Good luck with the stove when it comes in.

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NoahLili Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 3:15pm
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So sorry to hear about your problems with your oven. We bought a new kitchen aid oven last summer when we remodeled our kitchen (not from sears). We also had problems with it. To make a long story short, they had to replace the entire control panel after a few visits and a couple of new parts that came in broken. So I feel your pain. Hopefully you can get it resolved soon.....

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erinalicia Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 3:18pm
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holy cow! at this point I wouldn't even want that oven. I'd ask for my money back for all the hassle you've had to go through for such a faulty appliance and buy something different. newer isn't always better.

good luck!

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luvsfreebies72 Posted 9 Apr 2009 , 4:16pm
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on behalf of CA... You're Welcome! icon_lol.gif

man that whole situation sucks major hairy monkey toes! Apparently that 1 CS rep isn't a baker icon_rolleyes.gif I know I would be absolutely beside myself

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350BakerStreet Posted 12 Apr 2009 , 1:42am
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OH boy...Sears...What can I say about them other than NEVER have them deliver ANYTHING! We had the same problem where our oven showed up and the glass door was busted. I never imagined a truck could man-handle that stove more than my DH and FIL, enough to break the glass.

This was when we first got our house and we had no oven/stove for about a month. That sucked! I really feel for you! At least I wasn't doing any orders at the time.

I wish you lots of luck! Have you tried Best Buy or Ikea? I'm looking into a stove from Ikea that's an actual "full-sized" convection oven. It's from Whirlpool/GE which is supposed to be good. Maybe you could look into it, if it's too much of a hassle to work with Sears. They're such a joke!

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