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Jasmine33 Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 8:59pm
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....My husband works for the city in the parks dept. I am new to cake decorating. My dh is actually better at it than I am but I decorate the cupcakes and am the one who finds all the recipes and loves the whole aspect of everything that is baking.

The way we got into selling cookies and brownies is because people kept asking me to bake for them and wanted to pay me. They didn't want the recipe! I do everything from scratch.

Anyhow last year, x~mas time, I sent a texas sheet cake with him to work. Simple, easy to make, but melt in your mouth delicious.


A gal he works with asked me to make it for her twice and wanted to pay me. The first time I was very uncomfortable with accepting any money and she had done a favor for us (loaning us the use of her truck to get our new fridge) so I said I would do it for her sons birthday as a thank you.
She had another cake from a store there but was worried about not having enough.

The second time she asked was this year in February for her niece. I was completely caught off guard and seriously undercharged. I asked for $10.00. I spend $3.50 just in ingredients! I really didn't know what to charge at the time. For anyone else I would now charge $20.00. It is baked on a cookie sheet so it looks big but is long but short.

Anyhow we have since had a few request here and there for brownies/cookies at his work but mainly sell to friends and neighbors by our house. He actually only works with 2 people on a daily basis. Everyone else works at a different location but they all clock in/out at the same place. They will all be there tomorrow.

We normally sell cookies, brownies, banana bread and some cupcakes here and there. When I make a cake(we are talking simple here, frosting, some sprinkles) I slice it up and we sell that as well to neighbours.
It being summer time these are fewer and farther between cause of the heat.

Anyhow he has a potluck tomorrow and I was thinking this would be a great oppurtunity to hopefully get some cake customers.

There will be about 30 people there.

What would catch peoples attention?

I don't have any clear plastic cake boxes. I do have regular boxes.

I am thinking maybe I should do a few 8 inch rounds.

Like maybe this cake, only 1 layer instead of 2?


Add nuts on top or no?

What I really want to do is set us apart from just what the local store offers.

Over the weekend we did a Hawaiin Pineapple Cake that went over very well despite the fact it crumbled as soon as it was cut. It is in the cake disaster forum. Everybody loved it and my aunt had guest asking about it, where did she get it from? Being disappointed when they found out that we live so far away(70 miles!), etc.


I am thinking of making that cake again, troubleshooting why it fell and sending that as well tomorrow.

That cake definately is different.

I was thinking of sending some cupcakes. Check my photos for past creations.

ANy ideas?

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