What Do Brides Want? Attn: Wedding Cake Bakers

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huckitvt Posted 13 Feb 2009 , 9:38pm
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I'm conducting a very broad survey to get a feeling for what brides are really looking for in a wedding cake. I would imagine that this year more than ever brides are trying to cut costs on weddings. What things are brides concerned with? style, cost, taste, etc. Any and all information provided will be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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indydebi Posted 13 Feb 2009 , 10:01pm
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I try to avoid labeling things as a "trend" but will share that brides havent' changed much .... they want a nice wedding cake that doesn't cost a fortune. icon_biggrin.gif

In this economy, everyone is looking to save money everywhere, so I've gotten more inquiries for sheets and styro's ... but after I explain my policy and how it's NOT cheaper, they drop the idea. But they're asking ... they're shopping.

A good sign is I'm starting to get brides who want more than the same 'ole boring "scrolls and ribbon" stuff (God I hate those!). They want ornate; they want color; they want different. I've had a request for a cake that looks like a wedding dress, one wants my City Skyline cake, a number who are opting to add luster dust for a shimmery look, one wants me to duplicate the design on her dress, and I have one coming up where every other tier is iced in sage-green and the other tiers will be iced in chocolate.


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marmalade1687 Posted 13 Feb 2009 , 10:29pm
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Brides that I am working with (and have worked with in the past) have always been conscious of their budget...I don't get many who have an astronomical budget for cake.

I agree with IndyDebi, they are shopping more, but I am also getting requests for different designs - veering away from the cookie-cutter round or square cake with ribbon and scrollwork.

Colour is more "in" this year. I am also doing more fondant than ever before. I am excited about this wedding season - I have a lot of "creations" booked!

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leah_s Posted 13 Feb 2009 , 11:07pm
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That's interesting about more color. I had someone contact me from a national website on wedding trends and they're working on an article to be published in the Fall. It talks about how the "classic white cake" is the newest trend.

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indydebi Posted 13 Feb 2009 , 11:12pm
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See? that's why I hate to label anything as a "trend"! My favorite example are the square cakes that I do (and I checked ..... 73% of my weddings are square cakes). Everyone is telling me either they are "out" or they are "coming back".

news to me either way!

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acookieobsession Posted 14 Feb 2009 , 4:58am
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My hope is ribbons and dots go away! PLEASE! Easy but sheesh...

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marmalade1687 Posted 14 Feb 2009 , 2:03pm
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It's funny...this year, most of my brides sit down and tell me that they want their cake to be "unique". Maybe it's just my area? I've booked a few hexagon shaped cakes to shake it up. Although a lot of brides still think that square is different, we are stacking them on an angle or putting one corner flush to create a "stair effect". And I am doing a lot of color this year - hardly any white on white - that was definitely last year and even the year before!

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pastrychef22 Posted 14 Feb 2009 , 5:10pm
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I must say it must depend on the area because over half of the cakes i have booked so far are basiclly white whites and I have gotten a lot of request of real flowers this year. I do agree though most of my brides are shopping around more and they do want something that is unique. Also i do agree that brides still feel that sqaure is different. I wish i could get some more hexagon or any other shapes i am tired of doing sqaure and round I want something different.

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mommyle Posted 14 Feb 2009 , 5:26pm
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I have a woman who is wanting centerpiece cakes for 15 tables. The way I figure it, she is spending an extra $140 on cake. No time or effort to make or think of centerpieces, and she probably would have spent more than that on centerpieces. Plus, she can have a variety of flavors!

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drowsyrn Posted 21 Feb 2009 , 5:30pm
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a bargain!

Sorry, on a rant lately... icon_smile.gif

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Chef_Stef Posted 21 Feb 2009 , 7:51pm
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So far I'm getting lots of color and fun creative in designs, so I'm looking forward to all of them! Not many asking for duplicate designs from prior years, which is a nice change.

I don't book many bargain-hunting brides, because my prices are right up there for my area. They can either afford it or not--there are cheaper places to go. In fact the last two I've booked have been sort of 'money no object' type families who can't decide whether to have all 350 guests at the Country Club for the rehearsal dinner or the 5 star historic landmark hotel downtown. The really on-a-budget brides don't usually call me, which saves me a lot of time.

I have no requests for sheet cakes this year so far, and I'm seeing both ends of the spectrum for size--some small 50-person receptions where they're picking up the cake themselves (but getting all specialty flavors and fondant designs), and some 300-350 parties.

Flavors are all a mix, but a special fave this year so far is raspberry truffle (chocolate cake filled with ganache and preserves).

Shapes are about half and half square and round, and about 50% fondant.

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Deb_ Posted 21 Feb 2009 , 11:18pm
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agree with drowsyrn.....What do brides want? a discount, a bargain, a cheap cake, etc., etc., etc.................They're all on a "tight budget" around here icon_rolleyes.gif

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debster Posted 21 Feb 2009 , 11:38pm
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Out of the 10 that's ordered this year, for some reason fall is looking good for me. 6 are square 3 are round and one heart shaped. I'm so tired of dots, ribbons and the quilted look, but so far that's still what I'm looking at.

No color outside of a simple flower maybe on the corners. I'm doing some colorful dummie cakes because my portfolio is the same ole same ole. I had one Bride that wanted one cake done EXACTLY like another one I did (the black and white polka dots square) for some reason people love that cake. Anyway , I told her something has to be different I won't copy someones cake exactly. So she's going with her cake slightly tilted with larger polka dots.

I seem to FINALLY be getting tiered B-day cakes and not as many sheet cakes. That's it here in my area of Ohio. I figure what ever they want just buy, I need to pay the bills. thumbs_up.gif

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tarheelgirl Posted 21 Feb 2009 , 11:42pm
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Well, I only have 2 weddings under my belt and 3 booked for the next few months.

One bride just wants square.. its a beach wedding however she wants NOTHING to do with a beach themed cake. My other bride is doing a small 2 tiered cake on top of a cupcake stand with 100 cupcakes. The 3rd is getting a hot pink and black with zebra stripes, polka dots. SO, I have a huge variety!! icon_biggrin.gif

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