Winners!!!- Arizona Cake & Sugar Art Show

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KimAZ Posted 9 Feb 2009 , 6:52pm
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Hello All,
I'm so excited to share about our cake show! I took 1st place with my eagle cake and 2nd place with my pink crane/floral cake in the semi pro division and won first place in the tiered cake category in my division with my eagle cake! I didn't place with my Specialty wedding cake but thought I'd share the picture anyway. For those who've never competed, let me tell ya it's SO exciting ( and nerve wracking...and scary...and filled with anticipation..and fun!) to enter a cake show!

We had a really great turn out with lots of cakes and sugar art. There were several other members of Cake Central who entered and won as well. It was so nice to meet all of them and to see their gorgeous works of art. Photos of the show will be posted on the Westside Cake Club's website at

I have to include a special shout out to Brea1026 who won Best of Show with her ballerina cake! Congratulations Breanna! thumbs_up.gif And to lorijom who won the Specialty Wedding cake competition, People's Choice AND Decorator's Choice awards! Way to go Lori! thumbs_up.gif Outstanding job!

Cee Tee won our first live cake challenge with her cute baby shower cake for twins! thumbs_up.gif There was a big crowd to watch and I commend you Christi, Aurora and Jamie for working under pressure! Great job girls!

Please post your entries ladies! I'll let all of them share their photos and stories.
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ibmoser Posted 9 Feb 2009 , 7:08pm
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Congratulations! I can see why you won - terrific work! Thanks for posting the pics and the link

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lorijom Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 12:38am
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Kim, I had a wonderful time. You ladies put on a wonderful show and it was so great that Michele Foster came out to judge! The challenge was so much fun, I give those ladies big props for bravery thumbs_up.gif

I haven't come up with any good photos of my cake yet, as you know cake photos are my challenge - cakes no problem, photos big problem icon_wink.gif

A big way to go to all who competed! To all who didn't compete - come out next year and join in the fun icon_biggrin.gif

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__Jamie__ Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 1:05am
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Had such a blast! The cake challenge was fun, and of course one of the best parts for me was meeting fellow CCers! Congrats to allll the winners, and I look forward to next years show.

I absolutely have no picture skills, unlike Miss Kim up there, whose cakes were bee-yootiful! So, here is mine, which won 2nd Place in Specialty Wedding Division. I was not expecting to place once I saw what I was up against, again, very beautiful and well executed cakes. Considering I have never entered a show before, and completely boffed my table setup, I am very happy with the results....couldn't have asked for more!

Thanks again to the members of The Westside Cake Club for making the day very special, and free of snafus and glitches....bravo ladies!

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__Jamie__ Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 1:10am
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Oh....I met Brea, Lori, CeeTee and Kim.....where was everyone else? BisbeeQueen? Jana?? Were you there? Keeping a low profile? Hee hee...just kidding!

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handymama Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 1:22am
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Jamie--did you go with the Jolly Ranchers for the gems? What finally worked best for you? I finally got a fairly good look, but they tasted scorched. However, "fairly good" isn't nearly good enough!

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CeeTee Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 1:24am
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I don't have any photos yet icon_sad.gif I didn't bring a camera with me to the show, and I haven't taken any decent quality pics of my entries yet.

But I can say that I almost started to cry when I won the cake challenge. I truly honestly was not expecting to win! I thought the twin dragons were way cuter than my cake.

I also won 2nd place Intermediate, which caught me off guard too. There were so many wonderful cakes entered this year I didn't think I stood a chance. I know I still have a long way to go as far as technique refinement. My work is still too loose and careless with details.

I almost died when my boyfriend asked Michelle Foster directions to the nearest Wells Fargo ATM and he got a little snarky (tho it was in good fun! ) about their respective cell phones. icon_razz.gif But even though he was out of his element at the show and I could tell he was bored at times, he stayed the whole time and supported me and never once complained. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif I also think he was more happy about my win than I was! *LOL* I have the best boyfriend ever!

It was great to meet so many people from CC!! Next show we should do a formal CC get together, like dinner after the show or something! icon_biggrin.gif

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enoid Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 1:45am
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Congratulations everyone. Your cakes are beyond beautiful. I can't even begin to dream of doing anything like your cakes. You are an inspiration.

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__Jamie__ Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 2:17am
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Jolly Ranchers...oh man, I tried. They were "ok", and like you said "ok" was not good enough. As I got further into the design of my cake and started to see how the individual pieces were going to look, I realized candy gems had no place on that cake. So, I molded GP gems, let them set up, and smothered them in luster dust. Instead of jewel gems, I had precious metal gems. I like to think that's how they looked anyhow!

CeeTee, you and me both, I sure did well up when my name was announced for 2nd place! It was a complete surprise!

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__Jamie__ Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 2:22am
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Dang CeeTee...I thought my hubby got more pics than he did....I will look again and see if I have some of yours, I thought for sure I did!

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Eisskween Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 2:59am
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Congratulations ladies! Beautiful work, as always! I am amazed and can only hope to be half as good as you are someday. (Providing I live that long LOL!)

I view a lot of you as artists and not cake decorators or bakers. Because it truly takes an artist's eye to create such works of beauty! icon_biggrin.gif

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sayhellojana Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 3:12am
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Originally Posted by Jamie85364

Oh....I met Brea, Lori, CeeTee and Kim.....where was everyone else? BisbeeQueen? Jana?? Were you there? Keeping a low profile? Hee hee...just kidding!

Actually Jamie, I was sitting right in front of you durring the live cake challenge! I just couldn't imagine trying to talk to you during that. You were working SO fast. And I loved the blocks. Soon as she said baby and twins, I thought blocks myself icon_smile.gif

CeeTee, congratz on the live challenge win! You totally jumped in with a basketweave. I also liked how smart of you it was to pipe without a tip for just round icon_smile.gif

Now, I really wish I would have known who lorijom was, boy was her wedding cake entry amazing. I snapped so many pictures just of the piping.

And of course, I got completely and totally starstruck seeing Michelle Foster. I managed to ask for a picture, somehow icon_smile.gif

I have to edit my cake photo down a bit, but I'll post it in a few!

KimAZ, thanks so much for pming me the info a few months back. It was a great experience all around icon_smile.gif

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__Jamie__ Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 3:17am
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Oh mind went totally blank, I mean, what a bonehead move to try to ice and smooth two miniature blocks in one hour?!?! was sooo fun though. I'll tell ya...I haven't made that much of a mess ever! I sure realized how important it is to have running water, and other bags to change out the tips to when you want!

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lorijom Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 3:24am
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Hi Jana, thank you for the kind words about my cake. Sorry we didn't meet at the show, the next time we'll have to get all the CC members together so we can put a face to the screen name.

I forgot to say thank you to those who voted for me for decorator choice award. That and the peoples choice meant so much to me, I was very thank you.

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sayhellojana Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 3:31am
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Ok. Here is my entry. I got 1st tiered cakes amateur division (I'm pretty sure I was the only tiered cake in this division. Go figure. lol) and 3rd overall in the division.

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__Jamie__ Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 3:35am
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Great cake Jana! I remember that cake well, I loved your bow! Another technique I have not ever been able to pull off very well...congratulations!

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sayhellojana Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 3:45am
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Aw, thanks so much Jamie icon_smile.gif
(and fyi - I was sitting front row almost center with your workspace. Dark hair - I look about 12. lol)

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KimAZ Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 5:31am
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Hey Girls,
Never fear! I have pictures of every single cake! I took nearly 120 pictures. And I'll be getting photos of everyone who placed with their cakes. I have lots from the challenge too. Felt like the cake paparazzi icon_razz.gif .

Thank you all for the nice comments on the show. There was a heck of a lot of behind the scenes work and I know I was totally pooped out afterwards.

I was so honored to have Michele Foster come to our show, enter AND judge! I got to take her class the following day too and that was great! I told her she was "one of the big boys" to us! Thank you so much Michele!

For those who want them, pm me and I'll send you all the pictures of you and your cakes that I have.


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mkolmar Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 6:07am
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CONGRATS LADIES!!!!!! Wish I could have been there to watch it all unfold, sounds like a blast.

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PieceofCakeAZ Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 9:16am
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Congratulations to all of the cake show winners! I can't wait to see all of the pics!

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dhccster Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 9:38am
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Those cakes look amazing and it sounds like you all had a lot of fun!


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Sugarflowers Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 3:33pm
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I just wanted to let every one know what a great show it was and how much fun I had. The entries were really good so that made judging a little tough!

Thank you to those who took the class. You were all terrific students.


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Marianna46 Posted 10 Feb 2009 , 4:02pm
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Friends, I take my hat off to each and every one of you. These cakes are true works of art. And I have no doubt that every entry was beautiful. My congratulations to those who won and to all those who participated. I cannot imagine the level of stress involved. I only hope to be able to participate in a competition someday. For all of us who couldn't be there, please keep those photos coming. They're an inspiration to all of us. It must have been incredibly fun, as well. icon_biggrin.gif

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cakeladyatLA Posted 11 Feb 2009 , 3:24am
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WOW, I'm getting nervous! I entered to participate in the San Diego Cake Show next month! I know I wont place but I wanted to show my students that the important thing is to just do it, even if you dont place! Congrats to both of you beautiful cakes.

(put mine to shame)


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CeeTee Posted 11 Feb 2009 , 5:46am
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My cake entry: Dio De Los Muertos

My cookie entry - Valentines - Best Non-Cake Intermediate

My Cake Challenge cake - Baby Shower for Twins

THANK YOU KIM for the pictures!! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gifthumbs_up.gif

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lainalee Posted 11 Feb 2009 , 6:09am
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Congratulations to all. CC has the most talented and inspirational people.

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aztomcat Posted 11 Feb 2009 , 6:15am
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Beautiful job, my Arizona neighbors. Every year I say I'm going to head up to Phoenix to either see or join the competition. I'm sorry I missed and will try to join Ya'll next year.

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KimAZ Posted 12 Feb 2009 , 4:04pm
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As a very proud Mom, I had to share that my 9 yr old daughter won 1st place in the Junior division, 1st place non cake category and Best of Show- Youth! thumbs_up.gif

This is only the 2nd time she's ever even attempted anything related to cake decorating so it was definately a thrill! The penguins, polar bear and killer whale are made of MMF. The snow mountain is royal icing with sparkle dust sprinkled on and the water is piping gel. She did every bit of it herself.
I am quite sure I cheered the loudest when they called her name! icon_redface.gificon_razz.gif

Thanks for looking!

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aztomcat Posted 13 Feb 2009 , 7:03am
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She did a great Job.........

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pebblez87 Posted 7 Apr 2009 , 4:39pm
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awww i wish i would have seen all this sooner i live in glendale and had no clue what was going on icon_sad.gif was is when the chocolate festival came ? i remember that anyways i dont think i would have been qualified to be anywhere near any of you great job!!!

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