Am I Being Too Sensitive???????

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YouTakeTheCake Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 12:38am
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Ok admittedly I have used other decorators cake ideas...after all that is what cake central is all about...sharing your work and ideas with other decorators........ however I have made it a practice (out of courtesy to the other decorator) if I decide to post a picture of a cake I made using another decorators idea....I always include the decorators CC name as my inspiration......especially if I have created an almost identical copy......

So my question it too sensitive of me to be a little sad that I popped onto CC today and under popular thanksgiving cakes I see an almost exact replica of a cake I made in 2006 and it had no mention of my cake......... or is it really considered ok to use someone elses idea and give no credit at least for the original Idea......

Thanks for listening

I have attached the picture of the cake I made in 2006....

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sari66 Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 1:19am
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In a word yes. Not being mean or anything but maybe the person who made the cake didn't remember who did it. I know there are thousand of pics here and ppl get inspiration from lots of different sites, they saw yours saved it then forgot where the heck it came from!
I wouldn't be sad, flattered but not sad.

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kelleym Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 1:28am
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Yes. Just let it go, your blood pressure will thank you. Lovely cake, by the way. icon_smile.gif

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indydebi Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 1:49am
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Yes, you're being too sensitive. Instead of being "a little sad" that your cake was duplicated, you should be ecstatic that someone thought your work was so awesome that they wanted to try it!

And you may not be the first one to do this cake. The first time I wrapped a ribbon around a cake is most likely not the first time a ribbon was wrapped around a cake.

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KathysCC Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 2:02am
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No, I do not think you are being too sensitive. I have heard the argument that no design is an original but that is just not true. I know which of my cakes is a truly original design of my own and which is an exact copy. I also know when I am making a cake that is a hodge-podge of many ideas.

Many people save photos to their computer and then look at that photo while making an exact duplicate of someone else's cake. I have seen it time and time again. And yes, I do think the original designer should be given credit in that instance. It isn't right to post a cake here without some acknowledgement of where you got the design.

If you make an exact or almost exact copy of someone's cake and then post a picture here or anywhere else, I think the original designer should be given credit.

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akgirl10 Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 6:55am
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You might be a little sensitive. I posted my daughter's birthday cake a couple weeks ago, then just the other day was perusing someone else's photos and guess what-a very, very similar design popped up. Now, I know I wasn't overly original in my design, but I'm also certain I didn't copy another's cake design to the point where i should give credit.

It's a very lovely cake though, beautiful.

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tootie0809 Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 12:14pm
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I have to agree with the others that have said you're being too sensitive. If it ever gets to the point on CC where we can't post any pics of cakes that we've done that have any sort of resemblence or inspiration to other cakes seen on here without giving written credit to the "original" designer without hurting people's feelings, I'll just give up looking at or posting pics all together. Or maybe when we post a pic and give the description of the cake we should all put something like "please credit _________ if you ever take any idea from this cake photo and replicate it in any way, shape, or form." I'm sorry, but I think we are all here to inspire each other and help with ideas and tips and support without being worried about publicly crediting any ideas we've collected from this wonderful site to the "original" designer. BTW, your cake is beautiful. icon_smile.gif

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pastryjen Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 1:05pm
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I'm sure it can be a bit sad for you but...I once did a cake from the top of my head and it wasn't until about 6 months later, I saw something almost identical to mine posted years before. I didn't credit because I didn't know it existed.

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cakesbycathy Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 2:14pm
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Sorry, but yes. There are plenty of cases where people use another photo (or multiple photos) for inspiration, but then forget who made the original cake and therefore can't give them credit.

Frankly, it should be flattering enough that someone liked your cake enough and was inspired to recreate your design.

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Carolynlovescake Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 3:03pm
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What if this person had asbolutely no idea you had done a cake like theirs?

I have been teaching for awhile and I can't tell you how many times I've seen similar cakes in both design and color for the end of C3 but months apart. I ask "did you get that idea from the student pictures on my site" and the student looks crushed and said "no I thought this was an original."

Sometimes a design just happens to be close to another.

Your cake is stunning too btw. thumbs_up.gif

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dailey Posted 19 Nov 2008 , 4:17pm
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seriously, is it *really* that big of a deal that it made you sad? yes, you are being too sensitive...

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indydebi Posted 20 Nov 2008 , 12:06am
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Originally Posted by CarolynGwen

.... the student looks crushed and said "no I thought this was an original."

Hubby does stand up comedy and he'll come downstairs and try out a new bit on me. He's devistated when I tell him, "It was funnier when Seinfeld (or Foxworthy, etal) did it." He goes nuts and says, "No way! I just sat up there and wrote this myself!" icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

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