I'm Offering A 10% Discount For A Wedding Cake Dummy (Questi

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mom2spunkynbug Posted 27 Jul 2008 , 11:17pm
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Ok, I have decided to offer a 10% discount for a wedding cake dummy with real sheet cakes to serve.

I have done this because: 1) everywhere you look, people are reading about how a dummy will cost you less, and 2) I figured it would be easier for me because I can work on the dummy whenever I feel like it, and just bake & ice sheet cakes the day before.

Now here's my problem: I'm telling brides that the top tier (the smallest tier) will be real cake for the cake cutting ceremony (pics, etc). What I didn't think about was the topper! Now how are they going to cut into the cake with the topper on it?

I have a wedding next weekend, and one the following weekend where they've both chosen this option. Next weekend's topper is a bunch of gumpaste flowers (just like my paisley cake in my photos). The following weekend's topper is one of those blocks with the monogram etched into it.

Advice/suggestions please?!

One of the brides recently emailed asking which tier would be the real one because "usually the bride & groom cut into the bottom layer" but I told her it would be the top (the smallest) tier (I looked, and I did include that in the contract).

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FromScratch Posted 27 Jul 2008 , 11:25pm
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Good luck to you.. I hate doing dummy cakes and avoid them like the plague. Are you charging 10% less than a real cake and then charging for sheets?? Or are you charging 10% of what you would normally charge for a wedding cake and including the sheets for no extra charge?

I have read that some put a piece of cake behind the cake and the couple can cut into that and feed eachother from that.

Dummies are just not worth the hassle to me.

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mom2spunkynbug Posted 27 Jul 2008 , 11:54pm
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I'm charging 10% less without including the styrofoam. YEAH DUMB I KNOW! icon_cry.gif Ok, this is my first year making wedding cakes so LESSON LEARNED!

So I was thinking...maybe when I drop off the dummy, I will just tell the people at the venue that I will be picking up the dummy the next day. So I can get them back.

Why do you say dummies are a hassle? I figured it would be easier for me! I think I'm not going to do dummies anymore!

Do you think it'll work though? Having them cut the top tier??

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indydebi Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 12:05am
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There is no "rule" about which tier they cut. My brides cut whatever tier has the flavor of cake they want to eat.... sometimes it's the bottom, sometimes it's the middle, etc.

They can easily remove the cake topper for the cutting. no biggie. just be sure the photographer has gotten all the shots he/she needs before they do.

I'm sorry to be so dumb, but HOW are you charging for this? THey are paying 90% of the full (real cake) price for the dummy cake AND paying your full price for the sheet cakes?

Or they are paying 90% of the regular cake price and this covers the sheets AND the dummy?

I hope it's not the second one .... because if so, they are getting discount on the sheets and you're doing the dummy for free, which makes no sense to me.

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FromScratch Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 12:44am
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They can cut the top tier.. like Debi said there is no rule that says you MUST cut the bottom tier or be flogged.. icon_wink.gificon_lol.gif Just make sure they know before they try to cut the bottom tier. And also make sure it is outlined in their contract that you are supposed to get the dummies back. Most will assume that they are to be tossed.

Like Debi said.. you are doing yourself s disservice by offeing this option the way you are. Dummies are a pain to ice with BC.. I only do them in Fondant and only for my portfolio. They scoot around when you are trying to decorate them because they weigh next to nothing.. much unlike a real cake. The dummies cost just as much (if not more.. especially if you are using mixes) as the raw ingredients for a cake the same size and then you still have to make the sheets. I think if you add it all up you will see that you are probably losing money on this option. I would take it as a lesson learned and just stop offering it.. it just feeds the myth that dummies are cheaper. Now if you had a bunch of dummies lying around that you were renting out.. that's different, but not a custom decorated dummy.. no way. It the same work and the same planning.. you should get paid the same amount. You are basically making the wedding cake for free and giving them a discount on the sheets.. it's not fair to you. icon_smile.gif

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mom2spunkynbug Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 4:13am
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Ok - yeah, I'm not doing dummies anymore! Thank goodness I have only signed contracts on these two and no more!

Indydebi - yeah, it's the second one. I don't know what I was thinking. It doesn't make sense to me either LOL icon_cry.gif

Thanks guys icon_smile.gif

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FromScratch Posted 28 Jul 2008 , 12:59pm
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No problem!! icon_smile.gif It's easy to sit and think "Yeah.. that sounds good".. but when you really think about it.. you are asking yourself to do twice the work (and double the cost to you) for 10% less the potential profit.

Just make sure that you get those dummies back!! icon_biggrin.gif

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