Wrong Flavors On Wedding Cake_ Do I Give Her $$$$ Back?

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Cake_Princess Posted 31 May 2008 , 7:17pm
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I know this will probably be an unpopular solution to your problem. That being said, I think you should offer the bride somewhere around 15 % refund or a small anniversary cake. Which ever is the cheapest solution for you.

I do understand that you already gave her a substantial already. However, you should have priced your cakes accordingly so that you are not working for almost free. Remember your time and skills are valuable. You are running a business not a charity. you really should have made more than the $55 that you made.

With regards to the comments that were made about the bride being a Bridezilla, I personally think it was unnecessary and uncalled for. The bride placed an order and she should have receive what she paid for. Yes it was a simple mistake that was made sh*t happens but it's all in how you deal with it. I am sure if the majority of the people calling that lady a bridezilla went in to a restaurant and placed an order and it was wrong you would be a bit miffed. At least you can send it back and have the right order sent out right? Well not in the case of the bride. As for why she was upset? Who knows we can only speculate. Perhaps she ordered the amount of flavors based on what she figured her guest would like. I too would be upset if I knew 40 % of my guest liked chocolate cake and I only had 5% chocolate cake because the bakery messed up my order.

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chutzpah Posted 31 May 2008 , 8:19pm
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*sitting next to Maisiebake*

Okay, I just found this thread. I can't believe some of y'all. Honestly, take a good look at what you are writing.

The couple did NOT, I repeat, did NOT get what they paid for, and now suddenly the blame is all on the bride? She has control issues, she's a bridezilla, bla bla. I'm not understanding the name-calling and general ugliness aimed at this couple!

Get real folks.

So you gave the couple a discount. So what? Were you forced to? Why the discount? Were you so desperate for this order that you were willing to not make any profit?

Give her the money back and chalk it up to experience. Write everything down next time. Look over your filing system to see what can be bettered and make those changes so that this doesn't happen again.

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patrincia Posted 31 May 2008 , 8:40pm
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I don't think a refund is necessary in this situation since they obviously served and enjoyed the cake, but you did make an error that requires at least a very concerned and understanding phone call personally apologizing for your oversight... an offer for a free anniversary cake would be quite appropriate as well.

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lepaz Posted 31 May 2008 , 8:41pm
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Either way, you made $55.00 on the cake, if you give her an anniversary cake it will probably cost the same, so technically, you're not going to make anything on this cake after all is said and done. So, what to do about the guilt? Send a written (or call) apology and let her know you will give her a free anniversary cake. Do what you need to do so that when you walk away from this, you will feel good about it. Mistakes happen (it's happened to all of us) and sometimes all we want is an acknowledgement along with an apology. It was nice of you to give a discount and I'm sure she realizes it, especially if she shopped around for a baker.

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Tiababe Posted 31 May 2008 , 8:52pm
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Well, certainly doesn't seem to be a big mistake. But she could have been specific about tier flavors due to an allergy or something. Just a scenario... but maybe her or her hubby are allergic to say, strawberry, so they wanted to make sure the tier they were cutting into wasn't that flavor. Wish I knew more specifics, but I am just throwing out some two cents. Anyway....I like the idea of giving her a gift certificate for a specific amount that the OP deems appropriate.

You know what is funny...I just celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary.....can not recall for the life of me what the flavors of that cake were!!! I remember what it looked like....because I hated it. My husband really, really loved the design. Seriously, he and I argued soooo much about what cake to get, that another customer, who could not help but hear our discussion, suggested we get two separate wedding cakes!
Don't want to overtake the thread....just wanted to add some levity.

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TheDomesticDiva Posted 5 Jun 2008 , 5:41pm
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She wouldnt have sent you an email if she didnt want her money back. People dont send you letters just to tell you they are disappointed withouth hoping for something in return. She may have been tactful enough not to flat out ask for her money back in the hopes that you'd be tactful enough to refund her at least part. Even though you gave her the cake at a discount, most brides have NO idea how much a wedding cake should actually cost, and she may have thought that price was high-end!!! You never know! If you responded to the email acknowledging the new cake flavors and agreed to change them, then you forgot to mark it on your books, that sounds like your oversight to me. It sucks now, but I bet it won't happen again. ...I do think you handled it correctly though, you said you emailed her back apologizing and asking what you can do to make it right. Now the ball is in her court. Maybe you can offer her a free anniversary cake and she'll let it go at that!

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mbh724 Posted 10 Jun 2008 , 12:38pm
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I don't get this free anniversary cake idea at all. Offering something free in a year for a mistake that was made now just doesn't seem like much of an offer at all.

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soygurl Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 4:52am
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Hm... we CC'ers seem to be VERY split on this issue! I really can't see why ANYONE would make such a big fuss about the ORDER of the flavors of cake!

Sure, it was WRONG, but unless I read wrong, the OP make the cake the way the bride ORIGINALLY wanted it! If the bride had decided at one point to have "strawberry" cake on the bottom (the cake they were cutting into) and top tiers, and "white" cake on the middle tiers, but later switched it to the opposite, I REALLY can't see how it would be THAT big of a deal to get what she ORIGINALLY had decided on! She would NEVER have ordered a cake for the bottom tier that she and her DH hated, so it couldn't be that they fed each other a cake flavor that they didn't like... Same goes for an allergy!
It's not like she ordered Chocolate cake and Lemon cake, and got Carrot cake, and marble cake... she got something that AT SOME POINT she WANTED, and even though she later changed her mind, they still had ALL THE FLAVORS they ALWAYS WANTED!

Could be I read wrong... I really wish the OP would clarify EXACTLY what the original (contracted) order was for, what they changed it to, and what they got. But I'm pretty sure I understand, and it's just NOT THAT BIG A DEAL! icon_rolleyes.gif

Yes, you made a mistake. Yes, you feel badly for it! Sure, give them SOMETHING for your mistake, but 15% off of a cake you barely make any money on? Give me a break!

I would give the bride a certificate for 50% off the next cake she gets from you (NOT including this friend of a friend discount she got on the wedding cake!), and limit it to something fairly inexpensive. Say a limit of a cake worth $50 or so.

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-K8memphis Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 7:55am
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I would itemize the bill with the correct original pricing of how things should have been and clearly show the massive discounts already given. And I would do the math and clearly show the weeny pathetic anemic little profit made. What did you make $2 an hour maybe?

I mean own the problem, say that you are sorry it happened. Explain your relief that the cake was so greatly discounted in the first place that such a minor flaw was already overly price adjusted in her favor.

I think it would be a further crime* to make you spit out one crumb of cake or one penny of money over this minor issue. Yeah you made a slight mistake. No this lady does not get to profit from it or you any further. I haven't even looked at the cake. You've done several huge favors for this bride already you need to firmly kindly draw the line.

*The first crime of course is you robbed yourself with the deep deep discount. I mean who gives $200, $300 wedding presents?

You lost hugely on this endeavor and she should be showing eternal gratitude to you. Her complaining about this to you is kinda embarassing to me.

No you've given enough and too much. Cut your losses. Itemize a bill, say oops I'm sorry and be done with it.

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-K8memphis Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 8:00am
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The real irony here is that there is no money to return. What money?


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-K8memphis Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 8:07am
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Wat, but I mean show the $55 not the dollar amount per hour.

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gottabakenow Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 4:25pm
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Originally Posted by patrincia

I don't think a refund is necessary in this situation since they obviously served and enjoyed the cake, but you did make an error that requires at least a very concerned and understanding phone call personally apologizing for your oversight... an offer for a free anniversary cake would be quite appropriate as well.

of course they served the cake, what were they sposed to do? cut into it, see that the flavors were mixed up, and make an announcement "sorry, peoples, you don't get cake cuz the flavors are in the wrong order"? icon_confused.gificon_confused.gif

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-K8memphis Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 9:25pm
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What did you do?
I realize now that you originally posted this question two weeks ago. How you doing, Cake-Buddy??

edited to say: ok I mean a month ago duh Kate!

How you doing?

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JulieB Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 11:18pm
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I think you need to give something back.

You know, this is why I disagree with the whole discount thing. I don't care who they know, they should pay full charge. Why should you make a big ole' cake and make only $55?

So now, if you do what's right, and give something back, chances are you lose money because she's a friend of a friend.........

Just something to keep in mind............

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margaretb Posted 10 Jul 2008 , 9:39am
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I don't think it was much of a mistake. It was the original order as per the contract. What did you say? "Sorry, I accidentally made this cake exactly as the contract specified." Yes yes, she emailed changes, but as I understand it, it was just to change the order of the flavours. I do not consider this a particularly horrible error.

So you figure you only made $55 on this cake, and you say you did not charge her for the 7 dozen roses you also provided. So is that $55 after paying for the roses? Or did you make $55 on this cake and then spend all the money on her roses? I don't have any friends who I like well enough to volunteer to do wedding cakes for their (not my) friends.

I think if you gave a huge discount, but then gave her an ugly or inedible cake, then she should be very upset, because she could have gone elsewhere for the cake. For the error you describe, I think the balance should still be her being grateful to you.

I'm against the refund, but if you do, I like the idea of an itemized bill -- do one with the full price, then the orginal discount applied, then the refund after that, and maybe she will do the math and see that it ended up actually costing you cash, not just time, to do her cake. Oh, I would also put the roses on the bill -- e.g. 7 dozen roses ($100) -- n/c.

Hope your 3 year old is okay now.

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margaretb Posted 10 Jul 2008 , 10:24pm
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I've been thinking about this all morning, and it is really bothering me. So, once again, you said you made about $55. Did you include your utility costs? Your mileage to deliver the cake (if you delivered)? Everything? Would you have bought roses for this person if you were not also making her cake? (I mean, you bought her 7 dozen roses and she is upset with you for mixing up the order of the flavours???) What I was thinking was that you should reply, apologize, and state that ordinarily, you would have charged X for this cake, and then for a mistake of this kind, you would offer a discount/partial refund, but as you can see, you already had the cake at cost (or throw in those roses and say that you actually lost money on this cake), so what does she suggest?

I would also like to point out that there is a legal concept called quantum meruit. It means that you should be paid what you deserve for the service performed. Example -- you contract to provide a 5 tier wedding cake. You provide a 4 tier wedding cake. No, you don't deserve the entire payment for the 5 tier wedding cake, but neither do you deserve zero dollars. In my example, besides the discount for the missing tier, you might want to factor in damages of having guests run out of cake, but in your case, the service rendered had the exact same value as the one promised, and the damage factor in having the wrong amount of each flavour seems really small.

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arosstx Posted 10 Jul 2008 , 10:40pm
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I love reading threads like this, because I learn a lot for future reference in case something like this happens to me.

What I also love is how quick we all are to protect our fellow caker, the OP. The 'family' we have here at CC is not to be beat....or tampered with!

What I don't love is seeing so many jump on the bride - the OP was very careful to state (more than once I think) that the bride DID NOT ask for any money back, or do anything other than state disappointment at the order being incorrect. Not bad, not wedding-ruining, but incorrect. To me, there is a huge difference.

I think credit toward another cake might be in order, or even flowers and a card apologizing profusely.

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floophs Posted 10 Jul 2008 , 10:59pm
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I just came across this thread today and noticed it was originally posted back in May...but I want to know how the OP handled it? It's like reading a good book and then not being able to read the last chapter. Inquiring minds want to know... icon_wink.gif

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soygurl Posted 11 Jul 2008 , 7:12am
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I just PM'd the OP to let her know we want an update! icon_lol.gifthumbs_up.gif

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floophs Posted 11 Jul 2008 , 10:20pm
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Hopefully we'll hear back from her. thumbs_up.gif

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Florimbio Posted 12 Jul 2008 , 1:44am
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UPDATE...Sorry Ladies, hehe icon_smile.gif

I offered her some % of $$$ back or a free cake...she did not take me up on it...she just wanted to call me names and yell...I said I was sorry again and again offered some % of the $$$ or a free cake...she hung up on me...and then blocked my e-mail so...I just let it go...what else can I do???

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sunnybono Posted 12 Jul 2008 , 1:58am
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Ok...I'll bite...I've been reading this thing for too long not to. It sounds like you did everything you could. It was a mistake, most brides would probably roll with it but not this one. Chalk this one up to experience and just know that you tried very hard to reconcile with her. Don't worry...just go on. I'm sorry that she just wanted to berate you. Not fun...she'll get hers...that's how the universe works.

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floophs Posted 12 Jul 2008 , 2:01am
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Ouch...I agree with Sunnybono though...you did everything you could. Some people just need to vent and then they feel even if they hurt others. Sorry that happened to you.

BTW...thanks for updating us. icon_wink.gif

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margaretb Posted 12 Jul 2008 , 6:37am
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...she just wanted to call me names and yell...

That's nasty. You certainly didn't deserve that. Now ... just in case she ever comes back asking for her free cake --- tell her you are unable to work with her or tack on a $200 charge for abuse.

Good for you for letting it go. I have a hard time not obsessing about things like that. Better luck with your future customers.

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milissasmom Posted 12 Jul 2008 , 7:10am
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Originally Posted by Kitagrl

My friend had completely wrong flavors but at that point she was so happy to be married she didn't care, nor did she notice until later when they were looking at pictures!!!

See, this is the kind of bride I was. I didn't focus too much on this sort of thing. Stuff went wrong, I still got married and stayed married and the Hiccups just are OVER and done with. My sister got married a few weeks ago and pretty much let me plan the whole thing from beginning to end. When someone asked her what song they were coming in on, she said, "I don't know go ask my sister". The lady almost fell to the floor. The ceremony was beautiful but their relationship was not wrapped up in ONE DAY!!!!!!!! Sorry to rant but I do understand the Over the top bride who has to get exactly what she paid for and leave no room for error! Not very realistic. Just had to get that out. Now on the other hand, I kinda sorta get the whole I want what I paid for deal too (to a certain extent). Since there was so little money made off of this cake, I would either give her the 50.00 bucks and count this one as a loss and learning mistake or I would GIFT her a anniversary cake. You probably know her better than we do.

Just my two cents icon_smile.gif

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