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JanH Posted 13 Jan 2007 , 8:11pm
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You are too kind icon_smile.gif

Thanks for making MY day thumbs_up.gif

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boonenati Posted 13 Jan 2007 , 9:51pm
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Originally Posted by JoanneK

Can you use something other then the whiskey in this?

You can substitute the whiskey for other types of alcohol, as mentioned by another poster, brandy, kahlua, tia maria, bayleys, butterscotch schnaps all works well. They all add a different flavour.
If you cannot have alcohol in it at all, then you can always change the whiskey for water, the extra liquid is required because the cocoa dries out the mix, whiskey evaporates a lot quicker than water so use only 3.5 tablespoons instead. It still works, and the difference in flavour is not great. In my opinion the secret to getting a really great mud is to have a really good quality cocoa. I have changed cocoa a few times with this recipe and found it makes a huge difference. The type im using at the moment is Edlyn which i was told was Italian but have since found out that it is actually made here in Australia with imported ingredients icon_wink.gif

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CarolAnn Posted 13 Jan 2007 , 10:14pm
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My thanks to all who posted links to the conversions etc. I guess I'm really lazy because I'd reather purchase the metric measuring spoons and cups than mess around converting everything each time. And forget even trying to remember the conversions, that ain't going to happen. For the chocolate buttons I'm calling them chocolate chips. Thanks for all the help. You've come thru as usual.

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boonenati Posted 13 Jan 2007 , 10:27pm
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Originally Posted by nefgaby

Can I use regular sugar, you know, the stuff you add to your coffee?

Yup, you sure can : )
The reason i use castor sugar (that is what it's called in Australia icon_biggrin.gif) is because since the granules are so small it makes creaming butter with sugar a lot quicker, for buttercakes it's very important. I do use it for all my baking BUT for mudcakes having castor sugar is not as important as in a buttercake. The flavour will be exactly the same.

I just wanted to make another point on measuring with cups. Our cups in Australia are a different size as pointed out by Tkeys, our cups are 250mls as opposed to your 240ml ones. Also our spoons are also different.

I would suggest that all those of you that have scales, if you can use those you will get a much better result. I was pointing out to Tkeys earlier that


Using scales is a lot more accurate when baking than using cups. Even if you convert the chocolate buttons to cups, the amount of choc you use will depend on the size of the buttons, if you use tiny buttons you will get a lot more in your cup than if you use large buttons, or if you use a block and chop it up yourself. If you use scales, regardless of wether you use large buttons, tiny ones or a whole chocolate block, the amount of chocolate will be exactly the same. The same issue with the flour, if you measure it prior to sifting or after sifting, you will get different amounts of flour, using scales for this is also more accurate.

I have a set of scales that i bought from eBay that cost me around AU$50 (US$39) including shipping, they weigh up to 15 pounds, and you can either weigh in pounds or grams.
This is the one

It's fantastic!! I could bake without a lot of things, but I could not bake without my scales (and oven of course icon_rolleyes.gif )


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nefgaby Posted 14 Jan 2007 , 12:27am
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Thanks so much Nati, JanH and Tkeys!!!! I really appreciate your help and time!! I do have a scale so will use that instead of having to convert everything. Thanks again everybody!!!!!!!!

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adoo67 Posted 3 Feb 2014 , 12:47pm
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AIs this cake good for under fondant?

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