%*(&$ I Haven't Had This Car A Year!!! (Long)

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cakesbyjen Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 3:37am
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so today was kind of the last straw....

i got into a car accident a little less than a year ago, not my fault, older man pulled out in front of me on a 4 lane road, no one was hurt, but MAN did i cry a lot...

anyways, had to buy a new car because mine was considered totalled

got a "new" car (to me anyways) and love it, just don't love how everyone else treats it....

i live in little italy in cleveland, ohio, and if anyone if familiar with the area you'll know there is NO parking... so i park on the main street because that's what i live off of.... and one day i come outside to a HUGE dent in my hood, like someone of large stature SAT directly ontop of my car... then on another occassion, i have two dents in my door, and by dents i mean it looks like someone took a screw driver and literally POUNDED two holes in my door... then there was the trip to my boyfriends parents house, where i parked in the street and the woman who lives next door decides to hit my car, cracking my bumper and driving off even though i WATCHED her do it, and the cops couldn't do anything because she wasn't home....

and today.... i pulled into my boyfriends parents driveway and upon pulling out, since they never maintain a safe driveway and the ice has built up so high, it broke my bumper and pulled half of it OFF THE CAR....

*sigh* i shouldn't of parked in the drive, but i just don't understand why everyone is so rude to someone else's belongings, cars are expensive, if you have one you should know and you should respect other peoples things... ok sorry, i've been smiling all day to make sure i don't hurt anyone's feelings but i'm so irritated.... thanks.... icon_redface.gif

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sugarwishes Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 4:19am
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That's terrible!!! I remember when I turned 18 I bought my first car. It was brand new, not even 10 miles on the car yet, and I bought it with my own money so I loved this car. Well, one day when I came out of work, my brothers girlfriend at the time (found out it was her a few months later) had decided she didn't like me so she and her friends through a BOWLING BALL through my back windshield and keyed the side of my car!!!!! This was all b/c she was playing mind games with my brother who didn't live in my house and she kept calling me to give him messages and I told her I wouldn't. I was so upset, the car was still brand new. icon_sad.gificon_sad.gif

So many people are just so rude and don't care what happens, as long as its not their car or other things that got messed up. It really is so upsetting. I hope your car doesn't suffer any more damage!

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prue23 Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 9:11pm
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sorry for what has happened, it seems that a lot of people use cars to get back at someone. It's happened to me with a neighbor that I don't get along with she would scratch my car, sit on it, and at one point even sent her teenage boy to give me a flat. He even did to other cars of other people she didn't get along with. Luckily someone saw him do it and called the police, they came and found the knife he had used and we all went to court and in the end she had to pay for the damages. I'm a very calm person and don't like drama but sometimes people just get to you. Hope it gets better for you tho

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VannaD Posted 28 Jan 2009 , 10:18pm
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Gosh, these are awful stories. Im sorry these have happened to yall. Where i live we park in our garage, but i know in some bigger cities, ppl dont have that luxury... Im sorry you guys, ppl are idiots.

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