What's On Your Chore List?

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TexasSugar Posted 20 May 2008 , 4:58am
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Okay so I am a horrible procrastinator. And because of it my house gets really messy before I finally break down and clean it up. Right now I am trying to get it cleaned up and hopefully getting rid of some things. Plus I am thinking about bringing a kitten in the house so I don't want to lose her in the mess.

Who wants to share their tips on how they keep their house in clean shape, or even decent shape. I'm not looking to have a perfectly clean house, because I never feel comfortable in houses like that but I can't keep living in the mess. Right now I think I have junk on every surface possible.

Do you have a regular chore list where you do certain things the same day every week? If so what is on it? Do you set aside one day a week to clean? How do you get it done?

I know someone will probably read this and say you need FlyGirl, but I signed up for that once years ago, and didn't care for it much. I'm just looking for some down to earth, basic, reastlic ideas, tips and ways to keep a house clean (or even how to get a messy house clean.)

Please and thanks!

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Ohara Posted 20 May 2008 , 10:36am
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I myself don't keep a routine for cleaning. I just plug away at it all the time. My dad has assigned each day a chore...Monday is laundry day, Tuesday is dusting....
His house is a size that I could clean all in one day, so I would, as I like it to all be done at once. So it is personal preference. A mother of 12 shared with me years ago, that she would spend 10 minutes in each room, cleaning or just straightening up each day. Some rooms don't take that much time each day, so it goes quicker that day. It helps to not feel like the house work will take forever!
It sounds like you are really motivated, and looking forward to getting a kitten. Good luck.

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nancylynwallace Posted 20 May 2008 , 11:52am
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I don't lay anything down when I bring something into the house. It either has a place, or it goes in the trash. I try to keep everything "picked up", so that when you walk into the house it looks half way decent. My grandma always told me to "keep your house clean, because you never know when someone is going to drop in or if someone will have to bring you home...that way you won't be embarrassed". icon_redface.gif I still to this day hear her voice telling me that. I always wipe my counters, wall by the stove and stove down every night after doing the dishes. It only takes a couple of minutes and everything stays pretty clean. I also put any dishes, pans, cake decorating supplies, etc. that I have washed the night before away before starting dinner. Usually Saturday is laundry, vacuuming, dusting and cleaning the bathrooms day. I've got it down to getting everything done in a couple of hours. I also use the strategy, that if I bring something new in, I get rid of something old. It cuts down on the clutter. HTH

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tracycakes Posted 20 May 2008 , 3:30pm
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One of the tips that I learned a while back really helps if I do it. When I go into a room, spend 5 minutes picking up that room and don't try to do everything. It may be just hanging up a few clothes or picking a towel to put into the laundry room.

Other than that, I try to spread out tasks for each day - floors one day, dusting another, bathrooms another, etc. We moved 2 years ago and our house is much bigger and I'm still struggling with how to keep it clean.

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TheCakerator Posted 20 May 2008 , 3:31pm
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I try to do some cleaning every day. That way it isn't so overwhelming starting from a huge mess. Also every single night after dinner, I wipe down all the counters load up the dishwasher wash the stove and sweep the floor. I just love having a clean kitchen and can't stand the idea of waking up to a dirty kitchen, plus I heard on the news once that woman tend to burn off a nights dinner faster then men because of getting up and moving around to clean up afterwards where men just lay on the couch. Im all about burning off my dinner without really exercising! Also, as someone else stated, I would be REALLY embarrassed if someone walked into my house and it was dirty and stunk ... not saying your house stinks, but I know mine would cause I have cat's and part of my routine everyday is to clean the cat boxes .. I just do what I can in a day ...

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wgoat5 Posted 20 May 2008 , 7:04pm
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Mondays - bed linens/ drapery's (if needed icon_sad.gif )
Tuesdays- dusting/vacuuming
Weds- Floors/ our bathroom
Thursday- vacuuming again
Friday- sheets/ kitchen cabinet fronts

Everyday I do 2 loads of laundry before 6 am. It helps that I just DONT sleep very much at all.

I try to cram everything in during the week so weekends are outside with the kids... Oh and my 2 older kids do their own bathroom .. their rooms and fold and hang up their own clothes.. we are teaching our 6 year old how to fold her clothes now.. she puts away her toys and can use the pledge (when I am not using the furnature cleaner) on the furnature.

And this is only if I don't have a bunch of orders during the week.. and if that is the problem then we probably sleep on PS LOL

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gottabakenow Posted 20 May 2008 , 11:28pm
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wow Christi 2 loads of laundry before 6 am? What time do you wake up??? icon_surprised.gif and go to sleep? icon_surprised.gif

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wgoat5 Posted 20 May 2008 , 11:34pm
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I go to sleep between 10 and 12 and wake up every morning by 4 icon_smile.gif

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TheDomesticDiva Posted 20 May 2008 , 11:53pm
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My fail-safe way of making sure my house gets clean--- invite someone over. Other than that, I have no real method, other than to just get up and start doing it and not stop until I'm done. I am the worst with laundry, I always am behind on that. It's not that it's dirty, it's just strewn usually----looks like Toys R Us threw up in my house. So I start small and get the boys to pick up their legos and cars, and I tackle the kitchen, and usually once I'm done with the kitchen I cant stand to see the rest of the house in such disarray, so I go help them with their playroom, then move to the bathroom and living room. It's a lot easier for me if I get one room done first. Then it just gives me the motivation to keep at it. I figure if I can spend 2 hours cleaning everything, then it's done. And it always makes me in a MUCH better mood when everything's clean.

It does help me if I make a list: pick up toys, throw away trash, clean off tables, put things away, vacuum, lysol all the tables/shelves, etc. I usually do a thorough cleaning once a week. I have to though bc if I dont, you cant walk for tripping over toys. And I'm just one of those people who have to Lysol everything or I feel like its not clean.

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wgoat5 Posted 20 May 2008 , 11:55pm
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I pinesol everything LOL

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TexasSugar Posted 21 May 2008 , 2:45am
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Originally Posted by LadyDZA

My fail-safe way of making sure my house gets clean--- invite someone over.

I had to laugh at this one. I use to do this because I worke better on a deadline. Deadlines mean you have to get it done.

I've been telling myself for the last 4 months I'd get the house cleaned up so I can invite my friend and her kids over on Friday night to hang out with me and my nephew. Of course I keep putting off the cleaning.

Last week I cleaned my bathroom and hall way. Thursday I tackled my bedroom. I cleaned out my drawers, washed all dirty clothes, folded or hung up everything. I dusted the walls and cleaned the baseboards. I even moved the bed to a different wall. After being in the house for 3 plus years, I finally hung up the first thing on my bedroom wall. It's a painting my mother did that I have had in my house for almost as long as I have been there. I also bought a few things at Michaels last night to put on the wall as well.

Today I spent time finishing up cleaning in my extra bedroom, which is where my nephew stays. I moved all the furniture and cleaned behind it. I just have to go through the stuff I have bought over the last 3 years to decorate the room. Pick what I want to use, and get rid of the rest.

Next time I get a chance to clean I'm tackling the Living Room. After it I will have two more rooms to 'spring clean' then hopefully the house will be clean. And hopefully I will be able to keep it that way.

I do know in my head that if you keep on top of things it doesn't get as bad, there for is easier to clean up. It is just that I am really bad about saying I'll do that later or I'll do it tomorrow and then a few weeks later you are overwhelmed again.

Maybe this time will be better for me. I do think I need to sit down and make a chore list, either a daily one or just a bunch of things to do on one day. Problem is my only totally free day is Sunday and I hate to use the last of the weekend cleaning. The other day I get a really good amount of free time is Saturday.

Guess I will decide what chores really need to be done weekly and start with that.

Thanks everyone for sharing what you do. If you think of more things feel free to add them. icon_smile.gif I can really use all the help I can get. My to do list around my house is longer than it really should be, I'd like to be able to start crossing things off it.

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