How Do I Deal With A Crazy Cake Over-Eater...

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Reedsmomma Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 1:26am
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when that over-eater is me? I've only been at this a couple of months, you guys, and I am gaining weight! I of course have to try all of these recipes before I bake them for other people, so what's a girl to do? When I level a cake, I eat the scraps. If I ice a cake and have a little buttercream leftover...that would just be silly to throw it away! HELP! What do you guys do to keep yourselves in check?

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wily_kitt Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 1:36am
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this so reminds me of myself! I have now taken to throwing out the scraps as soon as I cut them off. When I first started taking the classes my mother used to laugh and tell everyone how odd I was to be making cakes and going to weight watchers at the same timeicon_razz.gif

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tootie0809 Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 1:41am
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Oh I'm soooooo with you on this same subject. I think I've gained 5 pounds in the last couple months. I too am very new to cake decorating and I'm a sugarholic, so this is not a good combo, but I have been really trying to restrict myself. I also throw the scraps away as quickly as possible. I have made a new rule that I can only have cake in the house if I'm actively working on a project. I was baking a few batches and then freezing them so I had some cakes to practice on at will, but I realized how the temptation of a cake sitting out there begging me from the freezer to be eaten was not going to work for me. I just had a "cake cleanup" and threw away literally about 7 or 8 frozen cakes this past weekend. Wasteful, yes, but I have to start just baking a cake, torting, throwing scraps away immediately, decorating and practicing, and then give it away immediately or throw it out. I just hope some day cake makes me grossed out and I get so sick of smelling and looking at it that I never want to eat it but still love to decorate it. icon_smile.gif

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sari66 Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 1:45am
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Well what i did when i started 5yrs ago was taste everything then after gaining 10 lbs. learned to trust cakes that i made regularly tasted fine, throw away the scraps as i cut then make b/c roses if i had a small batch of it left or just toss it.
My health is worth more than a bit of sweets

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MeMo07 Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 1:52am
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LOL...I have no clue, because i was coming in here to claim the title of crazy cake over eater! icon_smile.gif

Good luck to both of us icon_wink.gif

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uschi1 Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 1:57am
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I can control myself most of the time, but when I make a cake with cream cheese icing - look out...

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KKC Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 2:02am
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Wily_Kitt your Avatar scared the crap out of me lol I thought I had a bug on my screen...I'm such a wimp Lmao...

Reedsmomma...ur good because I can't eat my own cake, I have my hubby and family taste test before I offer it.

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GenGen Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 2:18am
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hehe i used to just Love my buttercream Especially my homemade cream cheese frosting (drools still)

i've finaly gotten to the point where i deliver them, smile joke etc lol.. and wish them the best (in better words of course) with family and friends i just say once i deliver them what you do with them is your call icon_smile.gif

i like my frosting better then the kinds up in stores etc around these parts... but i dont like my own cakes usually lol.. guess i'm too used to them

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indydebi Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 2:34am
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Originally Posted by Kivia

Wily_Kitt your Avatar scared the crap out of me lol I thought I had a bug on my screen...I'm such a wimp Lmao...

Me, too!! I actually wiped my screen to get the little gnat off of there!

When I hire new girls for the shop, they ask if they can have a cookie. I tell them on Day One, "You can eat as many as you like. Because after about 3 days, I won't have ot worry about you eating the profits at all!"

I bake 300 cookies every single day just for one order .... I bet I eat less than one cookie a week.

You'll get to the point that you don't even see it as food anymore. I promise!

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Reedsmomma Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 2:37am
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Throw away perfectly good cake brings tears to my eyes! icon_lol.gif

No, seriously, I know in my heart that I need to just toss scraps, icings, etc., and not look's just SO hard!

The WW comment made me laugh! I've been on WW on and off for about 10 years now...through the years, I've lost a total of about 1000 pounds! icon_razz.gif

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KoryAK Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 3:08am
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"Just as good in one trash can as the other" (your ass)
- my Grandma.

Just throw the extras away! icon_smile.gif

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PiccoloChellie Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 4:00am
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Throw scraps and extra icing away?? icon_eek.gif

I crumble the scraps down to crumbs and freeze them, and package up the extra icing nice & tight and into the fridge it goes. The cake scraps get made into cake balls later down the line and I use the extra icing to practice roses and such on quiet evenings. Two or three passes through a piping bag and the leftover icing isn't good for much of anything, so I don't feel bad about throwing that out. The cake balls can be made even two or three at a time for a nice quick sweet snack that isn't too guilty!

In other words - out of sight, out of mind! icon_biggrin.gif

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Launa Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 4:16am
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My name is Launa and I'm a cake over-eater!!!

I have finally gotten to the point where I've gained so much weight from my cakes that I can't fit into any of my clothes any more!! I absolutely love WASC cake and the only way I don't eat what I shave off the top is to chew gum while I'm working!! If I don't have gum into my mouth, in goes the cake!!! I'm pathetic!!!!

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twooten173 Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 4:42am
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I'm the exact opposite - I don't really like cake anymore because I ate too much.

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DoniB Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 4:46am
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I'm lucky to have a dog and husband who both love the cake tops (especially the crusty bits from around the edges, when that happens). I have a bit of cake batter before it goes into the oven, but then I try to time things so that I've eaten breakfast or lunch before the cakes come out. that way, I can still taste a bit of the cake tops with a dab of icing (to be sure the mix is right, you know!), and not ruin my diet. icon_razz.gif

But they're right that this will pass. After making so many cakes, you'll eventually get to the point where it won't even phase you anymore to not eat it. icon_smile.gif

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paddlegirl14 Posted 4 Aug 2008 , 4:50am
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You could be like my husband, who does most of the decorating, and not even like cake! He hardly ever eats cake, cookies... Not me! Eat them all and all of the time!!

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