R.i.p. My Beloved Pro6 Kitchenaid :(

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Cakepro Posted 7 Sep 2008 , 6:14pm
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Well, I had taken my beloved Cinnamon Red Pro 6 KitchenAid over to my mom's house to do a little baking over there this past Tuesday. When I came home, I pushed the button to open the Suburban door (it opens upward) and stepped back to allow it to open.

My 6qt KitchenAid, which had been nestled snugly in the back amongst some other things that should have anchored it in there securely, fell backwards out of the Suburban, bounced on the concrete driveway hard enough to get completely airborne again, and then landed.

I was sick. The fall had taken the paint off down to the metal in several spots and chewed up the rubber/plastic grip on the lift-bowl handle. It also caused the hub to shoot halfway out of the mixer (the part that lifts up to allow you to insert the various attachments).

She gave me a few more batches of buttercream over the weekend but finally completely crapped out last night. The mixer turns on but doesn't spin, so I guess the gear box is stripped out or something.

BOO HOO HOO!!! icon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gif

The good news is that I went to the KitchenAid website and ordered a refurbished Pro6 in the same color and used a promotional code that someone had posted which took $50 off the price and gave me free shipping - making it $190! LOL

And the best news of all is that it didn't fall on my foot. I think it may have caused a serious injury had it fallen on my foot.

Can't wait to get my replacement!

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VannaD Posted 7 Sep 2008 , 6:22pm
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Im sorry for your loss, you have my deepest sympathy icon_lol.gif Good job on getting such a great deal, i didn't even know that KA sold refurbished mixers, ill have to look into that. But really im sorry about your mixer, i can just imagine that happening in slow motion, and not being able to stop it.

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Jasmine33 Posted 7 Sep 2008 , 6:24pm
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Sorry to hear that. How many qts is the new one? What watts? Is the promo still good?

If you got a 6qt for that price I would probably want to jump on that! I have a 5 qt now, 325 watts.

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lardbutt Posted 7 Sep 2008 , 6:38pm
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AWW, may she rest in peace! Poor thing, she tried to hold on. icon_cry.gif

I hope your new adoption goes well! You too will be so close in no time at all. icon_lol.gif

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seagoat Posted 7 Sep 2008 , 6:39pm
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So sorry about your loss. I think I'll be devastated when mine goes. 10 years and she is still going strong..my lil firecracker..

Good to see you hooked up with another so soon. Makes it less painful that way.



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tonicake Posted 7 Sep 2008 , 7:02pm
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KA's are like really great companions (like a pet). When one passes we will love and miss it for ever it seems, but we always find a new one to fill the gap.

I too, had a loss with my first KA (about a year ago) and gave it to my sis. Of course her husband can fix anything and it now works.

Anyway, I looked and looked for just the perfect KA and found a new love. So,I really don't miss my first love anymore . Just give it a little time.(LOL)


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Cakepro Posted 7 Sep 2008 , 9:38pm
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LOL, y'all are funny. icon_smile.gif

I will post the promo code when my mixer leaves their warehouse. They did charge my card but I haven't received a shipping notification, and I don't want to jinx my order because I believe the coupon was a glitch in their system. It wasn't supposed to be used in their "clearance outlet" but the website took it anyway.

For the person who asked what size mixer I ordered, it was a 6 quart (Professional 6) in Cinnamon Red...just like my poor deceased mixer. icon_smile.gif


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Denise Posted 8 Sep 2008 , 5:46am
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Gee Cake Pro...that bites the big one! Too bad you're not that LUCKY girl that won the really cute silver BRAND NEW KA at the Southeast Texas Day of Sharing last April in Winnie, Texas. Bless her heart, she was so excited about winning a mixer. Maybe you can call her and get her to give you a mixer...let me check around and see if I can dig up her name for you...it was susan...no....sally....no...maybe it was Sharon? Was it Samantha or Sandy? Hummmm can't remember but I bet she will let you HAVE it!

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Kim_in_CajunCountry Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 4:49pm
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You have my deepest sympathies... My KA is less than six months old so I would be devastated if that happened. But it's good thing it didn't fall on your foot or a small child or animal. That would have been bad. I have to store mine in a base cabinet and everytime I use it I pull a muscle in my back lifting it out or setting it back in. I've often thought about what would happen if I accidentally dropped it on my foot. But being a safety nut (and having bad feet), I always work in closed toe crocs, which would probably cushion the blow, but might not prevent bones from being crushed!

Anyhoo, glad you've adopted a gently used sweetie. I'm sure you'll bond in no time!

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deliciously_decadent Posted 30 Sep 2008 , 8:46am
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oooooh i feel you!!! i remember the mixer i purchased when i really want a KA but couldn't quite scrape enough money together nor was i sure i was going to be able to earn enough making cakes to warrant the purchase (oh how i wish i could go back and slap my former self!!! LOL!!!) anyway bought a nearly as good model and one that is tried and tested in Australia for many many years (pretty sure my grandma had one) any way 5 weeks into my purchase i was mixing uo a batch of fondant when i could smell something funny and sure enough lovely think black smoke started billowing out the top of my gorgeous retro white and silver mixer!! i freaked unplugged it and ran it outside where i left it while i ran back inside incase the bloody thing blew up or something. purched behind a window i watched as finally the smoke stopped so i crept out to investigate and it was red hot to the touch and stunk. i rang the company who first of thought i was joking as they have never heard of a mixer doing this. then i put it in the car and take ot to the repair shop (by the time i get there my car now stinks of the burnt smell -and i am guessing so do i!!) the electrician is shocked, his wife is shocked,he then calls in his dad and his aprentice and they are shocked - aparently no one has ever brought one of these back in for repair in the 25 yrs they have been repairing things for this company (trust me to be the first is all i can think of!) now when i shyly ask how quick i can have it back as i am mid way through a wedding cake he starts laughing and anounces wpart from the outer metal case there is nothing to take back as i have completly burnt the motor in its entirety and i would have to wait for a new one and he had no idea how long that would be as they have never had to get one in before (as you can probably guess this was said over and over by all them many many times, "yes never had one come back: how bout you ted you had one brought back?" "no not me steve, never repaired on ein my 25yrs" you get the picture, at somestage the wife snapped out of her never ever repotiore to see the horror on my face at having no mixer so she jumps in the car and goes and gets hers -not as good but it will do the job, and hows that for customer service!! so the cake got finished and the bride loved it, and i eventuallyu got my new mixer (clearly no one jad ever needed a replacement as it took them 100 years to find one!!) and i no longer make my own fondant and i hjave never had another problem!! icon_smile.gif

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Kitagrl Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 4:41am
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Hey I found that same deal just now (thanks, you had me searching the internet all over for it LOL)! I've been needing a second one, I sold my other "spare" to a friend for her cookie business and wanted the Pro 6. Hope this goes through! You are right, the code really didn't seem like it was "supposed" to work but it did go through. We'll see!

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Cakepro Posted 4 Oct 2008 , 4:59am
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Oh, excellent! I've been meaning to post it here.

Here's the deal:

You can buy a factory-reconditioned 6 qt KitchenAid (Professional 6) from the KitchenAid website for $191 shipped with promo code "VALUE3" which will take $47.80 off of the $239 price and also give you free shipping.

They have all colors in stock right now but they go fast.

About "factory-reconditioned" merchandise....when merchandise such as KitchenAid mixers gets returned to stores, or they get opened in the store, the store is not allowed to sell them, so they get sent back to KA, who checks them out and then has to sell them as "factory reconditioned." A KA rep also told me that the ones that get used in photo shoots for ads and whatnot also land in their outlet section.

To make this deal even sweeter: if you go to www.ebates.com and then make your purchase after clicking through to the KitchenAid website, you will get 6% cash back for your purchase, which is $11.46. If you will send me your name and email address (click on the email button here at the bottom of my post), I will refer you to the ebates website and we then will each get $5, so ultimately, you can pick up this mixer for $175 - an absolute STEAL! icon_smile.gif Also, when you register at ebates you will get a $10 gift card when you make your first purchase.

Once you're at the Kitchenaid site, scroll down to the bottom to go to their outlet store, then go into the Factory Reconditioned area. The first item is a 6 qt Pro 6 for $239. Click on it and from there you can choose your colors. You'll enter the promo code on the next-to-the-last page during the checkout process.


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loriemoms Posted 4 Oct 2008 , 9:49am
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We have an kitchen store at an outlet mall near us that sells reconditioned kitchen aids as well. I recently buried my 4 year old 6 quart and had to replace it. I eat those things for breakfast...I just make too much buttercream for them to handle! But I still got my original kitchenaid I bought 25 years ago. The new ones cannot hold a candle to this baby and she makes my mousses for me. (its only a 4 1/2 quart, soo small for my buttercream receipe) I will cry the day she dies.

I am saving up for a 20 quart...its not just the mixer (omg $$$) but I have electrical work done to my bakery room to allow for it.. so thats also $$$$!!

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