Good Prizes For Baby Shower Games

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adonisthegreek1 Posted 23 May 2008 , 3:16am
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My niece is having a co-ed baby shower so I was thinking about giving $5 gift cards (Blockbuster, Starbucks, Cold Stone Creamery, etc.) as prizes when someone wins the shower games. Is that a good idea? Any other ideas?

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leily Posted 23 May 2008 , 4:02am
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Definitely a good idea! the guys will appreciate it. The last baby shower I did was co-ed (and let me tell you the grandpa's thought it was something they would never be to, but they had a blast)

We did some statues (animals, little kids etc...) and everyone got one of those for winning. Ended up all but one gave them to the parents for the child and the child now gets at least one of the statues (they have new ones every year) for a gift at a holiday or birthday and her collection is growing.

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mkolmar Posted 24 May 2008 , 2:18am
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For my cousins the guys had different types of beer to choose from as a prize. *They were very happy with this option* The women had picture frames, lotions and stuff like that.

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redhare Posted 24 May 2008 , 2:10pm
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We always did baby prizes so that the ppl would give the 'prizes' to the new to be parents. BUT we also have favors that they get to take home so they aren't leaving empty handed.

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punkinpie Posted 25 May 2008 , 1:15am
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I think gift cards are an awesome idea. People love them. Personally I already have more 'stuff' than I need and always cringe when I get little knick knacky things.

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SaraO Posted 28 May 2008 , 6:40am
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I agree that gift cards are a great idea. It sounds kind of expensive though, depending on how many games you're going to play. Gift cards are perfect, but if you wanted to go with other things as well, here are some ideas that come to mind:
- chocolate
- little liquor bottles
- scented candles in a neutral scent (guys like scented candles, I swear!)
- picture frames
- nice pens
- USB drives/ flash drives (if you can find cheap ones)
- manicure set
- mugs with coffee beans
that's all I can think of right now

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waywordz Posted 29 May 2008 , 5:45pm
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One of the prizes I always use in baby showers is the "Boo Bunny" made with a large colored rubber band and a washcloth. It is the game too. First they make the bunny then they get to keep the boo bunny. You put a piece of ice in his "tail section" to put on "Boo-Boo's". They are easy to make and everyone loves them. First one finished making theirs is the winner. I use the hugs and kisses candy for prizes and at the end whoever didn't get any/many hugs or kisses gets more than the one who got the most, because, I tell them; "It takes a lot of hugs and kisses to raise kids!" They eat it up. (They call me a baby shower in a box, because I show up with everything I need in boxes. Cake, yes, I make it, prizes, printed up games, you name it. I even made up a game for the guys. I can't tell you the times I've been told; "You need to do this as a business.") Sorry, I hope I didn't sound like I was bragging; just the truth. I am pleased they enjoyed it, though.

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awolf24 Posted 29 May 2008 , 5:53pm
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Gift cards were on my mind before I even opened the thread. I think that is a great idea. What about iTunes too?

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Amia Posted 29 May 2008 , 7:53pm
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We didn't get to play games at any of my baby showers because I was on bedrest, but we were planning on doing gift cards too. So, I, of course, think that is a great idea!

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adonisthegreek1 Posted 1 Jun 2008 , 10:51pm
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Thank you guys so much for all of your awesome ideas. It never occurred to me that the guys might like beer prizes. My husband just finished the ones that he had from Oktoberfest. I wish I had swiped a couple.

The gift cards won't be too expensive because I am getting $5 cards from places where you can actually purchase something for only $5. I did want to get iTunes cards, but the Apple store only sells them for $10 or more. I heard that if you turn in coins to a participating Coinstar machine that you can get $5 iTunes gift cards from the machine. I'm going to check into that.

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Aliwis000 Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 10:17pm
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Gift cards are a great idea, I agree about most shower prizes,just little things I have to dust, gift cards to places like target or even chilis or wal-mart will be used..heck I would love to see a kroger gift card there with food prices going up!


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