Name Brand In Canada For Hi-Ratio

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gerripje Posted 6 Mar 2009 , 6:46am
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Hi, my local grocery store said he will order a case for me, but I need to know what the brand is called. I am so scrambled from searching for the stuff I don't know what it is. Is it Sweetex here too?? McCalls has a listing just for high-ratio and something called super oco, but it doesn't have a description of what that is exactly. icon_redface.gif Thanx

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sweet1122 Posted 6 Mar 2009 , 5:16pm
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Try finding a bakery and ask them what they use. More than likely that's what it is. Most bakeries don't use Crisco. That should hopefully get you a starting point. Sorry I can't be more help.

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ski Posted 6 Mar 2009 , 5:59pm
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I always use Alpine High Ratio shortening. If you are anywhere near Buffalo I can give you the name of a great Bakery Supply place, VERY inexpensive! icon_biggrin.gif

Here is a link for the bakery supply place it is called Twin Bakery Supply
It is near to downtown, and close to the Peace Bridge

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gerripje Posted 6 Mar 2009 , 6:25pm
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Hi, Buffalo? I'm pretty sure there is a Buffalo here in Alberta????? Or are you talking NY? If you are in NY, then I'm very, very far away! The Buffalo in Alberta I know about where it is, a little east of Calgary, I think?! Duh me... I never thought of phoning actually bakeries. The girls in the grocery store bakeries here didn't even know what hi-ratio was, they just say, "oh, we have shortening on the shelf in grocery, it's not special!" icon_confused.gificon_mad.gif ..... Well, I know that!!!! Thanx for the help. This stuff has me so intrigued, I hope it's worth it since I have a feeling if I do find it, I'm going to end up with a lot!!

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ski Posted 6 Mar 2009 , 6:32pm
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I am referring to Buffalo, NY sorry. The shortening is worth it and will keep indif. so no worries. You will prob have to purchase it by the 50lb. container to get the good prices. It affords a more velvety product, couple it with a product called "Fluffy Delite" (standlee's cake store online) and invert sugar(finer) and you will have a winning end result!

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gerripje Posted 6 Mar 2009 , 7:24pm
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Hmmm, well I called all bakeries in my local area and that's only about 6. Nobody could help me. Even one gentleman was so offended and he did have hi-ratio but wouldn't sell any, which is fine, but he wouldn't tell me where he got it or what it's called! It was like I phoned him up and said I want you to GIVE me for FREE, your late, great grandmother's multimillion dollar danish recipe! Sheesh!! I feel bad about it, I'll keep searching and phoning I guess, that's so weird that nobody around here uses it! Thanx for the help!

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cakes22 Posted 6 Mar 2009 , 7:34pm
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Is there a Bulk Bark where you are? You could ask them where they order theirs from. I didn't even know that BB sold HRshortening, but the Canadian CC's told me. You might have more luck with BB then trying to get info from a bakery.



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dinas27 Posted 6 Mar 2009 , 7:54pm
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I would recommend asking your question on

There are bakery owners from Alberta on there that might be able to help with your question.

I'm not sure if you are a business (ie have a business license #) if you do you could try sysco and gfs.

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gerripje Posted 6 Mar 2009 , 10:39pm
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I don't have a business, I just really wanted to try it. My sister has a business, so if I end up needing a number, she can do it for me. I guess I may have to order a 20 kg box from McCall's. icon_sad.gif That's a lot of shortening to ship out here, but I guess it doesn't end up costing that much more than a little thing of crisco, and if it's as good as everyone says, then I'll be happy!

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Kiddiekakes Posted 6 Mar 2009 , 11:38pm
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I have ordered high ratio from Bakemark but you have to have a business license.It was Canola Harvest which out here supplies all the grocery stores with canola oil etc...It came in a 40lb box and was $135.00.having said that...I hated it!!! It made my colors bleed and the icing bag melted in my hands more quickly.I went back to good ol Crisco!! I hear Alpine and Sweetex are really good but have yet to find a supplier out west here so if you can get it shipped for a good price..Try it!! Places like Sysco and Bridgebrand do not sell Sweetex or Alpine but another name brand product and it isn't that cheap either. HTH

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gerripje Posted 7 Mar 2009 , 1:52am
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Awe, it figures. I'd be so ticked if a got a big old barrel of stuff that was no better than crisco!! Well, I guess I should phone McCall's and ask them what kind they use, it just doesn't say on the website, just says high ratio. Well, maybe one day when I make it to the U.S. (I'm only 45 minutes from the border), I'll go somewhere to get Sweetex, then the customs guy on the way back will think I'm nuts then hand me a big old tax or duty or whatever bill to go with my big box of Sweetex!! I think I'll stick with crisco!!! I love Indydebi's recipe anyway! Thanx for the help

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tracey1970 Posted 7 Mar 2009 , 2:54am
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I use the hi-ratio from Bulk Barn as I am in a small town with NO bakeries or access to bakery supplies, and I am a hobby baker (don't need 50lbs of shortening). Might be worth a try?

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ski Posted 7 Mar 2009 , 3:04am
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I just recently moved to Buffalo(1 yr. in 4 days) and I just got in the yellow pages and looked up bakery supply places found a couple and went from there. I found that bakeries didn't want to give a lot of info. I was very fortunate to find another gal on here, from my area so we split stuff. If you can find anyone in your area splitting the cost for bulk is ideal. hi ratio was one of those items I wanted to split with. Good Luck!

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gerripje Posted 7 Mar 2009 , 8:12am
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That's a good idea. In my yellow pages there is a listing for Bakemark and that's it! For some reason it seems like there just isn't much for good cake stuff in western Canada. I had always thought Calgary, which is a really big city that's only a few hours away, would have some places, but not ones that are easy to find!! I would love to go on a road trip to the U.S. and stop at all theses wonderful stores! I guess I should start buying lottery tickets then!! icon_wink.gif

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ski Posted 7 Mar 2009 , 1:57pm
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Hey I just did a search online yellow pages and there are a lot of bakery supply places. I saw Dawn Foods which is great since they make a ton of baking stuff(Satin Ice)

I would just start calling and ask. What I found is buying the larger buckets of product were amazingly cheaper than trying to buy smaller quantities. Bear in mind most stuff will keep indifiinitely as long as kept between +70degrees(21C) and -70degrees(-56C) I keep mine in my cake room which is thermatically controlled. But you can also think basement. This is where the talk and split with others comes in. Those old fondant buckets really come in handy for splits. as an example : I bought 40lbs ganache for 48$ I basically saved 300%. There has to be someone or two here on CC would like to go in with you.

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gerripje Posted 8 Mar 2009 , 5:08am
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Well I sure do like getting stuff cheaper, and if it will last I have lots of room in my basement to store extra stuff. While I was at work today I looked in the Edmonton yellow pages and found a place called Pretty Party Place. The website that it said to go to said the location was in AZ?? I'll have to phone them next week and see what the deal is cause they had a 3 lb bucket available. The search continues........

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Skirt Posted 8 Mar 2009 , 5:25am
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I'm not sure how much they would gouge you for shipping but doesn't global sugar art ship worldwide???

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gerripje Posted 8 Mar 2009 , 5:46am
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Yes, they do, I think at least. I was hoping that the Pretty Party Place in Edmonton had the same stuff as the website has, but probably not. As always, the cool stuff is in the U.S.! LOL

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Kiddiekakes Posted 8 Mar 2009 , 3:07pm
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It is a US based company which has stores all over.There was one in Calgary a few years back but it closed.They also used to have an Ebay store as I have bought a few things from them but the shipping was quite expensive.I doubt they have the same things as their US stores but you can always go look!!

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