I Cannot Be Present When My Cake Is Cut, Anyone Else

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ArtieTs Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 10:41pm
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Hi all,
I have a question to pose, as I hope I'm not alone in this feeling. Does anyone else have a hard time when they bring cake to an event sticking around to see the cutting & tasting? Maybe it's me but by the time I'm done crying, cursing, & wanting to give up on the whole project & get the darn cake out of my sight & delivered & can't stand to be present when its enjoyed. Am I crazy? It happens everytime I almost feel sick to my stomach when the time comes to cut & I have to leave. I made a cake for my neices' baby shower this weekend a really nice cake (no picture posted yet) that I attened, but BOY Oh Boy! I was outta there before it was cut. That's another thing, I never get pictures so I always just have to hope the client takes a picture & will give me one. Strange thing is I never get bad feedback, its always good, but I always find something wrong with it & almost not want to deliver it. Please tell me when will I get past this? If ever. icon_redface.gif

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1234me Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 11:20pm
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I guess I feel the opposite. I enjoy being around when people eat my cake to hear and see their reactions to it. I do feel bad when I eat my own cake at people's functions - I know they don't think this but I think they paid me and I am eating a piece - I feel weird abotu that at times icon_smile.gif

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taxnerd Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 11:30pm
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I've felt the same way you have with some of my cakes. I try not to dwell on it, and focus on the fact that it is, after all, cake and is meant to be eaten. It's one of the disadvantages of making cakes only for family and friends - you're always there when it's cut and get to eat a piece. I really, really can't stand it when someone else says, "It's too pretty to cut...." That drives me nuts... I did feel like running from the room when my first wedding cake was cut a few years ago, but that was because I was so afraid it would topple when the bride and groom went to cut it. It all turned out OK though..

I don't think you really get over this feeling, but you do learn to put it in the back of your mind. Just think of all the complements that you've gotten on your cakes and the ones you, most likely, will get on this one.

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ShortcakesSweets Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 11:33pm
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My DH and I just had this same discussion this past week. When I am at a function that I have made the cake, I don't mind if other people cut it. I enjoy the feedback when they eat it and want to know if they like taste, decorations, etc..... I don't like to cut it myself ~ it just seems after all the baking, torting, icing and decorating and trying to get it just so ~ to have to cut into it myself is almost painful. But when other people cut it, I'm OK. I probably sound strange to everyone, but I don't care. Just the way I am and I deal with it. icon_biggrin.gif

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FromScratch Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 11:33pm
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I am the opposite too.. usually noone wants to cut the cake, but I have no problem ripping the gumpaste work off and cutting it up. For me, it's people enjoying eating the cake I created that gives me the most joy. People have said they they wanted to keep the cake and not eat it.. and I always say "You better eat it! I spent hours making it and you are GOING to eat it!" icon_lol.gif

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indydebi Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 11:35pm
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Goodness, they're not hacking up my child! icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif And yes, the BEST part is when they ooh! and aahhhhh! over how good it looks and how great it tastes and is it ok to have another piece?

THAT'S my reward!

I didn't spend all those hours making that cake just for everyone to stand there and LOOK at it!! icon_eek.gif

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tchrmom Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 11:41pm
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I did have a little trouble, but the worst part was ditching the fondant figures (first I had made) that I spent forever making. It's not like they were works of art, but I did try hard, and it took forever. Seemed like they should have lasted longer or that I coudl have re-used them or something.

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leah_s Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 11:42pm
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Since I do mostly wedding cakes, I am never around when they're cut. I prefer to go home and take a nap. I did have one reaaaaaly weird experience thoguh, a couple of years ago when I took a cake to a friend's retirement party. The hostess cut the grocery store sheet cake, but just practically refused to cut my layer cake. I kept saying, Please feel free to cut and serve the other cake also, and she kept saying, "but it's so pretty." Umm yeah, it's food. You're supposed to eat it.

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mustang1964 Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 11:42pm
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I hate to deliver a cake if there is anyway to get out of seeing the person who ordered it that's what I do. I usually have my husband deliver unless it's a tiered cake. If it's tiered I about get sick before delivery. I am not so much afraid it will tip or slide but I hate to see people's reaction when they see it. I have never had anyone say they were disappointed. In fact a lot of people will send me a card saying how much they enjoyed it. but I am always afraid they will be. Then if it's a tiered cake I am nervous until well after I know the reception is over. I have decorated for 33 years and I seem to get worse with every cake. I would never even consider posting a cake on here.

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APrettyCake Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 11:49pm
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Originally Posted by tchrmom

I did have a little trouble, but the worst part was ditching the fondant figures (first I had made) that I spent forever making. It's not like they were works of art, but I did try hard, and it took forever. Seemed like they should have lasted longer or that I coudl have re-used them or something.

I make a LOT of kids cakes...the fondant figures are the first things to get ripped off and gobbled up! No waste here, and I don't have to worry about what is going to happen to them icon_razz.gif

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tlreetz Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 11:56pm
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I am offended if people don't want to cut and eat the cake because it's "..to beautiful to cut.." I made the cake for you to look at, cut, eat and enjoy! Please do me the honor of cutting it and eating it up!! icon_smile.gif

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aztomcat Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 12:04am
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I have to say, I like to be there to cut. I have seen servers massacre the cakes or cut them incorrectly and too big. So If I have to leave I do leave a cutting chart. Many don't know there are difft ways to cut a cake.

The only time I don't like doing it is when I am a guest at the wedding. Then I have to spend 30-45 minutes cutting a cake instead of CUTTING THE RUG on the dance floor. hahaha

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stsapph Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 12:09am
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I have no problem seeing other people, or myself, cut my cakes. As previous posters have said, it's food! enjoy it! Whenever I would take my experiments into work for everyone, I always had to make the first cut. Everyone one else was too scared too. However, as soon as that first cut was made, no one was afraid to make another to get "their" slice icon_smile.gif I always took it as a compliment, but made sure to make that first, most important, cut as soon as possible so everyone could enjoy.

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ArtieTs Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 12:35am
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Thanks everyone for your comments, it does help me to read how others feel about their work. I think for me the fear is that people won't like the taste of the cake or might not think its professional looking. I know I have never made a bad tasting cake & I never advertise that I'm a professional, but I can say my skills have gotten better. I think what I need to do is not go so long in between orders. I may be allowing too much down time in between orders & by the time I get another, my confidence is low & I start doubting myself . Actually I talked to my neices mom & she said everyone loved the cake (taste & appearance) they had a store bought cake there also that no one wanted after mine was cut & it was only eaten because mine was gone. I feel so much better now. She said alot of her friends asked if I took orders icon_biggrin.gif I guess I need to make contact with some of those mothers, make more cakes & get my money!!! thumbs_up.gif Oh & remember to get pictures this time.
I'm such a Weenie.

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tootie0809 Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 1:04am
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No way! I love watching it get cut up and enjoyed. Yesterday at my mom's b-day, everyone was oohing and ahhing over it. My dad kept saying "we can't cut this cake, it's too pretty." No one wanted to do it and said I should be the one to cut it. I told them if someone, NOT ME, did not cut this cake and start eating it right now, I was going to be majorly offended. It was a teapot cake, so I said "I'll get it started." I pulled out the fondant-covered styro spout and handle off the cake and said "now there were go, I've started the deconstruction, now someone get a knife and hack this baby up!" LOL! I told everyone it is offensive to cake decorators if you don't eat the cake. My dad kept going on and on about not wanting to cut it. I totally agree with what others have said here about it being food.....it's SUPPOSED to be eaten. Really, if I was going to make something pretty to look and stare at, I certainly wouldn't make it out of tempermental cake, fondant, and icing! Shut up, dig in, and EAT THIS CAKE! icon_smile.gif I guess it's a compliement that people think a cake is too pretty to eat, but seriously, that is what it is for and I find great pleasure in watching everyone enjoy a piece of my hard work.

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tracycakes Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 2:30am
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Other people have problems cutting them but I tell them "It's cake! It's supposed to be eaten!". Sometimes they make me make the first cut though. What is most important is that it tastes good so I enjoy cutting it and seeing others enjoy it.

The only problem I had was the clown cake in my pictures. Since it was a practice cake and was not supposed to be eaten, I had problems tearing it apart. My hubby had more problems than me because every time I said something about it, he wanted me to wait a few more days.

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missmeg Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 2:18pm
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Originally Posted by wendyintx

I guess I feel the opposite. I enjoy being around when people eat my cake to hear and see their reactions to it.

This is me icon_smile.gif. I don't really trust other people to cut my cakes - especially not the multi-tiered ones. I'd rather be cutting and helping to serve the cake. I tend to get more compliments that way icon_wink.gif.

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frostingfairy Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 9:05pm
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The only cake of mine that I've ever cut myself was my wedding cake. All others (and they've only been birthday cakes for my kids) I've made someone else cut. I don't mind that it's being cut and eaten, I just feel like I don't want to be the one to destroy what I've put hours into creating. But once it's cut, cowabunga!!!! Hand over a fork! icon_biggrin.gif

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margaretb Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 10:30pm
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It's not the actual cutting that I don't like. What I don't like is if I make the cake, then it isn't brought out until it is time to eat it. I hate that. If you just wanted an eating cake, then tell me to make it plain. If I spend the hours decorating it, then set it out for at least 10 minutes and let people look at it. For one family thing my mom asked me to make a general birthday cake for the people with October birthdays. So on the cake I drew a sunset and made a couple trees with lots of fall leaves. We set them out with the supper, then my aunt, who was trying to helpful, immediately proceeded to slice up the cake so that it would already be cut up when people were done eating. I think maybe three people saw it before it was all sliced up. I guess my ego needed more time for admiration than that.

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keconnell08 Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 4:52am
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I love to cut into my cakes. Its like therapy....

Actually, my pet peeve is others cutting into the more complicated ones that have supports and such. Its was scary to see my Grandmother-in-law trying to munch on a wired fondant rose. OMG!!! I practically jumped over the table to get it away from her.

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7yyrt Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 1:13pm
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For the most part, I like to see people enjoying my cakes. Look at them, take a picture if you want, and then cut that sucker up!

The exception was Auntie Griselda, my avatar. It would have felt like munching on a body. I had to hand her over and get out of there. Couldn't have seen that... I made my neighbor assure me that there was none left before I went back into her kitchen.

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