Is It Me, Or My Tip??

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Callyssa Posted 11 Nov 2008 , 4:29pm
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I used Wilton's mini-bear pan for the first time last weekend; no problems, and it looks very cute (but very fat also). I tried to cover it using my grass tip, also Wilton, and had major issues the entire time! Out of one hole more icing would always come out faster than the others so I always had this one long piece hanging. Then I couldn't get the "fur' to pipe out short and uniform, it looked very scraggly, like none of the holes are the same size, and because the bear was so fat to begin with, he now looks like an Ewok!!! If I get brave enough, I MAY post the picture because it is rather amusing to look at!

I'm wondering if it's just a problem with my tip, or if not, does anyone have suggestions how to use the grass tip to replicate fur? Also, I kept getting a definite pattern to it even though I tried placing it in a more random position. I also could see through to the cake in several spots, but couldn't figure how to crumbcoat such a tiny as well as molded cake.

I really want to put this on top of a baby shower cake I'm doing, but not looking like an Ewok!!!

Also, if there's a better way to achieve a cute furry little bear without using that pan I'm more than willing to try anything! Thank you all!

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Tinaweena197 Posted 11 Nov 2008 , 6:26pm
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Now I'm not a pro or anything, and I've never had that same problem, but do you think maybe it was the consistancy of the icing? It could have warmed up where you were holding the bag, making it pipe out of that once hole faster.

To replicate fur I would just make it very short icing "strings".

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mommicakes Posted 11 Nov 2008 , 6:58pm
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I have noticed sometimes when I use that tip, that if there is even a little lump in the icing, it will clog the holes in it. Also I agree with previous post, if the temperature of the icing is too warm, it will act funny too. Recheck your icing for any kind of lumps and chill it for a little while. This might help.

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kakeladi Posted 11 Nov 2008 , 7:15pm
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It could be a combination. When using any tip w/very small openings it's best to strain your icing. I bet you had tiny 'lumps' that caused it to plug up.
To strain icing: Get a knee high stocking OR cut a leg off a pr of panty hose (be *sure* it is clean);put it on your hand like a glove; fill your palm w/icing; now take it off by turning it inside out (covering the icing inside); now just push the icing thru the stocking. Yah, it's messy, but the results are sooooooo worth iticon_smile.gif

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mommy_of_3_DDs Posted 11 Nov 2008 , 7:15pm
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I used the big bear pan and that tip and yes it is a royal PITA to get it to look like fur! Use 2 bags of icing and rotate them so they are always cool (put one in a cooler with some ice packs (not quite as cold as the fridge)

Good luck next time and I can't wait to see a pic!

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cocobean Posted 11 Nov 2008 , 7:16pm
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I've had the same problem before. I think it can be a combination of the tip and a little bump in the icing. I've decided to keep several of those tips on hand and change them out when this happens! thumbs_up.gif

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Callyssa Posted 11 Nov 2008 , 8:38pm
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Dang.......I thought you were all going to say it was because it was a Wilton tip, and I wouldn't have that problem with a different brand!! icon_wink.gif Sigh......well, I guess I'll have to strain, and yes, the icing did change consistency once it warmed up in my hand. But the one hole that it kept coming out of faster still did that no matter what position it was in in my hand. I took a T-pin and tried to open the holes a little more and it fit in some, and not in others, so definitely they're not the same size. Maybe I'll get a new one and see what happens.

Any suggestions on making a different teddy bear, instead of an Ewok??

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Chippi Posted 11 Nov 2008 , 11:01pm
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Maybe try sifting your powdered sugar first? icon_smile.gif

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Callyssa Posted 14 Nov 2008 , 6:45pm
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Sorry, I forgot to thank you again! I've bought a new tip, and will strain the icing tonight to see how it works. I do always sift my ps first, but I think those holes in the tip are smaller than the ones in my strainer, so the nylon trick should get those. I hope so! Thanks again!

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soygurl Posted 14 Mar 2009 , 11:05am
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Originally Posted by Callyssa

Any suggestions on making a different teddy bear, instead of an Ewok??

Maybe try making "shorter" fur? I think longer fur can look really scraggly if it's on a smaller scale KWIM? icon_confused.gif Maybe that would help with your Ewok syndrome? icon_lol.gif

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