Describe Your Wedding Cake Or Share A Photo?

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quilting2011 Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 1:39am
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Describe your wedding cake? We had a homemade wedding cake decorated with fresh fruits. The reception was held at a friends home. Small wedding 45 guests.

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jamiekwebb Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 1:57am
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My cake was not what I had asked for but it was free so.... It was three rounds: cornelli, dots, cornelli. it was supposed to have purple and yellow fresh flowers and somehow ened up with Hot pink and yellow... oh well. I don't remeber the flavors since all I got was the one bite, due to my guests not RSVPing we actually ran out of food and had to eat the top layer... Oh well, I got the man and that's all the matters

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CakesByLJ Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 2:11am
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My wedding cake was the only dissapointment of the day.. icon_surprised.gif It was basically a half sheet cake with a quarter sheet cake on top, with pink borders, and roses.......... it was supposed to be round, with blue flowers. LOL My Mother got the cook from a local hospital to make it, and she paid him a whopping $25 for it... icon_eek.gificon_eek.gif Before you go doing the math.. the cake fed about 50, but you need to know that this was 44 years ago.. yep, 1965... omg icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif If you are shocked at that..... you should hear about my wedding dress...... icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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patticake1951 Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 2:24am
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we had a big cake with the staircase and fountain underneath, which everyone says that it is out of style now, but this was only 5 yrs ago. I thought it was very pretty. My sister made it for me, and my oldest dd helped decorate it. It was done with silk flowers and buttercream frosting.

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jlynnw Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 2:28am
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my cake was awful. It was a three tier cake with these horrible bc swags and fat (like #6) neon yellow worm like on top with fleur de lis inbetween each swag. The top had blobby melting mustard yellow roses. It fell during the cutting of the cake ceremony. It had more icing than cake. As soon as I saw it, I cried. The cake lady thought I was pleased and crying happy tears. That is the main reason I do cakes today. I paid $450 for a horrible cake that was not refundable. I took back most of the cake and got a gift certificate off my next "formal" cake. I have never used it.

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jammjenks Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 2:50am
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I really liked our wedding cakes. We were married in 2000 and were the first in our area to have table cakes. Looking back now, I would do a different design on them, but I still like the idea of a cake on each table. We still had a 3-tier cake for cutting and pictures because I had never heard of dummy tiers.

3-tier cake for head table + 15 table cakes = $165. I still feel like I need to send her more $$. icon_lol.gif

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LaBellaFlor Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 3:02am
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We had an exotic theme to our wedding. Colors were Tiffany blue with a deep orange & crimson red, a lot of orchids, pin head protea, etc., tropical flowers. My chuppa was made out of bamboo with orange, red & white garden roses dangling from the top. And no, I'm not Jewish,but I've always thought chuppas were the prettiest altars. Sorry, I know I got off subject. Okay, my cake, tiffany blue with small orange gumpaste flowers and bamboo fondant pieces. Oh yeah, the groomscake was a Nissan Skyline with the Philly Eagles drawn on the roof. My husband loves the Eagles and is totally into those Too Fast Too Furios cars.

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TheCakerator Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 3:35am
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here is a picture of our wedding cake ... it was done in may 2003 and I couldn't tell you what the flavors were as my mom and soon to be husband picked them out .... I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like even though I was not into cake decorating at that point and I was really happy with how it turned out .... of course it was only after we paid for our pictures that I noticed the BIC candle lighter at the back of the table ... oh well!!!

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itzjstmoi Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 4:03am
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I just got married last September. I know this will sound whiny but here goes. Our original cake decorator whose designs I loved canceled on us only a week or two before our wedding (when I had paid a 50 dollar deposit for that day 6 months prior). She gave me the number for another girl in town, who turns out was not that experienced. She didn't do what I wanted, and people kept asking why it was So crooked all night, but it actually turned out pretty good . . . except I never got the deposit back from the original girl (she said she would but then would never answer or call back) . . . and she didn't give it to the other girl either. It was about 5 teirs, square, white teirs and black with green ribbon and swirls. It won't let me post a pic . . . to many pixels it says . . . too bad!

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mkolmar Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 4:57am
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Mine was all white buttercream basketweave with pillars. There was thin navy blue ribbon bows with very long strings going all the way to the last tier. Fresh red roses were used also. I was married on flag day in 1997. My DH wore his dress blues and we had a military wedding hence the red white and blue theme. The cake was pretty, but to be honest I couldn't remember anything but the basketweave until I saw the picture of it last week. It was decorated beautifully but I'd have a different cake today if I had to do it over again. She only charged me $1 slice though.

geesh, jammjenks you got one heck of a deal!

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juleebug Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 4:20pm
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First, you have to promise not to laugh...

My BFF made the topper and I love her too much to not to have used it. I also wanted to do silver ribbon around ALL the tiers (like at the bottom) but only had scraps left after all the deco was done. So we rigged those bows for the middle and top.

The good news is, it tasted wonderful.

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patticakesnc Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 4:35pm
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My cake was pretty nice. I ordered it from a lady that split a building with a florist (they did my flowers too). It was a 3 tier round. Stacked. All buttercream with cornelli lace. It was the BEST tasting cake I have ever had (hate to say that when I make some pretty good tasting cakes). It was very simple the only flowers were dasies around the fountain under the cake. We paid $100 for the cake in 1999. It served 100. Yes a $1 per serving plus free set up and then $15 for the fountain and flowers!

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Caths_Cakes Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 4:53pm
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I loved my wedding cake!!! it cost £600 and was supposed to feed 100 but only fed about 30 ( the grooms family left after the service and never came to the reception, they were supposed to but never mind lol ) so i cut huge wadges for every who did and gave it to them to take home!!! as well as a slice to eat right there and then!
The bottom tier was chocolate sponge with choc ganashe. the top tier was orange sponge and orange buttercream. the whole thing was covered in more choc ganash, choc ciggarillos! the chocolate balls are malteasers , the hearts are choc truffles and the chocs wiv the stripes on are choc pralines. I designed this cake wiv my husband in mine, it was a suprise for him and he loved it (He a major choc a holic!! ) This was well before i got into making cakes and one of the reasons i did! all the guest loved it and even now i get people telling me it was the nicest cake they ever had!!! i didnt eat any on the day *too much champagne and nerves werent a good mix for me lol * but i took some home and devoured it the next day!

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Deb_ Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 7:21pm
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Trying to post our cake was 26 yrs ago and fountains were the in thing. We were married Valentine's day weekend so they even tinted the water red in the fountain. I think we paid $75 for the venue to provide the cake, which was probably a lot back then to us anyway since we paid for our Wedding. OMG we sure do look young, dh has all his hair! heheheh icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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s_barnes76 Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 11:35pm
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Oh, ladies...I am your worst nightmare because I had stairs (complete with plastic bridesmaids and groomsmen) the fountain, and I think it even had some tuk-n-ruffle icon_biggrin.gif It was 3 tiers plus the two satellite cakes and my colors were burgundy and hunter green...I want to gag just thinking about it.

Keep in mind this was 1994, I had just gotten out of high school and had NO idea what a "great" cake was. On the upside, it tasted WONDERFUL and I'm pretty sure my mom only paid around $200 for it. She still brags about that cake everytime someone needs a wedding cake. She just HAS to show them the pics (if I find one, I'll post it) I tried to tell her that people don't really go for that style anymore, but she refuses to believe it icon_wink.gif

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flamingobaker Posted 22 Mar 2009 , 11:55pm
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I did not appreciate this cake in 1993 as much as I do now.

My MIL was a cake decorator and made it as our gift. I just told her, "all ivory with gold leaves" - the rest was up to her. I had never even looked at cakes or had any idea of the work or cost involved. I was just so happy that family was making it.

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sweetcravings Posted 23 Mar 2009 , 12:02am
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I don't have a picture to post but i'm kinda glad because when i look at it now i just shake my head. icon_redface.gificon_cool.gif What was i thinking when i picked that design out? It's soooo gaudy. I didn't know the first thing about cakes at the time and the 'friend' that made it for me had a tonne of wilton yearbooks. I browsed through and picked one, not for the design but because the colors were red and white in the picture.. icon_redface.gif Somehow i ended up with this color scheme and really went with it..ugh. The cake was multiple round teirs, iced with loads of buttercream gaudy details, swags, very Wilton. Tulle and red mini flowers stuck all over it. You could barely see the cake. Then it was topped with a big plastic love doves topper with tulle and red flowers all around embarrassing. Did it taste good? Don't even remember trying it. Paid around 500.00canadian for it and that would fifteen years ago.. Crazy how my tastes have changed. Would i do it differently bet!

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Shelle_75 Posted 23 Mar 2009 , 1:48am
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Flamingo...that is a LOVELY cake!

I would do mine differently, too, if I could. I made ours, but I wasn't heavy into decorating then (1995) like I am now. It was three heart shaped tiers, with white & yellow daisies (real ones, didn't know anything about food safe or not back then!) on top. Our theme was country/western (another thing I'd DEFINTELY do different), and my bouquet was daisies. It was okay, but I did not have the skills or attention to details that I have now. Of course, I was 19 and didn't really know sh*t about sh*t back then, KWIM?? We paid for everything ourselves, except the food, which my mom did (and which was the best part). But, 14 years later we're still happily together, fancy cake or no fancy cake!

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lostincake Posted 23 Mar 2009 , 5:57am
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Um dkelly, I was too distracted looking at the couple wondering if they were gonna come up for air to notice the water was tinted red lol. icon_razz.gif

Nice pic btw icon_smile.gif

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lostincake Posted 23 Mar 2009 , 6:01am
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Almost forgot (again distracted)...

My 10th anniversary is coming up this month and I honestly don't remember much about my cake because my DH & I planned our entire wedding while I was starting a new job and he was starting a new business so we really had a lot on our plate. All I remember is that it was all BC since I knew NOTHING about fondant back then. Now I wish I did and wish I'd paid more attention to the cake.

Maybe I'll make a fantabulous anniversary cake instead icon_razz.gif

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gerripje Posted 23 Mar 2009 , 6:21am
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I didn't have a wedding cake. We got set a wedding date, and got married on the same day! (I figured if I had a long time to plan it, I'd change my mind icon_wink.gif ) My mom passed away a few years before and the whole process just made me sick to my stomach icon_cry.gif . Anyway, our 10th anniversary is in July and I will be making as lovely and fabulous a wedding / anniversary cake as I can!!

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Deb_ Posted 23 Mar 2009 , 1:20pm
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Originally Posted by vlin28

Um dkelly, I was too distracted looking at the couple wondering if they were gonna come up for air to notice the water was tinted red lol. icon_razz.gif

Nice pic btw icon_smile.gif

icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif As I was looking through my album I realized we didn't have a picture of just the cake. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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LILBOBO1980 Posted 7 Apr 2009 , 5:29am
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Here is mine. I just got married last April....I loved the cake : )



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LeckieAnne Posted 7 Apr 2009 , 5:52am
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I got married a little over a year ago. Kind of long story - but I have a 21 year old, and a 2 year old! Anyway - my whole wedding centered around our little family. My invitations had a caricature of the whole family (me and hubby, both daughters, and the 2 dogs and 2 cats). Instead of a bouquet - I had my 21 year old walk me up the isle, and I carried my 9 month old. I did Aine2's tutorials - and decided to make my own wedding cake. We're all on there - right down to the last kitty cat. LOL Nothing near as beautiful as hers - but went right in the with theme - and everyone got a big kick out of it. I'll try to attach the pic.

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CristyInMiami Posted 7 Apr 2009 , 5:53am
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I just realized my cake was buttercream and not fondant. I wasn't a bridezilla at all but the only thing I specified was I wanted FONDANT and I guess I was having such a good time I didnt even notice. icon_lol.gificon_eek.gif

Oh and I didn't eat it because I don't really like cake! icon_redface.gif

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Michellers Posted 7 Apr 2009 , 6:12am
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I'm still really happy with mine. But that may change over time, we just got married Oct '06. I wanted vertical stripes, but for some reason she really talked me into the X's. Our wedding colors were pink and green, and I had found a dark green cake on I think the knot dot com and knew I had to have it. icon_lol.gif This was also before I was into caking. Our wedding venue was quite a ways away, so we found a bakery closer to the place. We just picked it up on the way.


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bakery_chick Posted 7 Apr 2009 , 6:27am
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I made my cake too. It was my first wedding cake.
We have 5 cakes that were 5 different flavors. I had only been cake decorating for about 8 mo so I kept the design on the simpler side and my florist added the flowers. Everyone loved the cake and the restaurant asked if they could feed their staff as well. Sizing wasn't really my strong point. They did tell me it was the best consistency they had ever cut.
Also it seriously started a whole new career for me!

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Melnick Posted 7 Apr 2009 , 6:48am
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Bakery_chick and Lilybobo I love your cakes! That choc cake on the previous page looks devine too ... you can surprise me with that cake anyday!

We got married 5 years ago. We used the sister of a girl my Mum worked with who makes the most beautiful icing flowers for obscenely low prices! She told us she wasn't much of baker though but we didn't really care (truth be told I have never tasted a fantastic wedding cake - they all seem a bit dry).

We wanted the wedding to be mostly white with a small splash of hot pink. This cake is three layers of mudcake - choc mudcake, white choc mudcake and caramel mudcake. They are shards of white choc all around the outside and tulips on top. I loved how the cake looked - it was just what we wanted and it was only about $300. I didn't get to try it at the reception - I was surprised how fast it all disappeared! We kept the top layer but it moved interstate with us and was defrosted and refrozen a number of times before we attempted to eat it to years later ... needless to say it didn't survive the care! I couldn't eat it but my hubby managed to still consume quite a bit of it!

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Melnick Posted 7 Apr 2009 , 6:52am
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Oh yeah! If your pics are too big, go to Microsoft and download the Image Resizer program -
It's so easy to use! You just right click on your pic, choose 'resize image' and click on the size you want and it makes a copy of the pic in the lower resolution while keeping your original. Best discovery I have made on the Net!

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bakery_chick Posted 7 Apr 2009 , 6:59am
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Thank you for the compliment.
I love your cake as well!
Am I reading that right that those are edible flowers???
Those flowers are gorgeous!!

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