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Melan Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 3:13am
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This was part of an article in our Sunday paper this week. The article was all about budgeting your wedding.... blah blah blah.... where to cut corners and such. It had a link to this site to rent a dummy cake. Thought I would share.

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CakeRN Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 5:49am
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yeah...just think she could rent the wedding cake ( hopefully she is the first to use it or it's washable) then get wally world sheet cakes for cheap.....LOSER!....

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pinklesley1 Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 6:18am
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i cant get to the site. i was dying to see it.. i had someone ask me how much would i charge to rent out one of my display cakes! i thought it was wierd... which is why i said no.. and bc it goes against what i believe in..

so i was dying to see the pictures of these rentable wedding cakes...

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Melan Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 11:11am
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Not sure why you wouldn't be able to get on... I didn't have any problem. It's, try just typing it in your browser

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Susan123 Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 11:29am
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Hmmm...interesting. I only like a couple of them, I thought they were rather old fashioned looking. And will people REALLY not notice that it's a totally fake cake?! Also, I was surprised that some of the ribbons were crooked...these cakes and this method are not for me!

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CakeLadyM Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 11:46am
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Looks like a brides dream day to me. I calculated the cost of a rental and simple cake for 200 and it came up to be $400. She gets a beautiful cake to display, and a bunch of servings at a decent price.

The cake decorator slides in straight, because she can rent the dummies over & over and doesn't have to worry about every little detail and stress out on the deco job with kitchen cakes that aren't being ogled by everyone who passes the bride's table.

I hate to play "devil's advocate" here, but...?

For the everyday cake decorator, this is not good, as it of course eats our business, but whoever came up with this idea is probably banking!

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foxymomma521 Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 11:51am
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That place is only about 15 minutes from me, and I've never heard anyone talk about it... she has a minimum order for kitchen cakes, plus the cost of the rental. You could just order a minimally decorated cake for not much more... cake for 175 people, plus the dummy and delivery is $366.25. If you want filling there is an additional charge... doesn't seem worth it to me...

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GeminiRJ Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 11:57am
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I thought the dummy cakes looked very nice, and I've often thought there was a market for this sort of thing. Kudos to the lady for making it look so nice! Just a thought though....won't it be difficult to get that "cutting the cake" picture? The upside would be no smashing of cake into each others faces. Sorry, but I HATE that!

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adven68 Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 12:12pm
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This subject has come up in the past. I actually made a dummy cake with one real layer for my sister's wedding due to my limited time the week of the wedding. Nobody knew it was fake. Here in the NYC metro area, nobody* serves the cakes out in the open. The couple does the traditional first piece and then the cake is taken to the kitchen by the staff to be cut and served.....

I think the prices shown are about half the cost they would pay normally for an a la carte cake. (I think only the premium fillings are a little more money),
on the other hand, I have never been to or heard of a catering hall (again, here in the NYC area), that didn't provide a cake.....
we've concluded that things are done differently in different parts of the country, so I expect many other opinions on this. I say to each his own...I'm sure there are valid points on both sides....

*from my experience icon_biggrin.gif

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Lenette Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 12:15pm
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I have thought of doing this since so many people are on a budget. The only thing that concerns me is do I want to become known for being the "cheap option" for a wedding cake here locally.

I am not knocking what these ladies are doing just stating the fact that each business has to establish themselves, branding so to speak, and become known for something. Once you develop that in the mind of the consumer it is hard to change.

I can see the appeal on both sides though!


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peg818 Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 12:55pm
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i think its a nice option. And also, since you don't have to be legal to sell/rent a fake cake, well you can see where i'm going with this. These ladies are selling a decoration nothing wrong with that, it might not be for me but....

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alanahodgson Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 12:38am
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I just got a request for a fake display cake. This was my response to the bride's inquiry:

For some crazy reason this myth that styrofoam display cakes are a less expensive route has been floating around the wedding circuit for quite sometime. The majority of expense in a cake is the time it takes to decorate. So whether I'm decorating a real cake or a fake one, the time it takes me will be the same. And the cost of a styrofoam cake dummy is almost the same cost as cake ingredients, so there really isn't a cost advantage to doing things this way. If I had cake dummies already made and was renting them, then you might see a cost advantage, but for now I'm purely in the real cake biz. Sorry.

If I was in the dummy business, as these folks are, it'd be cost effective for the brides and a fine option, I guess.

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woodthi32 Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 12:52am
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alana, yes, I totally agree as far as making an individual dummy for a bride. This idea that it is so much cheaper is silly. You are decorating the sameamount of surface area (a lighter, harder to decorate one, in my case) and baking the same amount of CAKE!
But, as the rental goes, it's nearly genius. We'll see how it pans out.
For the poster who couldn' get to the site, just google rent wedding cakes, and you will find something. They are popping up now.

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Suebee Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 1:06am
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CakeRN you're right. How many weddings would you really get out of each cake. We have made a few display cakes and it doesn't take much for them to get damaged. The weather also affects the fondant decorations in dropping a bit. If there is smoking anywhere, I'm sure they would pick up the smell. Who wants a cake that smells like smoke, I want to be able to walk up to it and smell buttercream.

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tdybear1978 Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 1:11am
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it said on there that there is a "real" piece of cake for the traditional cutting of the cake picture, but how do they do that? get just one piece for them to cut - did I not read that right?

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