My Husband Is So Generous!!!! Grrrrrrrrr

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Bonnie151 Posted 12 Aug 2008 , 6:03am
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I just need to have a little vent.

I launched my home business at the end of June. I'm busy. I'm very busy. I'm trying to get all of my marketing & PR established, plus I have a steady stream of customers. My husband thinks he's being helpful via scenarios like this:

"I ran into xxx (friend) on the train tonight. I mentioned that you do cakes and he's asked if you can do a dairy-free cake for next week. I gave him your website address and told him you'd give a very generous friends & family discount."

"My team are still waiting for their (free) cake. They've decided that as we're an IT team we need a cake either in the shape of a PC or a PC mouse."

Ummmmm, NO! First, I give a 15% discount to staff at my former employer (they operate a staff discount list which I've joined) and that's it. If I discount more than 15% it's not worth my time to do the cake. Secondly, I'm afraid DH's team is waaay down on my list of priorities. I can't get through the cakes I want to do just now for leaflet printing because of the lack of time. A PC or mouse cake just doesn't make that list. I said I'd do brownies for them which I made last night. Do I get thanks from DH? Nooooo, just an "and about time too".

Fortunately, dairy-free cake person never came back to me. I think my prices scared him off, discount or no discount. icon_lol.gif

Grrrrrr. I could strangle DH sometimes.

Thanks for listening. icon_smile.gif

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CoutureCake Posted 12 Aug 2008 , 6:22am
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Yes... the good ole' discount... Just simply tell him that the discounts have expired and that any further discounts HE gives out without your knowledge will come out of HIS paycheck icon_twisted.gif if ya get what I mean icon_redface.gif ...

Explain to him that it's being run as a business and it needs to get profitable asap so that it can become self-sufficient. Also explain that the "discount" can become a long term problem with people wanting their stuff for cheap when there are still expenses to be met and sometimes 15% is less than the profit margin for some items. Explain the figure of the materials, plus getting paid an hourly rate for a complex shape cake of his beloved mouse or PC, then the cleanup time, etc. and how much that cake REALLY costs. Suddenly my guess is that he's going to change his tune to "she does really good cakes" instead of "works for nothing"...

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mkolmar Posted 12 Aug 2008 , 2:00pm
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How frustrating. You need to sit down and talk to him and tell him that discounts and freebies affect the profit margin. I know of a few businesses in the food industry who discounted a lot and went out of business fairly quick.
It's one of those Thanks Honey, but no thanks things.

My DH is the opposite (but he's also a business owner) if I even considered a discount he would shut that idea down quick. He was right of course though, that's not a way to run a profitable business. Everything we do affects the bottom line.

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tonicake Posted 12 Aug 2008 , 2:14pm
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Thank you for venting! I needed to read what the other decorators had to write to you! I too just started my business and I'm doing the same things you are! Sometimes it feels good to get pushed back in the right direction. It gives me the backbone needed to tell others - you get what you pay for! NO DISCOUNTS!!!!

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this-mama-rocks Posted 12 Aug 2008 , 2:26pm
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How would DH like it if you "pimped out" HIS labor & professional skills to your friends for a generously discounted rate?

Are your business contact awaiting your (free) custom software package from his IT team? Grrr.

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poshcakedesigns Posted 12 Aug 2008 , 2:33pm
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I feel your pain. Last week my husband told a friend of ours that I make cakes and she wanted to see some photos and prices (which I sent her). He sees her the next day at work and she tells him she wants one of my cakes from the photos for the end of the month. So he calls and ask me about it. I say sure I can squeeze her in that day. NOW he knows good and well I charge a deposit on orders, but does he tell her NO. So when he tells me that she will pay when we drop the cake off. I said OH NO she will NOT everyone pays in full 10 days before the event and you already let her get off with NO deposit. He says well I already told her you would - well I will but only if I get paid in advance...
thank GOD he didn't tell her I would discount the cake.

Husbands gotta love'm.

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marmalade1687 Posted 12 Aug 2008 , 4:25pm
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Originally Posted by this-mama-rocks

How would DH like it if you "pimped out" HIS labor & professional skills to your friends for a generously discounted rate?

Are your business contact awaiting your (free) custom software package from his IT team? Grrr.

Pimped out services!! I love it!! Too bad I was eating my lunch when I was reading this...soup made it onto the screen... icon_lol.gif !

When I was starting out, many of my husband's co-workers wanted cakes. He wouldn't hear of me discounting for them, but he got into a bit of a rut delivering them to work for free - pimping works both ways, I guess (not that I asked him to...the co-workers did all the coercing)! His biggest problem would be having a deskload of cakes around for the day - people wouldn't pick them up until the end of the workday. He got pretty tired of being a free delivery boy, so he finally told them pickup at our house only.

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Bonnie151 Posted 13 Aug 2008 , 6:22am
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Thanks everyone. icon_smile.gif I had a sudden thought yesterday which was that the next time he mentions this cake for his team, I should say that I will do it, but in my spare time. Given how cross he gets by the amount of time I spend on my business, this suggestion will probably keep him quiet for a while. icon_razz.gif

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soccermom17 Posted 13 Aug 2008 , 6:44am
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I'm sorry your husband is giving out discounts freely. I do a 15% discount for family (no charge for my husband) But I don't get many orders from family. Which is ok. I have a lot on my husbands side who just LOVE my desserts and cakes, but pay for something? And we live about 25 min to 30 min away, so they can go to the chain store anyway. Off the subject a little. When I first started my business in Jan 07, I sent a lot of desserts and cakes with my husband to his work to test out. And the guys just loved it. They ask when more is coming and he tells them to order and they'll get it! I love that guy! One of my best customers is someone my husband works with. Boy, can he eat the sweets. I envy that. Anyway, he ordered a cake in late May, well, we had an EF5 category tornado hit our town. Thank God it was 3 miles south of us. My kitchen I rent was out of electricity for 1 week, but that's ok. My best customer had ordered a carrot a few days before so he knew he wasn't getting it. He ordered one for his birthday (which we share the same day) and I didn't charge him. He also ordered a blueberry cheesecake for the next week, I charged and he tipped very generously! So as you get your regulars or businesses, etc., don't be afraid to do the extras, but don't too much it's cutting your bottom line down. Good luck to you and your new obsession, I mean adventure! Sorry so long!

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dawncr Posted 13 Aug 2008 , 1:46pm
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He sounds like a smart guy. Have him search for marketing research that shows possible effects of discounting.

For you--Congratulations! You're talented and you're fully booked. That means you may need to look at adding help or raising your prices.

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