I Want To See Your Favorite Holiday Picture

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Tita9499 Posted 9 Jan 2009 , 8:16pm
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I was in another forum regarding laundry and I came across a picture my hubby took of me when we were on our way out to a Christmas party. I thought it was hilarious because of the way I was looking at him and it made me start thinking,

What picture did you take this holiday season that makes you smile, crack up laughing or has an interesting story behind it. IF I get any responses, I'll post my pic and tell you the story behind it.

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eldag0615 Posted 9 Jan 2009 , 10:54pm
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I found it, yuppy!! icon_biggrin.gif Let me start with posting some pictures that I love. Here in South Texas, on the border with Mexico, it very hot, we never have a white Christmas, last time it snowed here was on Christmas day 2004, and they say before that it snowed in 1967. Well, my 15 yo boy was saying he wished we had a white Christmas, so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 10 spray bottles of that white fake snow and hid them and on Christmas day I sprayed part of the yard. My sister asked me : How much did you spend on that? I said: who cares! My son's reaction is priceless to me for everything else there is master card. Well, when 2 of my boys went outside, the other one was sleeping and the oldest one is in Taiwan, they were so happy with the "snow", they were doing snow angels, they covered some oranges with the white stuff so they would look like snow balls, and as you can see even in the garden of eden snowed! He is going to kill me if he know I posted his picture. Let me resize the pics. and post them. They are too big

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Tita9499 Posted 9 Jan 2009 , 11:07pm
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So my DH and I are never able to get out because of our twins (and since we moved to El Paso, there's not many people we trust to watch our kids). So my mom came to visit and she told us we'd BETTER go out on a date (didn't take much persuading).

So I get all decked out and looking fabulous (so I thought). We decided we're going to this Christmas party and right before we head out the door my DH's like, "Lemme get a picture of you by the tree". So I stop and put in my "I'm 30 and looking FAB-U-LOUS!" pose and I hear my husband murmuring, "OOOOH, I'm gonna get my "laundry done" tonight!"

What the picture doesn't show is the 5 minutes of me snorting (what I call laughing) and falling into the tree, almost taking it down. Oh, yeah, I looked real sexy then...hopefully it's not too big to post...

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eldag0615 Posted 9 Jan 2009 , 11:42pm
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You DO look fabulous thumbs_up.gif How old are your twins? You don't look like you were pregnant with twins, I had single pregnancies and always got so big that EVERY time after I delivered my baby, my mom used to say: Are you sure you don't have another one in there? I forgave her because she was my mother. Well, with my third one my dr. said I had what they call a "water"twin, just a bag with water, and another one with the baby. Well, here are the pictures. Oh, I forgot to give a jacket or sweater to my boys to make it look more credible. They could barely open their eyes because of sunlight! icon_lol.gif

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Tita9499 Posted 9 Jan 2009 , 11:59pm
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That is so hilarious. That shows you're a great mom. I would never even think of painting the rock lawn I have in front of my house!
My babies are 3 years old. You would've definitely known I had twins if you saw me whan I was pregnant, I was HUGE!!
I always laugh at that picture because the moment after was so hilariously funny! Thanks for sharing!

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eldag0615 Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 12:39am
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Wow, 3 years old. I wonder how you have time to bake much less to do laundry! Forget the time, the energy, I bet they are everywhere. Deep inside of me, I always wanted to have twins, my mother in law is a twin and she had twins, and on my mom's side there are several pairs of twins too. Well, too late now. But that is what I said 15 years ago, when I had my "last" child, I got "fixed" like we call it here, tubes cut, burned, the works, and 7 years later to the month I got pregnant, I guess my machine was still functioning reaaaally good. I was 36 and when my oldest son had his senior band night presentation at the high school, I had to walk in the stadium, my husband and I, to get a rose and a pin from my son with a huge bump! a senior son and pregnant, that plus we have a 10 year old grandson from our daughter (my husband had 2 girls when we got married from a previous marriage), but I would not dare complain, children are a precious gift from God. His name is Samuel, like the prophet. I won't bore you anymore. Hope somebody else posts more pics.

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Tita9499 Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 1:11am
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I actually sometimes view doing laundry as a break from the monotony of everyday life. I love having twins, but it's so hard sometimes.
I quit working when I found out I was pregnant and I have since then proceeded to teach them everything under the sun. The speak 2 languages fluently (Spanish and English), proficient in sign language and know a little German. They know their ABC's, numbers, months of the year, colors, shapes, and how to tell time (in both languages). They know how to load a dishwasher, sort clothes for laundry, make their beds, pray, recite Bible verses...all because I don't have a life and I think if I don't teach them I'm a bad mom. I've had family members actually tell me to leave them alone because their heads are going to explode. SO! I guess being a stay at home mom of twins isn't all that fun for the twins!
MY SONS NAME IS SAMUEL TOO! I named him Samuel Eliseo (Elisha). Samuel because I felt like Hannah as long as I had to wait and Eliseo because he was a rockin' prophet as well who didn't screw up as bad as Elijah. My daughter's (I have fraternal boy/girl twins) name is Abigail Salomé (Abigail because it means my Father's (heavenly Father) joy and Salomé because it means peace). Most people (Catholics mostly) are all confused with her middle name, but it was the name of James and John's (the sons of Zebedee) mom who asked Jesus if her sons could sit at His right and left hand in the Kingdom. I figured, she must be a bold woman to do that so, there you go.

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eldag0615 Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 2:18am
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But you Do have a life, it is the life that you chose to live, and what better choice than having your babies all for yourself for as long as you can. thumbs_up.gif It takes a bold woman to leave behind or pause the "rewards" of a career. There is no better teacher on this earth for them than YOU. I can see you crying the first day they go to kindergarden. I am guilty of that, I didn't even wanted them to attend pre-k because once they HAVE TO GO to school, time will not come back so you can teach them real values. When I met my DH, he had 2 girls 5 @ 7 and I had one boy 2 weeks shy of 5, I got married at 17 and as a good hispanic "woman" I wanted babies right away. My Husband died in a crash 7 months later, so I was widowed and pregnant at 18. 5 years later I met my husband, and how we met is another story worth of another thread, believe me, and 5 weeks later we got married! Yes, 5 weeks, that is 21 years ago this past 12-21. I quit working too to take care of my boy and got the girls every other year for like 3 years till they decided to stay with us. I don't regret it one bit! And you are right, doing laundry is a much needed break everytime you have a chance. My DH and I were talking about it 2 weeks ago, with the boys in so many activities, we don't dedicate much time to ourselves, so you can say laundry is our only distraction ( as a couple). We go to our 18 y o son's mariachi concerts @ the Univ. EVERY band @ drama activ. for my 15 yo and folklorico with Samuel, but that is as a family not couple.My dad's name was Eliseo, he passed away 9 years ago, suddenly, heart attack, my mom p a last year on mothers day, the most HORRIBLE thing in the world. I named my son Samuel, because when I found out I was preg. I was praying asking the Lord to help me ( I was scared) and not let the baby be in the tubes, after that, I opened my bible and it was 1st. Samuel, right there I KNEW it was a boy and his name was Samuel, eventhough I did not ask for him, it was God sent. my sisters told me I was crazy, what if it was Judas, or some other name? I told them, if it was my imagination, it was going to be a girl, but I knew it ws a boy, so he is Samuel, not Sammy, not Sam/ Well, after my biography, keep doing laundry everytime you have a chance so you won't loose your sanity and take care of your precious babies.

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Melvira Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 2:32am
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Hey Tita, I found your thread! I love that pic of you... so damn sassy!! Watch it boys... she's on the prowl! Hahahaha! LOVE it! ANd you ARE lookin' fine! And I can imagine how funny that was with you cracking up and knocking over the tree! Too bad you weren't video taping it, you could win ten thousand dollars!

Hmmmm... I don't have any funny stories from XMas this year... it was such a quiet event for once. Pretty unusual around here. But I bet if you give me a little time, I can dig up something good for you!! Let me think a minute!

And I'm a SAHM too, as well as running my cake business, and I'll tell you, these boys are the most important job a person could have. Never undervalue what you are doing... it's the best job, and the hardest! (Some days the most heart breaking!)

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Tita9499 Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 5:03am
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You both are so right.

eldag: isn't it alway fun being from a culture that values you for how many babies you produce? I felt so bad when I didn't get pregnant right away- and even worse when the first question out of everyone's mouths to my DH and I was: "So when are you going to have a baby?"
I really do enjoy my babies, they're soooo goofy so half the time I'm looking at them with this look on my face like, "Where in the world did you learn that one?" The other half, me and them are running around the house screaming at the tops of our lungs having a ball.

Melvira: You definitely hit the nail on the head when you said it's one of the hardest jobs I've ever had to do. I think the looming weight of failing at being a good mom is what haunts me the most. I feel like I have to teach them so much because I want them to be equipped, but then I step back and I'm like, "Whoa! They're 3, they have a lot of time to learn about this stuff". I love looking at them and watching their minds think, and then having them catch me staring at them and flashing me a big, cheesy grin. That makes the hard days a lot easier to deal with.

You'd better come up with something though Melvira. You're like a stand-up comic, I know you have a bag full of laughs laying around somewhere...if you DID SOME LAUNDRY you may find it. LOL!

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eldag0615 Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 8:23pm
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You are right Tita, we waited to get pregnant more than 1 year after my 2nd. marriage and my mom used to say: Please, have a baby, at least one, I want to see a "sample" of you 2. Does not sound the same in english; "De perdido tengan la muestra", after the "sample baby" she wanted to see a little girl, etc. It was sure fun loading the machine so often. I really hope to see more pics.

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Melvira Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 8:33pm
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Well, let me tell you laides... Mom-pressure to get 'knocked up' is not cornered by the mom's of spanish descent!! icon_lol.gif My mother, the ultimate 'give me babies' whiner... whew, she is insatiable! I waited until I was 27 to get married... she was whining that I didn't HAVE to be married to get pregnant. Gee mom, thanks for explaining that one to me, because I was totally confused on that issue. Anyway, we wait SOOOO long to get pregnant (I wasn't really healthy, needed to get healthy first!) that she thought we weren't going to have kids. She lost control when I told her... we didn't warn anyone that we were going to try... we wanted to surprise people. She went SONIC when I told her. Only dogs could hear her, and it was painful to them! icon_lol.gif So, she thought he was the most amazing thing on earth, but she was whining about #2 before he was even a month old. I waited three years for #2, and again she didn't think we were going to have any more. Now this one just turned 7 months and she's still whining for a girl! Sheesh... talk about never satisfied! I mean, I'd love a little girl, but I'm so in love with my boys that it's ok if it never happens.

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eldag0615 Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 8:51pm
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I can relate to that.Everytime a grandchild was born you could hear my mom and aunts like chickens on the hosp. nursery trying to guess which one was her GCH before you told her. Everytime I went to buy clothes for my boys, I ended up in the girls department, so many cute things! And the worst part? I think I inherited that. My oldest son just turned 26 and I told him that I want a GD, get this, the last straw! and to pleeeease name her after ME icon_redface.gificon_cry.gif at least the middle name, he just looked at me like : you DEFINETLY are going nuts. I think menopause is getting me hard. icon_lol.gif One day sorting through old things I found some tiny dresses from when I was a baby, and asked my son if he had a girl if she could wear them, again that look, and he said: just for pictures icon_lol.gif Now he is in Taiwan teaching and her girlfriend (from Portland) in Beijing for a year, I miss them so much icon_sad.gif Now, to my almost 19 yo I tell him, NO kids now, college first. And you love your children so much you don't care if they are boys or girls.

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eldag0615 Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 9:33pm
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At the risk of looking like the psycho on the "doing laundry" thread, I posted some more pics. One is of my son in Taipei, Taiwan, and the other ones are not from Christmas but if my children find out I did not included all of them, they kill me. When you see me, you will understand why I don't like pictures taken of me, (and I really try not to eat much cake and frosting) well, "much" is in the mouth of the beholder. Here is a picture of Christmas in Taipei, that is my handsome boy! icon_biggrin.gif The girls are our daughters, I don't like the word SD, God adopted me when I accepted Jesus and he calls me His daughter not her SD. I hope you don't mind Tita that not all of them are from Christmas icon_smile.gif

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Tita9499 Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 10:43pm
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Your son looks like he's a missionary (in a good way). I also hate the "step" word. I have 5 babies total, three are from my DH's first marriage. I miss them terribly you'd think I gave birth to them myself.

Melvira, you had it rough. I got to the point where when anyone (even moms) would ask me "When are you going to get pregnant?" I'd get a look on my face like someone died and say, "Didn't you know? I'm infertile, I can't have children". They'd start crying like, "OMG, I had no idea, I'm so sorry. It's okay, you can adopt" Then I'd tell them I was just kidding but that they should never ask a woman that question because they don't know if she is really infertile.

The dog thing is so funny.But this is even more hilarious:

While I was still trying to get pregnant, my mom was getting ready to be put on a chemo-type medication to slow down her MS. Even though she was 55 at the time and had her tubes tied when I was born (27 years ago) they made her take a pregnancy test. So she did, and yes, it came back positive. So she calls and she's like, "Tita, you know how you've been asking God for a baby?" I'm like..."Yeaaaaah?" She's all, "The angel screwed up and brought me one instead. I"m pregnant" I seriously threw down the phone and yelled, "YOU"VE GOTTA BE KIDDIN" ME GOD! THIS IS SOO NOT FUNNY!" I was pissed!
Turns out it was a false positive and a month later I found I was pregnant.

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Melvira Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 11:36pm
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OMG Tita, did you know it's almost impossible to get a false positive?? They must've had human error along the way! Too funny though, can you imagine if she was? Whew.

And eldag0615, you are beautiful. Never be uncomfortable showing your lovely self here. We don't judge. Well, ok, we judge other people's cakes... buuuuut, not their bodies! You have a very kind face. And your kids are so great looking! What a handsome crew! You are a lucky woman.

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Tita9499 Posted 10 Jan 2009 , 11:47pm
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She does have a face hat would make you tell "all your business to" (Maybe that's why I'm doing it on here? LOL!

I think all of us are some fine lookin' women. Our DH's should worship the ground we float across!

Yeah, Melvira, my DH's a lab tech so when I told him he's like, "Wow, the VA Hospital must have some real winners working in their lab". I'm just glad it was negative. I would've probably been raising my half Puerto Rican, half Korean sister as my daughter because her mother would've been the age of her grandmother...huh? I just confused myself.

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sugarwishes Posted 11 Jan 2009 , 1:00am
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I just saw this thread and thinks its such a great idea!!! BUT unfortunately i didn't take ANY, not one! picture this christmas icon_sad.gif so how bout changing it to "show me your favorite picture of yourself and family"????? that would probably be a lot easier

anyway, tita you're gorgeous!!!!!i love that dress too, its a really great photo. eldag0615, you really look like you have a wonderful family. why don't you like taking pictures again? you look beautiful, you should keep having your picture taken!!!!!

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Tita9499 Posted 11 Jan 2009 , 1:05am
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Okay, I hereby change the title of this thread to "SHOW ME YOUR FAV PIC OF YOU AND YOUR FAM". <gavel bangs> It is done! Go for it, show me a picture...

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Tita9499 Posted 11 Jan 2009 , 1:06am
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That was a little rude of me...thank you for the compliment I really am humbled. I just wish he would've taken it after the not so "gourgeous" tumble. LOL!

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Melvira Posted 11 Jan 2009 , 1:22am
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Ok, since we've changed the title I can show an amusing pic that I took this morning. I don't know what came over me... I was just combing his hair as usual, and all of a sudden went 'against the grain' and started cracking up. Of course he laughed because Mommy was laughing! (This is my youngest of the two)

Now, no teasing about the hideous wallpaper... it was my grandma's house before we bought it and I haven't redone that room yet. (It's like a multipurpose play room for their scads of toys with changing table for our after bath needs, it's at the bottom of the list.)

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eldag0615 Posted 11 Jan 2009 , 1:57am
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Thank you for all the compliments, icon_redface.gif I had no idea there were new posts here,I have not been getting any emails for the new posts. Lv the baby's hair ! so cute. I LOVE being behind the camera, not in front, I have gained so much weight over the years that people that have not seen me in years when they see me they ask: What happened to you! tapedshut.gif Most of those indiscreet people should have a look at themselves first, and a picture of them next to them 10 years ago, but I rather take it gracefully. icon_smile.gif

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Melvira Posted 11 Jan 2009 , 3:41am
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Ok, so, as mentioned, we have to give the kids equal time... and since mine are both cute, you know I've got to show them off! Hehehe. So here is a cute pic of my oldest wearing his construction hat. This is my baby with the cleft lip and palate. You can see already they've done some marvelous work!

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jules06 Posted 11 Jan 2009 , 4:41am
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You all have beautiful families !! Melvira - your 2 little boys are very cute !!
This photo of myself was taken at xmas ( I don't have a lot of photos "cos I always end up looking hideous in them !! icon_lol.gif )

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eldag0615 Posted 11 Jan 2009 , 5:05am
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Indeed they did a GREAT job,Melvira, you can barely tell and that is because you mentioned it. What a handsome construction worker . Jules, you look the farthest from hideous.

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Tita9499 Posted 11 Jan 2009 , 8:41pm
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All of you look beautiful. It's good to see a face to put with all the funny comments! Melvira, tell your babies to stay away because like Gloria the HIPPO in Madagascar said so eloquently: "They're so cute they make me wanna dunk them in my coffee". Your babies are precious, precious, precious!.

Maybe I'll post some of my little goofballs. Lemme see if I find any hilarious ones.

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Melvira Posted 12 Jan 2009 , 1:29am
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Oh yah, Jules, you're so ugly that if I looked like you I'd only post pictures of myself EVERYWHERE!! You're a doll! I'm not nearly as ugly as my pictures, but I just don't photograph well. Never have.

Thank you all for the compliments on my little guys. They are the sunshine of my life, and I know I'm biased, but I just don't think it gets much cuter than that! icon_rolleyes.gif My youngest could easily be the Gerber baby! You should see him when he's looking at the camera. Yowza! That's a pretty baby!

I wanna see yours Tita! I love twins! I was almost certain my youngest was going to be twins. But no... he's just cute enough for two babies! Hehehe.

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jules06 Posted 12 Jan 2009 , 3:34am
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icon_redface.gif Thanks Elga & Melvira ! Believe me, for every 1 good photo of moi, there are 100 deleted ones !!! icon_wink.gificon_lol.gif

Now I bet Tita has tons of good photos of herself!! icon_razz.gif I'll have to see if I can post a pic of my daughter - she IS gorgeous !!!

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Tita9499 Posted 12 Jan 2009 , 4:21am
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Whaddya talkin' bout Melvira, you don't photo well? You look like you got some fabulousness goin' on in your avatar. I can read your mind in that pic..."Yeah, I'm fine, I'm glad you realized that..."

Jules: You can bet, but you'd lose a LOT of money. I don't like taking pictures because I'm always self-concious of what's out of place or what's showing. I avoid cameras like the plague, but when it comes to shooting my babies, I'm a crazy person. That, or photos when we travel. I have some AWESOME pics from when we went to Greece.
Here are some of my cuchitos (a corny little nickname for my babies)...first one is of my DD: Abigail, the next one is of my DS: Samuel and the last is on our way to the El Paso rodeo.

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jammjenks Posted 12 Jan 2009 , 4:22am
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I hate myself in pictures too. I'll add a few pictures that I like.

I explained them in their captions.

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