My Kitcken Aid Doesn't Like Me

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teswade Posted 22 Jan 2009 , 9:48pm
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I don't want to hate my Kitchen Aid but everytime I go to use it, it doesn't work as well as if I would mix it by hand or use a hand held beater. I have been saving up for one forever and I was so excited when I finally got one. I used it to mix a cake batter but it did not mix all the way and was lumpy.
Yesterday I used it for the second time. I tried to cream butter and shortening but it turned into one big lumpy mess. I let the butter sit out for a few hours. Should I have let it sit out longer? I was in such a hurry that I grabbed more butter and put it in the microwave under defrost. It wasn't as lumpy, but there were some. I was able to use my hand mixer and fix the problem. I was so flustered though, as I was putting in my vanilla, I smelled almond. Sure enough I was putting almond in it. I hate almond. I was able to take it all out. I used the KA for mixing the sugar in and the buttercream tured out very nice. I would just like to know why my Kitchen Aid doesn't like me. What am I doing wrong?????

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weirkd Posted 22 Jan 2009 , 10:16pm
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Your butter should be at room temperature when you go to cream it but what speed are you using and are you scraping the sides of the bowl at anytime? I know cake mixes have to be mixed for a while to get all the powder lumps out of them.

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teswade Posted 22 Jan 2009 , 10:52pm
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Is the blade supposed hit the sides of the bowl. Mine comes very close but if I turn it on with nothing in it, it dosen't make a noise like it scrapes it or anything. I am also afraid to over beat things. I don't think I have ever gone above the third speed.

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weirkd Posted 22 Jan 2009 , 11:08pm
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No, it shouldnt hit the side of the bowl or run the very bottom. If it does, then there is a screw to adjust it. I know mine was touching the bottom of the bowl and my paddle actually warn the white off of it! So I called KA and they told me about the screw.
But you should stop a few times inbetween beating and scrape the sides of the bowl so that all your ingredients combines. Also, with buttercream, your going to want a higher speed to incorporate everything. So like a three maybe to start and then a four or five. When your incorporating flour, then its good to go slow so that you dont splash it out of the bowl. But only its incorporated, you should be picking up your speed so everything gets mixed correctly. As far as overbeating, I wouldnt worry about it. Unless your keeping it on there for a LONG time, your ok.
Also, you can look at your KA book that came with your mixer for suggestions on speeds. And if you still have problems, go ahead and call the help desk they have. Their very nice and more than willing to go through the steps with you to see what is wrong. They stand behind their product! Thats why their such a great company!

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keyshia Posted 22 Jan 2009 , 11:14pm
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When I first got mine, it did the same thing. I had this love/hate relationship with it! Then one day, the more I used it, the more I undertsood it. give it time, I'm sure things will work out. I still don't care much for it when I use cake mixes, but LOVE it for other cake recipes and my bc icing! icon_smile.gif Good luck.

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weirkd Posted 22 Jan 2009 , 11:59pm
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You just have to mix cake mixes for a while on a higher speed to incorporate all the powder lumps, but trust me, it will do it!

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Jayde Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 1:35am
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Sift your cake mix too, beffore you mix it with your wet ingredients. That will reduce the amount of lumps drastically.

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Lady_Phoenix Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 1:49am
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I find it helps if I add part of the wet ingredients to the bowl before I add the dry. Seems to make it easier for the KA to incorporate it faster.

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4kids Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 3:14am
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I would definitely look at the manual to make sure you have everything set up right. I had mine set to the smaller bowl size when I was using the larger bowl to mix in. I just didn't see the little switch. After I figured it out, I fell in love with it. KA's take a little getting used to.

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emrldsky Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 2:49pm
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If you're still having issues with incorporating everything, and you have an extra $25 to spend, look into getting a Beater Blade. I got one for Christmas and I LOVE it!!!

Either way, good luck!

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dinas27 Posted 23 Jan 2009 , 7:59pm
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my first question is how much stuff you are trying to mix in there?

I have a 5 qt. bowl and you need quite a bit of stuff in there to have it mix nicely. If I'm mixing just one batch of cake (scratch) I just use my hand mixer because it does a better job. I love my mixer for buttercream though and creaming larger volumes of butter/sugar/eggs for cake mix.

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teswade Posted 24 Jan 2009 , 12:05am
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Thanks for all the help. You guys are the greatest!

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